The Alex Diaries

The Alex Diaries

A Screenplay by Weird Chef

What's left of the group must go about trying to survive. But with Sasha gone will their grip on humanity itself fade away into oblivion?




Narrator: Everything was different now. Sasha was gone, our stronghold was under attack and we were on the defense. How did so many zombies find us? Was it my fault? All the shooting I’d done? It’s possible. Or it’s possible it was just a matter of time and our time had come. I could only hope we’d survive.




The zombies begin to pile up, grabbing for the base. Soon one part of the base collapses, causing several survivors to fall into the mass of zombies. Their screams are drowned out by the moans of the zombies. Another part begins to collapse, allowing some zombies to crawl up onto the base. Two run towards the med lab for safety. But the zombie from the med lab, complete with chains on the wrists emerges. It grabs one and sinks its teeth into him. In shock the other falls over the edge into the zombies.


Mike: Retreat! You all know what to do!


Mike and Travis climb down and begin to shoot their way through. Mike stops at the main trunk and lights a fuse.


Mike: Run!


Alex goes for the note that got lost among the ensuing chaos. He almost has it but Niki and Dan grab him, beginning to drag him back. In one arm is the diary and in the other his gun.


Alex: no! I need that!


Dan: We have to go Alex!


The group gets to the escape ladders and are stopped when they see zombies surrounding it.


Mike: S**t, s**t, s**t!


Austin: Move, I got this!


Austin steps forward with the RPG they had taken from the Bandits years ago. He aims and fires as the group drops down. A loud explosion sends zombies flying.


Mike: Go! We need cover fire!


Several people begin to climb down the ladder as the ones on top fire down at approaching zombies. Behind them the base continues to crumble. The rest begin to climb as some give them cover while the rest take off running.


Mike: We need to move!


Fireballs engulf the base as explosions tear through it. Screams can be heard from it as some didn’t make it out. The group takes off running, firing their weapons as zombies give chase.


Travis: Austin, give us some room between them.


Austin grabs a stick of dynamite and cuts part of the fuse. He lights it and throws it at the feet of the chasing zombies. A loud explosion sends them flying, as well as making a bit of a hole to slow them down.


Bonnie: We’re almost there!


In her arms is a crying Jade and a barking Duke follows behind her. In front of them is a large building. Mike opens the door as the rest give cover.


Mike: What the f**k!?


In front of them are all their vehicles. All of their tires slashed, windows broken. On the ground is a puddle of what appears to be gasoline. On all of the hoods is a ‘Z’ in a circle painted in what appears to be blood.


Travis: Where’s the guard?


A moan is heard as the guard, gun still on his back, approaches.


Sarah: You’ve got to be kidding me!?


Sarah fires, killing him as Tony grabs the guard’s gun and ammo. After everything is stashed everyone looks to Mike.


Mike: Ok, we need to move, now. This place is too over run.


Katie: We goin south or north?


Mike: South, definitely.


Austin: Well then let’s go before we’re surrounded.


Travis: He makes sense


Mike: Alright, everyone move out.


The group made their way out the door. As the group moved Travis, Tony and a few others take aim at the approaching zombies. Several rounds go off as zombies drop or stagger.


Travis: Ok, we need to go.


The small group stands up and begins to run with the group. They catch up and run through the forest as the moaning grows fainter and fainter.


Niki: Can we stop running now?


Tony: If we stop they can eventually catch up to us.


Mike: We don’t stop till we hit the road.


Bonnie: Alright….


They continue to run before eventually making it to the road. The group stops and begins to pant.


Travis: Ok, at least we’re on the road now.


Emily: I don’t want to run anymore.


Mike: Well hopefully we’ll just have to walk.


Niki: That’s not as bad.


She sets Kaylee down and takes her hand and the two begin to walk with the rest of the group.


Travis: So do we even have a destination in mind or are we just on the move?


Mike: On the move.


As Alex walks he clutches the diary to his chest. He looks around, walking towards the back of the group.


Alex: Can I get a gun? I mean I might need to defend myself.


Emily: I don’t know Alex….


Mike: Yeah, are you gonna try and off yourself again?


Alex: No. I’m beginning to realize Sasha wouldn’t want that.


Tony hands Alex a pistol as the group continued to walk. Bonnie handed Jade to Travis after Travis slips his rifle onto his back. Jade snuggled into Travis, as she tried to go to sleep.


Travis: There ya go sweety.


Austin: Never pegged the big bad marksman as a father type.


Travis: Well when ya have a kid things change. But I’m still the big bad marksman. You’ll understand soon enough.


He said with a wink to Emily.


Austin: That’s not even funny. Not that I don’t want to…but I mean….crap.


Katie: Someone’s in trouble….


Emily: I’ll say(LAUGH)


Austin: Baby….


Emily: Don’t you baby me.


Austin: Honey?


Mike: Gotta give him credit for trying


Tony: Yeah, but sometimes it’s best to just surrender.


Narrator: We walked for what felt like days. Every day brought nothing new, except the occasional zombie. Many were tired and it looked like sickness was starting to hit. Then I got the idea. Namely that we need a ride.








The group walked along, everyone looking tired. Many kept their weapons fully loaded and close to their chests at all times. Except for Niki who would occasionally carry Kaylee and Bonnie and Travis who traded carrying Jade. Two zombies stepped out of the forest only to be quickly shot by Alex.


Alex: Damn things.


Sarah: Whoa Alex, little tense are we?


Alex: Shut up. Those things, and Alec, cost me my wife and child.


Niki: He does have a point.


Mike: Yeah but still. I mean you’re a little tense.


Alex: I’m going to kill any zombie that comes across my path. You just keep working on that sure Sarah.


Austin: Yeah, she can just use her mobile lab.


Alex: Shut up Austin.


Mike: Don’t make us restrain you again Alex.


Alex just shook his head as they walked. A zombie could be seen walking through the forest. Alex quickly aimed and fired, killing it.


Tony: Man you’re enjoying that too much.


Travis: Well we all need something to help us relax.


As the group walked along a roaring engine could be heard getting closer.


Mike: Everyone get down!


The group began to disperse, heading to the ditches in order to hide. But in the middle of the road Alex just stood there.


Mike: Alex, get down!


Alex: No more running.


Alex drew his pistol and aimed it at the car. As it drew closer he fired a warning shot into the side view mirror. If anything the vehicle sped up. And behind it was two more trucks. Alex fired into the windshield, hitting the driver in the head. The car skidded to a stop and people began to get out of the vehicles, guns drawn.


Alex: I’d stop if I were you and put the guns down.


Passenger: Why should we?


Mike: Because you’re out numbered and out gunned.


Everyone on either side of the ditches stood up, guns drawn. One man took aim at Alex but a small burst from Tony dropped him. The rest dropped their weapons and put their hands in the air. The group stepped onto the road and began to gather the weapons dropped by the convoy.


Mike: Now the way I see it you’ve got two options. Join up with us and roll under my leadership. Or walk. But there’s more than 20 zombies back that way, might not work too well.


Passenger: We’ll walk.


Germaine: Screw that. I know when to join up with a better crew.


Austin: Hey, one of them’s intelligent. I owe ya 20 bucks(Laugh)


Mike: Get out of the way. And since I’m not completely heartless, I’ll let you take some of your supplies.


Passenger: Oh, thank you so much. Damn bandits


He whispers the last part as some people gather supplies while Germaine and 4 others stand by the vehicles.


Passenger: Traitors.


Germaine: Yeah whatever. Just keep walking.


As the group walks off the survivors begin to load up the vehicles.


Mike: Ok, get these vehicles turned around. I want the sickest in one vehicle and the children in another.


Niki: You got it boss.


The groups climbed into the vehicles and turned them around. Mike kicked the windshield out since it was shattered and stained with blood now. Mike, Katie, Travis, Bonnie and Jade all climbed into the car and began to drive south.


Travis: So who all expected that from Alex?


Mike: I never saw it coming. But I’m glad he did, it worked.


Katie: It was kinda scary.


Mike: It’s scary times.


In the first truck Alex sits in the back, flipping through the diary in his lap.


Germaine: Hey man. Name’s Germaine, pleasure to meet ya.


Germaine holds his hand out for Alex to shake but Alex keeps flipping through the pages.


Alex: Alex


Germaine: So what’s that?


Austin: Don’t bother with him. He’s not in the usual frame of mind. Love of his life just died a couple days ago.


Germaine: Damn, sorry to hear that man.


Emily: He’s been a little off since then.


Germaine: Can’t fault him for that. So what’s your name cutie?


Austin: Her name’s Emily.


Germaine: Sorry, sorry. Didn’t know you two were….yeah.


Austin: Eh it’s cool. I’d just have to empty a clip into your crotch. And that’d be awkward for both of us.(LAUGH)


Tony: And that’s Austin’s trademark weird humor.


Germaine: Sure hope it is. Name’s Germaine by the way.


Tony: Nice to meet ya. Name’s Tony. So where were you guys coming from?


Germaine: Arden Arcade. There’s a group there and they’re all trying to build a utopia. So we had no choice but to leave because it simply wasn’t realistic.


Austin: Interesting….


Niki: Definitely


Germaine: What?


Austin: Oh, nothing. Notice any other encampments on your way?


Germaine: Well there’s a military base about 20 miles down this way. But they’re pretty heavily armed.


Sarah: Why didn’t you stop in there?


Germaine: They don’t like outsiders. So if you want in you have to fight your way in. And that’s far easier said than done. There seemed to be equal amounts of dead human and zombie bodies scattered around.


Niki: Well they’ve never encountered a group like ours.


Germaine: Can’t argue that.


Narrator: We were beginning to slowly shift from simple survivors to bandits. But times had changed and we were left with no choice. We had to survive by any means necessary. Things would be getting far more difficult from here on out. I just wonder if anyone knew just how difficult that would exactly be.







The group stands around, refueling their vehicles with gas cans as well as drinking water. Austin runs up to Mike with a smile on his face.


Austin: Germaine helped us get a destination.


Mike: Who’s Germaine?


Austin: One of the guys who stayed with us.


Mike: Anyways. Where was this phantom destination?


Austin: About 20 or so miles down the way there’s an Army Base. They’ve got one hell of an arsenal. So getting in might be tricky. But it’d have high fences all around it making for a good haven.


Mike: So we might have to take it by force?


Austin: We can do it, you and I both know that.


Mike: No arguments there. And the other place?


Sarah comes walking up with a smirk.


Sarah: Arden Arcade. It’s a suburb of Sacramento. And according to Germaine they have a leader set on making a utopia. Taking it wouldn’t be all that hard.


Mike: Especially if we were outfitted with weapons from the army base. Good job. Well it looks like we know where we’re headed.


Mike walks over to Travis, feeding Jade and talking to Bonnie.


Travis: We’ll make a new life for us somewhere else. We’ll have a nice little family.


Bonnie: Why not big?


Mike: Because we might not have supplies for it.


Travis: Thank you Mike.


Bonnie: Jerks.


Mike: Anyways, we have two destinations in mind. Both might have to be taken by force.


Travis: Ok. Any idea how many we’re going up against?


Mike: Nope, and in one instance they’re heavily armed.


Travis: Well I do enjoy a challenge.


Bonnie: Don’t get yourself killed.


Mike: Bonnie, you’ll be needed on this as well. Katie and one of the new women will stay with the kids, I promise.


Bonnie: Alright…


Travis: You’ll be fine baby. I know it


Bonnie: if you say so.


Bonnie and Travis kiss as Mike walks away. He stand son the hood of the car, looking around.


Mike: I want everyone’s attention. We’ve got a destination but it may require us to use some force. They’re heavily armed. So Travis and I will snipe as best we can. Austin will hurl in some light explosives for chaos and then we charge in, taking as many prisoners as possible and seizing the base for our own. Are you all with me?


They cheer as Alex watches in the back, quietly shaking his head.


Alex: I’m sorry Sasha, but we have to…


He says quietly to himself before climbing back into the truck, reading the diary again.







The group sits quietly in the shadows, watching the base. People can be seen walking around holding various assault rifles.


Mike: Travis, you and I need to take out the snipers.


Travis: I see one on both corner towers. There may be more but I’m not sure.


Mike: Ok. You take the left side and I take the right. Now the rest of you don’t move till the snipers are taken out.


Mike and Travis split off, each taking their position. Split Screen. They each count to three before firing. Both the snipers at the back of the base are taken out. Another three count and the other two are taken out. Mike and Travis take aim and continue to fire at any other guards they see. Austin hurls one stick of dynamite at the gate. With a loud boom it goes down, sending people running in chaos. The rest of the team rushes in, guns blazing. There are several screams in both fear and in pain as guards are shot and killed. One man begins to climb another tower but Travis shoots him as he gets half way.


Travis: Damn I’m good.


Austin rounds a corner to see one man in the base unloading into a woman. He fires his shot gun at point blank range, dropping him quickly.




Katie and the woman stand by the truck, each holding guns. Katie holds a desert eagle while the woman holds an M-16. They hear the explosion and quickly begin to scan the area. Inside the truck Jade, Kaylee and two other children peer out the windows.


Katie: Be ready for anything.


Protecting woman: I am, you just be careful. You have precious cargo.


Katie: Like I don’t hear that 20 times a day(LAUGH)


One member of the base who made an escape come running though the field. The women aim.


Katie: Stop right there!


The member draws a gun but the woman quickly fires.


Protecting woman: Sorry, I might’ve acted prematurely.


Katie: Hey, we warned them.




The group has the rest rounded up in the middle of the base, down on their knees and hands behind their head.


Austin: We got ‘em.


One remaining member takes aim but a quick shot takes him down from behind. Mike and Travis come walking up with Mike holding his side arm.


Mike: Well that went smoothly. Alright everyone. Here’s your choices. You stay under my leadership and live by our rules, or leave. It’s your call. You’re free to leave and won’t be shot, you have my word.


A few members get up and cautiously walk away, shaking their heads.


Mike: Dan, get them some supplies. They have a long and dangerous walk ahead of them.


Dan: You got it.


Dan grabs some bottles of water and a few food rations and throws them to the people leaving.


Dan: You really should stay, it’s safer.


Leaving woman: Not with you bandits.


Dan: We’re not bandits.


Alex: Aren’t we? C’mon, let’s go get the vehicles.


The vehicles slowly come rolling in and park inside the base.


Mike: Park that truck in front of the gate till we get it repaired.


Alex nods his head and repositions the truck.


Mike: Now I need to know what kind of jobs you people can do.


Enrique: I can make ammo.


Mike: Ok, we can definitely get use out of you.


Enrique: The rest are just basic people. Some are soldiers, the rest are family members and people looking for safety.


Mike: Well you wouldn’t let outsiders in and we need housing, we had no choice.


Enrique: We knew eventually people would try, but damn, you guys are good.


Niki: Yes, yes we are.


Mike: Ok, I want to know what we have for supplies, what we have for ammo and what we have for weapons.


Enrique: I assure you we won’t disappoint. I'll take you to the armory.


Enrique stood up and motioned for Mike to follow.


Mike: Travis, Alex, c’mon. I want someone else to show some of my people your supplies.


Katie: Ahem.


Mike: And get my pregnant wife and the children somewhere to lay down and sleep.


The group disbanded, some apprehensive but others seeming to be more accepting of the outsiders. Enrique led Mike, Alex and Travis towards the armory. A thick concrete building in the center of the base. Enrique opened the door and smirked a bit.


Enrique: Gentlemen, pick your poison.


The walls were lined with several assault rifles, sniper rifles and handguns.


Alex: Wow….


In the center of the building were large boxes of ammo.


Travis: How in the hell did you get so much stuff?


Enrique: Well this was an army base.


Mike: I thought for sure it would be cleaned out.


Enrique: Well some people who came here were collectors and then I can make ammo as long as I have the lead and powder. One guy is a chemist so we managed to make our own.


Alex: I can see how you lasted so long.


Mike sets his weapon down and grabs an AK 47 and examines it. Travis grabs a PSG 1 sniper rifle.


Travis: You wouldn’t happen to have…


Enrique: All then .50 cal’s are in the back locked up.


Travis: Awesome. You are my new friend(LAUGH)








A crew is working on repairing the gate, headed by Alex. In one hand is the diary, his grip like a death grip on it


Alex: ok, watch that sodering, we need that to be strong.


Sarah walks by, talking to Niki and Dan.


Sarah: This place is incredible.


Dan: I know. They have some semblance of electricity so we can actually have a security system.


Niki: Not to mention the supplies and guns.


Sarah: And they have an actual lab. So I can get back to work on that cure.


Dan: Good.


Sarah: Yeah, I don’t want Sasha’s work to die. I just need her diary from Alex. All the info was written in there.


Niki: Good luck getting that from him.


Sarah: I know, he won’t let it out of his grasp.


Dan: Can ya blame him? I mean it is his only thing of Sasha he has left.


Niki: True.


Sarah: Yeah, but I need it for the cure.


Dan: Well, good luck to ya getting it. You’ll have your work cut out for ya.


Sarah: Well I’ve dealt with worse challenges.




Travis stands on the tower, his new sniper rifle in his hands. He looks around but soon sees Mike come climbing up.


Travis: Hey Mike, what’s up?


Mike: I need to talk to you.


Travis: Well I’m listening.


Mike: I think it’s time we divide up leadership.


Travis: What? You don’t want to lead anymore?


Mike: No, I do. But with Katie getting closer to her due date I’ll need to be with her more. I mean I gave you time off of guard duty when Bonnie was close.


Travis: That’s fair. What’d ya have in mind?


Mike: We’ll divide up into squads. I want you to lead the scouts. Austin will lead the Elite Squad, I’ll take care of vehicles, Dan will of course lead Tech and Alex will be in charge of security.


Travis: Ya sure that’s a good idea for Alex?


Mike: With the way he’s been acting who better to keep us safe?


Travis: Sound reasoning. So who’ll be in which squad?


Mike: Whoever wants to.


Travis: Makes sense I suppose.


Mike: Good, I’m glad you agree.


Travis turns and sees a few zombies approaching. He takes aim with his rifle and fires, three rounds go off and three zombies drop.


Travis: I love this gun.(LAUGH)


Mike: Yeah, we really lucked into getting this place.




Austin and Emily begin to work on the garden.


Emily: Not a horrible farm.


Austin: No, I’ve seen worse. They just need a little help growing. Maybe if we can

find some fertilizer.


Emily: What about all those dead bodies outside the gates?


Austin: That could work but all the bacteria might also ruin the crops.


Emily: What if we use left over fish or something?


Austin: Well aside from dealing with the smell that might just work. Go and gather me some babe.


Emily: You’re lucky you’re cute.


Austin: No, you’re lucky I’m cute(LAUGH)


Emily shakes her head and walks away. Germaine comes walking up, looking around.


Germaine: Any idea what our plans are now?


Austin: Near as I can tell we’re going to stay here and live a new life. I mean it’s far better than our original base.


Alex: Hey!


Alex comes walking up, shaking his head. Under one arm is the diary and in the other hand is his pistol.


Austin: Dude, it was nice but we lived in a giant tree house. Here we can each have our own homes and help us have some semblance of a normal life.


Germaine: You lived in a tree house?


Alex: Basically.


Austin: Well it was huge. I mean we had everything, but it was still a tree house. We were over run and it began to collapse. We must’ve lost half our people.


Germaine: Damn, that had to suck.


Austin: That goes without saying.


Germaine: How’d you get out?


Alex: We fought our way out. Using a recovered RPG, lots of bullets and dynamite.


Germaine: Well why not wait for it to cool down and head back?


Alex: It had a fail safe in it. If we became over run with either zombies or bandits it would detonate.


Germaine: That explosion was you? We saw that miles away.


Austin: Yeah, we might’ve gone a bit over board with explosives. Not to mention not everyone got out.


Germaine: Well it happens to the best of us. Plus I’m sure they knew the risks.


Alex: If not they found out the hard way.


Austin: Yeah…


Emily comes back with a container of fish bones and left over fish.


Germaine: Wow that’s rank. What is that?


Austin: Fish bones and left over fish. We’ll use it like fertilizer


Emily: Yeah, my man’s so smart


Austin begins to dig small holes around the garden with Emily following behind dropping the fish in.


Germaine: Will it work?


Austin: Hopefully. Otherwise we’ll just have a stinky pile of dirt.


Emily and Austin begin to fill in the holes and look at their garden.


Austin: Now we wait.


Behind them Mike stands up, trying to get everyone’s attention. Germaine, Alex, Austin and Emily walk over towards him along with everyone else.


Mike: Alright everyone. We’ll be dividing up into groups. Anyone who can drive well or work on vehicles come with me for the Motorized Cavalry. Anyone trained in stealth and survival go with Travis for the scouts. Any heavy gunners or those trained with explosives go with Austin for the Special Forces. Anyone who is good with tech go talk to Dan to be put on the Tech Squad. Then we need some to talk to Alex to be put on the Security squad. Everyone else will stay here and find their own jobs. We need Medical, cooks, farms, and other just general jobs as well as defense. If worst comes to worst you’re our last line of defense if we get over run by either zombies or humans. Now go!


Alex: I’m in charge of security?


Austin: Security seshermity. I’m leader of the special forces….nice.


Austin stood there arms, crossed. Tony and Enrique walk over to Austin along with several others. The group is dispersed while a few others stand in the middle before going back to their original jobs.


Austin: Alright, now you all know why you’re here. Because, just like me, you’re all awesome(LAUGH)


Bonnie and Travis stand there, with Bonnie holding Jade.


Bonnie: I gotta go with Mike. You be safe as a Scout.


Travis: Oh, you know I will be baby. Just trust me.


The two kiss before parting ways. Those interested in becoming scouts make their way to Travis.


Travis: Nice group. But be forewarned. There will be a high mortality rate with this. The Special forces may go in but they have a group. Our groups will be three people at the most. I want all of you to train with sniper rifles. The best will be the designated snipers of the squads. But if something happens you’ll all need to know how to use one. Now we need to go and work on aim for starters. Since you may want every shot to count. Unlike Special forces we can’t use explosives and just spray the area. Now let’s go.


The group walks off towards the armory, each of them going to grab sniper rifles before going to the range. Meanwhile Alex stands there with a few men and women around him.


Alex: Everyone make sure you have a good assault rifle and some sort of melee weapon. Also a side arm is high recommended. Make sure your radios are always tuned in to the Tech Group since they’ll be our eyes and ears. Now get equipped and fan out. And don’t hesitate to shoot anyone or anything that comes too close.


They nod their heads and spread out with Alex heading over towards the Tech room.


Narrator: Now we were more like an army than survivors. Then again, we’d always been like an army. But now it seemed more realistic. We’d been divided up into squads, each with a commanding officer. Mike had given up some semblance of leadership but had now taken the nickname ‘General’ which seemed fitting. But all the leaders seemed to be equal right down to only being able to talk to and discipline their own squad members. I just hope this is a good idea.








Katie walked around, her belly now swelled fully. She held Kaylee’s and Jade’s hands as they walked around.


Kaylee: Where’s mommy?


Katie: She’s training with Travis


Kaylee: I wished she didn’t have to train so much


Katie: It’s for your own safety


Kaylee: I know, but still, I miss her


Jade: Mommy….


Bonnie came walking up with a smile. She had grease on her face and arms.


Bonnie: There’s my little girl.


Jade held her hands up to be picked up.


Bonnie: Sorry sweety but I’m too dirty.


Jade began to throw a bit of a tantrum. Bonnie rolls her eyes and sighs before picking her up, holding her.


Jade: Mommy


Bonnie: So how you doing Katie?


Katie: Aside from feeling like I’m about to explode, good.


Bonnie: Any ideas for names yet?


Katie: If it’s a girl I like Theresa. But if it’s a boy Mike wants Ezekiel.


Bonnie: Ezekiel?


Katie: Yeah, I hope it’s a girl.


Bonnie: Naturally.


Katie: So here’s to hoping. How’s it going with the motorized cavalry?


Bonnie: Good. We have quite the fleet. Have you seen Travis?


Katie: Uh, I think he’s out on a training exercise with the Scouts Guild.


Bonnie: Damn…he’s been gone all day.


Katie: Well Emily’s going through the same thing.


Bonnie: Love, a real pain in the a*s sometimes. But it’s worth it.


She said with a smile, beginning to sway with Jade.


Bonnie: So any idea what you’re going to do?


Katie: Well once Theresa…hopefully….is out I may join security. That way I can stay close to the kids.


Bonnie: Good. Plus who better to use than a mother for protecting everyone here including the children?


Katie: That’s my logic.


Bonnie: Smart woman.


Emily comes walking up with a sigh.


Emily: So is this where the lonely women meet?


Bonnie: Apparently(LAUGH)


Katie: Missing Austin?


Emily: Yeah, definitely.


Bonnie: Why don’t we go talk to Dan? He might be able to see them on the cameras.


Katie: Good idea, c’mon.


The group walks away, heading toward the Tech building.




The women and kids walk into the Tech room where Dan and his people are all gathered around monitors.


Dan: What can I do for ya ladies?


Bonnie: We were wondering if you could see our men on any of the cameras?


Dan: Hmm, let’s take a look. I got Austin here using one of the abandoned buildings for a clearing exercise. As for the Scouts Guild they left a while ago to do some survival training. We’ve been monitoring their radios just in case but haven’t heard any emergencies.


Emily: ok, thanks Dan


Dan: no problem ladies. Ya know, if any of you want to join up?


Bonnie: Sorry, I’m with the Motorized Cavalry.


Emily: Farm for me


Katie: I’ll be joining security.


Dan: man, no one wants to join the Tech group. I mean we have all this awesome stuff. We’re slowly getting electricity back to the entire base and soon it’ll be like a normal neighborhood. Except for ya know, zombies surrounding the place.


Emily: Surrounding?


Dan: Well in a manner of speaking that is. I mean with Alex on security nothings been getting close.


Katie: That’s a plus. I mean…oh boy….


Bonnie: Katie?


Katie: I need to go!


Dan grabs the radio.


Dan: Sarah, this is Dan in the Tech Room.


Sarah: Duh


Dan: Katie’s going into labor.


Sarah: On my way!


Bonnie and Emily help Katie lay down on a couch as Dan looks at the monitors.


Dan: Mike, it’s time, get to the Tech room!


On the monitors Mike can be seen in a dead sprint, knocking people over as he runs. Sarah comes running in, carrying some blankets.


Sarah: Ok Katie, this is going to be nice and smooth, I promise.


Mike bursts in and looks around. He quickly kneels by Katie and takes her hand.


Mike: I’m here baby, I’m here.


Katie: Oh god!








Katie held her new born son close, smiling.


Katie: He’s beautiful.


Mike: Looks like he got my good looks.


Mike and Katie kiss as Dan examines the monitors.


Dan: We got a problem here.


Mike: What?


Dan: The scouts are coming back and it looks like they’re carrying someone who’s injured.


Bonnie: What?


Bonnie scoops up Jade and quickly rushes out of the building. Sarah quickly follows behind.




Two scouts carry an injured Travis through the gates while security quickly rushes over to give them cover fire if necessary.


Bonnie: Travis!


Travis: Yeah?


The scouts set him down and Sarah quickly runs over to him, kneeling beside him.


Sarah: Where are you hurt?


Travis: My back kind of hurts cause they set me down hard, otherwise I’m fine.


Jade: Daddy!


Travis sits up and takes Jade into his arms with a smile.


Bonnie: What the hell!?


Travis: We were doing training exercises. I mean if I was hurt we would’ve radioed saying we were bringing in someone who was injured as well as asking for better cover because of whatever is out there.


Travis turned to his scouts with a smile.


Travis: And you all did great. You didn’t panic you did what had to be done. We even encountered a couple zombies on the way. The two carrying me fired their side arms, I was impressed. But then again I have an awesome squad.


Austin: Oh hell no. My squad is far superior. I mean we have Special in our name.


Austin and the Special Forces come walking up, all of them seemingly smirking. In Austin’s lips is his rolled cigarette as he clutches his MP5.


Travis: Special isn’t always a compliment


Austin: Rather be special than be a scout. Are you guys up to Weblo yet?


Travis: Smart a*s.


Austin: You know it.


Travis: So anyways what’d we miss?


Bonnie: Unbelievable…


Bonnie turns around and walks away.


Travis: Crap….I’m gonna be sleeping on the couch.


Jade: You can sleep with me daddy.


Travis laughs and shakes his head.


Travis: Thanks sweety.


Sarah: Katie gave birth.


Austin: She did? Boy or girl?


Sarah: Boy. So Mike got his Ezekiel.


Travis: What a weird name.


Austin: Eh, not any weirder than Jade.


Travis: Careful Austin. I may have a child in my arms but I can still shoot you.


Austin: Alright squad, we’re done for the day. Go rest and get some food.


Travis: You too guys.


Niki: Excuse me?


Travis: Guys and Niki. Very good job today. Now if you’ll all excuse me I have to go talk through a probably locked door.


In the guard tower Alex watches the group down below, a cigarette in his lips with his rifle leaning on the railing beside him. He shakes his head before taking out Sasha’s diary and writing something down.


Narrator: So much happiness down there. Travis and Bonnie had Jade. Niki had Kaylee and Mike and Katie now had Ezekiel. If things had been even a little bit different I’d have Sasha and she’d be a few months along now. I should be able to start planning for my child, not sit and wonder. I can’t help but feel I keep getting the raw deal.







Austin and 4 members of his Special forces walk through the forest. Among them are Enrique, Tony and two others who were originally at the base. Austin leads the group, holding his MP5. On his waist is what appears to be a small sword almost the size of a dagger.


Enrique: What’s up with the sword?


Austin: I dunno, I just saw it and liked it.


Enrique: Fair enough. So where are we going?


Austin: Scouts said there’s a warehouse about 3 miles ahead. From what they could tell there’s supplies in there but there’s also people. Well, people or zombies.


Austin grabs one of his rolled cigarettes out of a pouch and puts it in his mouth, lighting it.


Tony: Isn’t that a bit premature?


Austin: If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that(ALL LAUGH)


Austin stops and turns around to face his group.


Austin: Ok, we’re getting close so equip your silencers and stick closer to the

trees. I fear there’s a reason it’s so open around here.


Squad member: Well if it’s so open and dangerous how’d the scouts make it back?


Austin: The scouts have Gilley suits and practice in stealth daily. Their job is to not be seen. Our job is to go in and be the badasses we are.


The squad equips silencers on their MP5’s or handguns, depending on their weapons. One man in the back carries a sniper rifle and quietly watches the area. As they walk the warehouse slowly comes into view.


Austin: Hold up here. Johnson, you see anything?


Johnson, the sniper, knelt down and pulled out his gun. He used the scope and began to scan it.


Johnson: Clear.


Austin: Well still, proceed with caution.


The group walks, but as they do, a zombie approaches from the bushes. Enrique turns and fires his silenced MP5, killing it quickly.


Tony: Where there’s one, there’s more.


Enrique: My fears exactly




The group is now 100 yards from the warehouse, close to the tree lines.


Austin: Surround it. Johnson, get a good spot, we may need cover. If s**t hits the fan you all know where to meet.


They nod their heads and fan out. But soon a shot rings out and the squad member is seen dropped instantly.


Austin: S**t, we got a sniper, Johnson, you see anything?


Johnson: Not just….


And another shot rings out, killing Johnson.


Tony: Where are the shots coming from?


Austin: Enrique, give us cover.


Enrique throws a smoke grenade about 5 yards ahead of them. The three men quickly run to the smoke and then into the thick tree lines. The group hunkers down in the bushes, scanning the area. On the door is a ‘Z’ in a circle.


Austin: I hate that symbol


Enrique: What’s it mean?


Austin: No idea, but it always has trouble with it.


Three men come out of the building all equipped with AK 47’s.


Tony: I got ‘em


Tony grabs his light machine gun and a quick spray from the bushes drops the three men.


Austin: Go!


The three men run to the building and quickly press their bodies against it. Austin nods to a staircase apparently leading up to the roof. Enrique runs up the stairs but a sniper’s bullet hits him in the arm, dropping him. Tony goes to run to him but Austin stops him.


Austin: It’s a trap. Judging by the blood spray he’s in the trees.


Austin grabs a stick of dynamite and lights it with his cigarette. He hurls it at the base of the tree and watches it explode. A man flies out of the trees landing about 15 yards from them.


Austin: Go!


The two men run and quickly grab Enrique. They get him to the roof and Austin wraps gauze around the arm.


Austin: You ok?


Enrique: I’ll be fine


Austin: Good.


Tony examines the sky lights and peers into the warehouse.


Tony: Plan W4?


Austin: You know it. Enrique, you up to it?


Enrique: Yeah.


The three men position by three different skylights. They put masks on and tie their ropes to a pipe. Austin kicks the window and drops tear gas in.


Austin: GO!


The three men relay down into the building and scan the area. They hear coughing and fire and the coughing ceases. As the smoke dissipates 5 zombies are seen roaming around. The men fire, killing them.


Austin: Enrique, you and I get what we can. Tony you cover us.


The two men run to a series of shelves and begin looking in boxes. Inside the boxes are canned food and bottled water.


Austin: Perfect. Take what you can carry and we need to go. Tony, grab some and we’ll head out.


Tony runs to the shelves as the two men cover him. After their bags are filled the two men run out the front door and quickly into the trees. A large jeep pulls up to the building just as they get into hiding. A man with white hair and wearing a red and gold robe steps out.


Austin: Weird.


The three men quietly make their way out, trying to get to somewhere safe.








The three men sit around a small fire. They each pass around what looks like a flask.


Tony: Anybody else see that as odd? I mean they had 5 guards and 5 zombies in the buildings. And they’re didn’t seem to be a battle going on.


Austin: Makes no sense. But let us take the time to remember our fallen comrades.

The three men bow their heads for a moment of silence before lifting them.


Enrique: You’d think with all that food and supplies there’d be a lot more guards.


Tony: What if the zombies were like guards?


Austin: You’re an idiot. There’s no way those walking maggot farms can work as guards.


Enrique: He’s right man. I’ve heard of people trying to talk to or even control them. And it always ends one way, with them either turned or turned into lunch.


Tony: I suppose. Just seems weird. It didn’t sound like we interrupted a battle.


Austin: Maybe they found the place the same time we did and they didn’t know the

zombies were in there.


Enrique: Makes sense to me.


Austin grabs his radio.


Austin: Special Forces to base.


Dan: Go ahead special forces.


Austin: We lost two men. It’s just me, Tony and Enrique and Enrique took a shot in the arm.


Enrique: It nicked me, I’m fine


Austin: Can we get an early pick up?


Dan: That’s a negative. The motorized cavalry will be busy with the Scouts tomorrow. We can shoot for a few hours earlier, otherwise there’s nothing we can do.


Austin: Damn scouts.


There’s a sound of s scuffle


Travis: Yeah, well if it wasn’t for us you never would’ve found that place.


Austin: And we wouldn’t be down two men.


Travis: What? The place was empty when we were there, we checked everything.


Austin: Fair enough. But ok, earlier would be preferred


Dan: Jackass. Alright, see ya then. Base out.


Austin: Well you heard it yourselves. We’re on our own for now. Let’s try and get some rest if we can. We’ll alternate, Tony you got first watch and be sure to turn your head Mr. Blindspot.(LAUGH)


Tony: Yeah yeah. Good night guys










Three Hum-vee’s sat on the edge of a clearing. Each had a minigun on top of it, manned by one person. Mike stood outside it, AK in hand. He begins to pace back and forth.


Mike: Where are they? They should’ve been here by now.


Soon several gun shots ring out and Mike readies his gun.


Mike: Be ready men.


From the trees the three men are seen running. As they run they occasionally turn and fire behind them. 10 zombies emerge from the tree line only to be mowed down by the mini guns.


Austin: There’s more! We need to go!


Mike: More?


Soon a loud moaning can be heard and zombies emerge from all sides. The miniguns open fire, along with Mike, Austin, Enrique and Tony. After an intense fire fight all movement has ceased.


Austin: Thank…


Austin is tackled from behind by a zombie. As the zombie lifts its head to bite down a bullet rips through the head, dropping the zombie.


Travis: You’re welcome. Now let’s get out of here.


Travis whistles and two other scouts slide down from trees. He helps Austin up and smiles.


Travis: What? Ya didn’t think it was all you guys that killed them did you?


Austin: Why?


Mike: After hearing about your radio transmission I figured you could use some back up. And who better than the best marksmen of the group?


Austin: Fair enough.


The group climbs into the Hum-vee’s and the engines start up. They turn around and begin to drive off. In one Hummer is Mike, Austin and Travis.


Mike: So what the hell happened out there?


Austin: Well the first two were taken out by a sniper. That’s how Enrique got hit in the arm.


Travis: He’s inexperienced. If you’re going to use bait you hit the leg, otherwise they can get up and run.


Austin: Well he was still a good shot. Anyways. The first day heading back here was uneventful. Sure we’d see the occasional zombie but we figure our silencers would hide us. But then this morning we were ambushed.


Mike: Ambushed?


Austin: Yeah. A few chased us but then we ran right into I don’t know how many. We had to run and shoot our whole way back here. I’m glad we requested an earlier pick up. Otherwise we’d be gone.


Travis: Makes no sense. On our mission we didn’t even encounter any zombies and like I said, the building was empty as was the area around it. We checked it for sniper nests like we always do.


Austin: Well we encountered 5 men there. And there was that damned symbol on the door. As we were leaving a jeep pulled up with an older man in a red and gold robe.


Mike: A robe? Why a robe?


Austin: Got me.




As the cavalry arrives back on base Sarah is there. She helps Enrique out and walks with him towards the medical building.


Alex: Good to see most of you made it back.


Austin: I was thinking the same thing. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go unwind my usual way. I just need to find Emily.(LAUGH)


Emily: Right here.


Austin and Emily walk off hand in hand.


Bonnie: So what’d they get for supplies?


Mike: Bottles of water and canned food. And it’s all good, so that’s a plus.


Mike hands the three bags to a man and nods his head as the man walks away, going to bring it to their fall back position. Travis wraps his arm around Bonnie and smiles.


Travis: Where’s my little girl?


Bonnie: With Katie, Kaylee and Zeke


Travis: Ah yes, the daycare(LAUGH)


Mike: Well Katie doesn’t seem to mind.


Bonnie: Well yeah, for now she doesn’t(LAUGH)


Mike: Ok, you all go and relax. Bonnie, when you get back to work the transmission of #2 seems a bit off. Take a look at it.


Bonnie: You know I will.


Bonnie and Travis walk away while the rest of the group disperses. Mike walks over to Alex, arms crossed.


Mike: Alex, be careful. After all the zombies we saw out there a few might try and follow us back.


Alex: Just how many were out there?


Mike: We had no choice but to use the mini guns. What’s that tell you?


Alex: It tells me I need to relay that info to my men General.


Mike: I still like the sound of that(LAUGH)


Alex: Well you basically are. You know you’ll always be the leader, no matter what.


Mike: Even if I might not want to be. So how are your men doing?


Alex: Well the other a day a few hesitated so I had to have a chat with them. It’s hesitation like that that can get us all killed.


Mike: Relax man


Alex: Ya mean like Alec relaxed?


Mike: You know that isn’t what I meant


Alex: If my guys relax we die, it’s as simple as that. Now I gotta get back to rounds.


Alex turns around and walks away.


Narrator: I had no choice but to be tough. We got lax back at our old base and lost maybe half our people. Not to mention Sasha. Relaxing leads to death, that’s just the way things work. The general can say what he wants but deep down he knows it’s true. Besides, I have a job to do, to keep us safe. Some might take that lightly but I don’t. If people had been as vigilant as I am we’d still be at our old base and Sasha might still be alive. Relying on one or two people to keep us safe was stupid, and I’ll prove that, no matter what.








Alex stands in front of the main gate, looking out. He watched the road, knowing many people came from it. The base was so surrounded by trees that coming from any other side was nearly impossible. Let alone to do it undetected. A man walked by and stopped in front of the base, still on the road. He wore a red and gold robe with a hood over his head. He was carrying a small torch just showing he had a smirk on his lips.


Alex: Go on or I’ll shoot.


The man bowed his head and walked on. Alex grabbed his radio and watched the man.


Alex: Keep an eye out for the man in the robe. He knows we’re here now and something is unsettling about him.


Guard: What man?


Alex: He was just in front of the base.


Guard: I’ve been watching the road the whole time and haven’t seen anything. You feeling ok boss?


Alex: Yeah, yeah. Just keep an eye out for anyone.


Guard: You know we do.


Alex turned and walked away, heading towards the tech building. He saw Dan exiting it and lighting a cigarette.


Alex: Dan, you been watching the monitors the whole time?


Dan: Don’t I always?


Alex: What about the one watching the road?


Dan: Alex, you know I watch those the most. I mean that’s the reason I have the most powerful cameras there. They have infrared, night vision and all kinds of stuff. I mean…


Alex: Not in the mood for your geekgasm.


Dan: Anyways, what’s up?


Alex: I just saw a man on the road, staring at me. He was carrying what looked like a torch. He wore a robe with a hood that was up.


Dan: I haven’t seen anyone.


Alex: Well, tomorrow morning check out the cameras just to be sure they’re functioning properly.


Dan: Alex they’re….


Alex: Please man. Just do it.


Dan: Alright, alright. Maybe you should get some rest.


Alex: I’m beginning to think that same thing.


Dan: Your men are good. They’re more than capable of handling things on their own.


Alex: Ya sure?


Dan: Positive. You trained them well. They check in regularly, just to be sure they haven’t missed anything. Not to mention they’re all at least above average shots.


Alex: Alright, I’ll see ya in the morning.


Dan: Night.




Dan and two men cautiously walked out of the gate. Each of them carrying a weapon along with a tool belt. One carried a ladder in his free hand. They stopped when they hit the road and looked down at it curiously. There was a ‘Z’ in a circle. But outside the circle were 5 stars, something new.


Dan: Either of you guys see anyone do this last night?


Tech guy 1: No


Tech guy 2: Me neither.


Dan: Weird. Well keep an eye out. We’ll stick together for this. Let’s check the one

on the right first.


They walked over to a tree where the camera was hidden. They set the ladder up and Dan climbed up it. He began to examine the camera while holding his radio.


Dan: Everything look good on 1 R A?


Tech guy 3: All good here. You need to shave though.


Dan: Yeah, I know. I’ve been preoccupied.


Dan climbs down and walks over to the other camera and climbs up it.


Dan: How about 1 R B?


Tech guy 3: Just as good. You know those cameras are tamper proof.


Dan: I know, but remember, nothing is really tamper proof.


Tech guy 1: He makes a point.


Dan: Well, all the wires seem to be attached and undisturbed. I’ll have to tell Alex to have his people keep an eye on the cameras just to be safe.


Tech guy 2: Good idea.


Dan: Come in Alex…


Alex: Alex here


Dan: The cameras are undisturbed. But that damn symbol is in front of our base now. So make sure your guys are extra vigilant. And try to include checking on the cameras in your rounds just to be on the safe side.


Alex: Will do. And thanks for checking it out


Dan: Eh, just doing my job.


Dan begins to climb down from the ladder. A faint moaning can be hear as the men turn towards the noise. In the distance a lone zombie is walking down the street. Dan takes aim and fires, dropping the zombie as he walks.


Dan: Alright, let’s get back to the safety of the base before anymore come.


Tech guy 2: Good call


The three make their way back towards the base, keeping watch as they do so.




On the other side of the road stands the man in the hooded red and gold robe. He

leans out from behind a tree and smirks. He watches the three men work and then turns his head to see a zombie in the distance.


Chase: Soon…very soon….


He disappears back behind the tree and listens to them. He pulls a gun out of his robe and smirks. He could’ve fired and killed them but didn’t want to.


Chase: No, that would be far too easy. Of course it may only be a mater of time before I have to.


He pokes his head back out and watches the men dispatch the zombie with relative ease.


Chase: One is easy, but wait till you encounter the full force of our army.


He turns and walks away, disappearing back into the forest.







Bonnie wheels out from under the hummer and sits up, wiping the grease from her hands.

Bonnie: Damn…that thing did get messed up.


Mike: What’s the problem?


Bonnie: It’s not the tranny. You guys went a little too much off the beaten path. You got sticks and all kinds of crap stuck in there. I pulled a good amount of them out but I’ll have to remove stuff to get the rest. Stop beating these damn things up.


Mike: We’ll do our best but sometimes it’s not always an option.


Bonnie: I know, but it makes my job that much easier.


Mike: Anyways, is it fixable?


Bonnie: Most definitely. I may have to top off the fluids since a line got stretched a bit, but otherwise it’s doable. So how are Katie and Zeke doing?


She asked going back over to the Hummer and began to peer into the engine.


Mike: They’re doing just fine. Katie’s just on bed rest for now and Zeke is…well being a baby.


Bonnie: Good to hear….


Bonnie pulled out a few sticks, throwing them onto the pile beside the truck.


Mike: Yeah. It’s hard to balance being in charge and being a new father.


Bonnie: I can imagine.


Niki came walking in, looking around.


Niki: Hey general, Travis sent me over to talk to you.


Mike: What’s up?


Niki: Travis wants to send some of us out to go on some missions.


Mike: Where’d he have in mind?


Niki: Have to ask him. All I know is he wants to leave tomorrow morning at dawn. He said pick up will be three days later.


Bonnie: Three days? Is he going too?


Niki: I think so. He hasn’t told us much in the way of specifics just time and we’ll be in two man squads.


Bonnie: Son of a….


Bonnie storms off heading towards where the Scouts Guild building is.




Bonnie swings the door open angrily.


Bonnie: Travis!


Everyone in the building all points in one direction. Bonnie swings open the door to his office and stares angrily at him while he cleans his sniper rifle.


Travis: What’d I do?


Bonnie: 3 Days!?


Travis: Yeah, we need to go further out. Most places around here have been cleaned out or compromised.


Bonnie: And when were you going to tell me?


Travis: In a little bit.


Bonnie: And I’m just supposed to stay here and look after Jade?


Travis: It’s no different than me looking after her when you’re out driving.


Bonnie: But still


Travis: I’ll be fine and it has to be necessary for us. On foot the nearest town we haven’t hit yet is about 2 days away.


Bonnie: You better be fine.


Travis: Aren’t I always?


Bonnie: I worry. And I wish you would’ve told me


Travis: I just came up with it a little bit ago. Hence why I sent Niki right away.


Bonnie: Well I’m gonna try and take sometime off so we can spend the rest of today together.


Travis: Alright. I still got awhile before I’m free. I gotta finish cleaning my rifle, augmenting my Gilley suit and briefing my scouts who are going on the mission. But I promise I’ll rush home once I’m done.


Bonnie: Swear?


Travis: I indeed do


Bonnie: Ok, see you in a bit.


The two kiss before Bonnie walks off.







Alex walks around the base, staying close to the main gate. Something told him he needed to stick close to the gate.


Alex: I know you’re out there.


Sarah: Who you talking to?


Sarah asked walking over towards him.


Alex: No one really.


Sarah: Fair enough. You seem on edge lately.


Alex shrugged and took out a cigarette, lighting it.


Sarah: Alex, I need to ask a favor of you….


Alex: You want the diary.


Sarah: I do.


Alex: I knew it was only a matter of time.


Alex handed her the diary with the page in questioned book marked.


Alex: Just promise me you won’t look at the other pages.


Sarah: I give you my word.


Alex: Thank you.


As the stood there the robed man stepped on the path from the road towards the gate.


Sarah: Alex…


She said pointing past him to the gate. Alex turned and held his rifle up.


Alex: Stop right there or I shoot!


The man stopped and held his hands up. He then crouched down and drew a ‘Z’ inside a circle on the dirt path.


Chase: Till then…


The man nodded his head and turned, walking away.


Sarah: What the hell was that about?


Alex: No idea. If you come back we’ll open fire!


He yelled to the man who simply laughed and walked off, disappearing into the darkening night.


Sarah: That was creepy as hell.


Alex: Tell me about it. I saw him last night and he just stood there before walking off.


Sarah: Will you shoot him?


Alex: I will, no matter what.


Sarah: Normally I don’t agree with that but in that case, do it. He’s just unnecessarily creepy.




Three hummers sit idling as 6 men in Gilley suits come walking out. Leading them is Travis and Niki. Bonnie comes over and hugs Travis. Travis kisses her and kisses Jade.


Bonnie: Be careful.


Kaylee: You be careful too mommy.


Kaylee says to Niki.


Niki: I will, I promise.


The scouts climb into the Hummers and they roll out of the base.


Bonnie: Be careful…


She says quietly as the Hummers roll out of the gate and onto the road. Two go left while the third with Travis and Niki goes right.




Niki: So where exactly are we going?


Travis: South.


Mike: You guys don’t always have to be so secretive.


Travis: It’s for our own safety, no offense.


Niki: It’s just how things work.


Travis: Alright Niki, you ready?


Niki: Aren’t I always?


Travis: Yes but this may be more dangerous than any other mission we’ve been on.

For starters this is the first real mission with only two of us and we’re going to be gone longer than we even have for training.


Niki: Eh, we’ll be fine


Mike: Here’s to hoping.




The Hummer stops and Niki and Travis get out, being sure to check all their ammo and supplies.


Travis: See you in a few days


Mike: Be careful and stay in touch if you can


Travis: Will do


The two begin to walk away as Travis pulls is map out. Behind them the Hummer

turns around and drives away, heading towards the base.




Niki: So where we heading?


Travis: There’s a small town a ways away that we haven’t hit yet.


Niki: Any idea what’s there?


Travis: None at all


Niki: Should be fun.


Travis: Make sure your silencers are equipped.


Travis placed his PSG 1 on his back and grabbed his silenced MAC 10.

The two walked in relative silence, scanning the area constantly.


Travis: Down!


The two dropped, blending into the bushes on the side of the road as a jeep drove by with two men in it. One wore a robe while the other wore street clothes. Travis grabbed his radio as he saw the jeep pass.


Travis: General, be careful. You got a jeep coming up on you fast. Be ready


Mike: We got it


Travis put the radio away and stood up.


Travis: Ok, let’s get going.


Travis grabbed a cigarette and lit it, walking along the ditch of the road with Niki.


Niki: So how’d you get stuck being in charge of the Scouts?


Travis: No idea. It was the general’s idea same with who was in charge of all the groups.


Niki: Well hopefully he picked right.


Travis: I get the feeling I should be insulted.


Niki: No, I meant with the other groups.


Travis: Mhmm….


Niki: Honest!


Travis: Alright, alright.


The two walk along as Travis scans his map.


Travis: Follow me…




Travis began to head through some woods with Niki closely behind. He held his hand up, telling her to stop. He knelt down and grabbed his sniper rifle, using the scope to examine a small building nearby.


Travis: Clear, but stay low


The two began to slowly walk through the weeds that had grown around the building for years now. They got to the building and began to peer in through the window.


Niki: Looks empty to me.


Travis: Me too. Alright let’s move on.


The two resume walking before hearing some rustling and moaning. A zombie emerges from behind a tree and Niki quickly fires, killing.


Travis: Good shot.


Niki: It’s what I do.


As the two walked they scanned the area, looking for any potential dangers. They stayed to anything that could help them hide if they had to. But so far everything seemed to be quiet and still, however that made things even creepier.


Travis: You heard any animals yet?


Niki: No, and that makes things even creepier.


Travis: Exactly.







A small fire in a clearing lights the area as Niki and Travis sit across from each other. They are only wearing the body are of their Gilley suits while the masks sit beside them along with their weapons. Travis takes out a bottle of water and takes a drink before looking over at Niki.


Niki: So how pissed is Bonnie?


Travis: Pretty pissed. But it’s for the best. I think she’s mostly mad because she has

to watch Jade while we’re out doing our thing.


Niki: Can’t fault her for it.


Travis: Well no of course not. But I mean I have to do it for everyone.


Niki: Yeah, but I think deep down she understands.


Travis: I hope so. Ever since this squad thing happened its put a bit of a strain on our relationship.


Niki: Hang in there. Besides I can tell you guys are deeply in love. It’s evident to everyone.


Travis: I know. But let’s get some rest. We have a long walk tomorrow.


Niki: Alright. Good night.


Travis: Night….


Niki laid down to go to sleep but Travis couldn’t sleep. He was wide awake, just thinking as he drank some water.







Just on the edge of town Travis and Niki crouch down, looking at the town cautiously.


Travis: Ok, we need to check out everything, but don’t engage unless necessary.

Otherwise when Austin’s crew goes in they’ll have an even harder time.


Niki: Gotcha. See any movement?


Travis: Yeah, we got movement in a few buildings so be on the look out.


The two slowly remove their Gilley suits revealing their all black suits.


Niki: Shouldn’t we be going in at night.


Travis: Ideally but we don’t have that option. Stick to alleys and roof tops if we can get to them.


The two quickly slip into the city and make their way into an alley. They quickly duck down as they hear someone talking. A man walks by and Niki grabs him from behind, slicing his throat with a machete. The two dump the body in a dumpster before continuing on their way. Travis motions to a fire escape and begins to climb up. They cautiously watch the windows before poking their heads of the edge of the roof. With his sniper rifle Travis scans the roofs. He sees one man, one roof over and fires, killing him. They quickly make it up to the roof and jump the gap to the roof where the dead man is. The two pick him up and set him inside an air conditioner, hiding the body. Travis scans the area, looking for high areas of traffic.


Niki: Anything?


Travis: Center of town. Heavily guarded, two snipers, regular patrols. Lets get out of here.


As they go to move a sniper’s bullet rips through Travis’ shoulder. He drops, trying his best to hold in the scream. Niki grabs his sniper rifle and takes aim, firing on the snipers.


Travis: We gotta go!


The two quickly make their way to the fire escape and down into the alley. Their MAC 10’s are out and ready. One man rounds a corner only to be mowed down by Travis. The two sprint into the forest, retrieving their Gilley suits and running into the forest. Behind them they can hear foot steps. Niki stops and smirks, pulling out a frag grenade.


Travis: Niki!


Niki: I got you…


Niki throws it, killing the few men giving chase and allowing them more room to run.




The two, now in their Gilley suits run. They get to lower grass and drop to the ground, beginning to crawl.


Niki: You ok?


Travis: My shoulder is on fire.


Travis stops and takes out some gauze. He begins to heavily wrap his shoulder before continuing.


Niki: Wanna stop?


Travis: No, we gotta keep going.


They continue to crawl, not wanting to stop for fear of still being chased. Travis places his hand on Niki’s leg and they stop. Two men run over to the field and look around.


Man 1: Anything?


Man 2: Nothing. The Bishop will not be happy with this….


With that the two turn and keep moving, running the other way now. They then continue moving.


Travis: Bishop?


Niki: No idea….


Travis: Makes no sense.


Niki: Oh well.


Travis: You remember that house we saw on our first day?


Niki: The one several miles away?


Travis: Yeah. If we can get there we’ll be safe for the night.


Niki: Well if we have to crawl it’ll be awhile.


Travis: Otherwise look for a decent sized tree.








The two sit on either side of a trunk in the branches of a large tree. Travis removes the bandages and wraps new ones on his shoulder.


Niki: So how far was that house?


Travis: About 5 or 6 miles East, give or take.


Travis takes out a cigarette and lights it.


Niki: So maybe…


Travis: Shh…


Travis cuts her off as shuffling can be heard below them. Niki readies her gun, but Travis places his hand on her arm. The zombie wanders off and the shuffling grows fainter.


Niki: So anyways. Maybe we’ll need to call for an early pick up.


Travis: At this rate we’d never make it. We’re better off this way.


Niki: How are ya feeling?


Travis: Tired, but the bleeding stopped so I should be fine. As long as I let it rest.


Niki: We made need to cauterize it…


Travis: I know. But I’d prefer to do it while not sitting in a tree.


Niki: Fair enough.







The two walk through the forest now, Niki leading the way.


Travis: Hold up…I gotta do this…


Niki stops and grabs a stick.


Niki: You’ll need this…


Travis removed his Gilley suit and shirt before sprinkling some gunpowder on his shoulder. He places the stick in his mouth and lights it. He bites onto the stick, screaming in pain as the powder burns and fizzles out.


Niki: You ok?


Travis: I just lit my shoulder on fire…


He said collapsing to all fours.


Niki: You know it had to be done.


Travis: I know, but god damn.


Travis places his shirt and Gilley suit back on before they continue walking. As they walk they can hear a shuffling. Travis turns and fires, shooting a zombie approaching from behind.


Niki: How’d you know it was a zombie?


Travis: Didn’t. The pain pissed me off.


Niki: Well luckily it wasn’t any of our people looking for us for some reason.


Travis: Agreed. C’mon, let’s move...


The two continued walking, constantly moving and not wanting to stop. Even to eat, drink or light a cigarette.


Travis: We’ll get there soon enough…I know it.









Travis and Niki crouch down near the bushes, still trying to remain hidden. Soon enough a Hummer rolls up and the two come out, breathing a sigh of relief.


Bonnie: You ok?


Travis: Aside from the bullet in my shoulder yeah.


Bonnie: What?


Travis: Sniper was a bad shot, luckily. We took ‘em out though.


Bonnie: Thank god, ok we need to go.


The two climb in and Bonnie hugs him.




Travis: Ok, that hurts like hell…


Bonnie: Sorry, just checking it out.


Bonnie grabs the radio to radio to base.


Bonnie: Come in this is Bonnie.


Mike: Stay put, we’re compromised.


The Hummer pulls off to the side and stops. One man climbs up and mans the mini gun just in case.


Bonnie: Shoot anything we don’t recognize.


Gunner: Got it.






As the Hummer pulls away Alex makes sure the gate closes quickly behind them.


Alex: Be ready…I got a bad feeling.


Sarah: I’m sure we’ll be fine.


Alex: That’s what we thought before and remember what happened?


Sarah: Fair enough. Either way, just think positive.


Alex: I don’t do positive.


Germaine comes walking up with Enrique.


Germaine: What are ya talking about Alex?


Alex: Every morning there’s more of those damn symbols around the base. And every

time we see those symbols all hell breaks loose.


Enrique: What symbols?


Alex: The Z and a circle.


Enrique: I agree. Something about that symbol is unsettling.


Soon moaning can be heard in the distance.


Tower: I got movement….lots of movement!


Alex: Be ready!


Soon from the forest groups of zombies emerge all moaning and walking towards the base. The snipers open fire, killing as many as they can as the rest of the base opens fire. Mike runs out, holding his AK 47.


Mike: I just got word, we’re surrounded. Where were ya Alex?


Alex: They just f*****g appeared! So lay off and shoot!


Soon zombies begin to push against the gate, everyone firing on them. But as some drop more replace them. The sound of fences beginning to shake and bend can be heard through out the base. The group continues to fire as they fall back towards the middle.


Mike: Gas ‘em up! We gotta go!


Germaine: What?


Mike: We need to be ready to evacuate. Anyone who isn’t on a transport is on their own.


Enrique: What?


Mike: You heard me. I need people to begin to load up supplies, weapons and ammo. And where are my Special Forces?


Emily: They’re near the back, trying to hold them off and keep the fence from collapsing.


Mike: Fine.


The sounds of shells falling can be heard all around as they continue to fight. Soon the front gate collapses and zombies begin to pour through.


Mike: Fall back! We need to get out of here.


The group begins to fall back, firing. The men on the tower try to climb down only to climb into the clutches of hungry zombies. One man on a tower shoots himself, dropping off the tower and to the ground. People begin to run to the vehicles and climb in, or on. Mike grabs his radio as he hears someone talking.


Bonnie: Come in this is Bonnie.


Mike: Stay put, we’re compromised.


People begin to man the mini guns on the vehicles and take aim.


Gunner 1: General, we don’t have a shot, too many of our people in the way.


Mike: Clear a path by any means necessary.


Gunner 1: What?


Mike: I said do it or I shoot you.


Gunner 1: Yes general


Katie: Mike!


Mike: A few need to die so we may live.


The guns open fire, mowing down anything in front of them and the convoy begins to roll out. Some people can be seen running to the convoy only to be tackled by zombies and eaten. Katie clutches Ezekiel, Jade and Kaylee close as the vehicle slowly rolls, still firing. Shells fall constantly. Mike rolls a window down and opens fire with his AK-47 killing anything in front of the barrel. The convoy slowly makes its way out of the base and begins to head south where the other Hummer is. Mike grabs the radio and sits back.




Mike: We’re on our way. Prepare to follow.


Bonnie: Got you. But Travis needs to be looked at.


Mike: What’s wrong?


Bonnie: Bullet in the shoulder.


Mike: Well we’ll have to wait. For now we keep driving, no matter what.


Bonnie: Got you, we’ll be here waiting.


Soon a few zombies began to emerge from the woods. The gunner opened fire, killing anyone he could get a shot at. But soon more bullets began to fly, as the convoy approached them.


Gunner: We got back up, be ready to roll.


The Hummer quickly fell in line with the convoy, taking up the rear. In front of it were three large troop carrier trucks filled with people and supplies. Mike’s voice came over the radio.


Mike: Any idea how many we’re missing?


Alex: Half my squad is gone.


Austin: I lost 4 men.


Sarah: And I don’t know how many people. Last I saw we lost about 12 people but I

have a feeling it’s higher than that.…General.


Mike: I had no choice but to make that call.


Alex: I understand….


Enrique: Not me, those were good people you gunned down.


Mike: Look. If I had waited for them to get on we never would’ve gotten out and we’d all be dead. We had no choice but to do it this way.


Austin: Emily, you out there?


Germaine: She’s here man, a little shaken but here.


Austin: Thank god.


The convoy slowly pulled over to the shoulder and got out. Sarah jumped out of one Hummer and ran to the one where Travis was.


Sarah: Alright, let me get a look at that shoulder.


Bonnie runs out of the jeep, over to the truck where the kids are and quickly grabs Jade.


Bonnie: My baby, are you alright?


Jade: Mommy!


Mike stands there holding Ezekiel in one arm and Katie’s hand with the other.


Katie: I know you had to do it….


Mike: I know. But I warned them. If they didn’t get their in time it’s their own fault.


Germaine: Damn that was crazy. Where’d they all come from?


Dan: I have no idea. The cameras didn’t pick up anything till they were there.


Alex: Then it’s obvious he tampered with your cameras.


Dan: Who?


Alex: The man in the robe.


Dan: There is no man in the robe!


Alex: Sarah saw him! And how else do you explain all those symbols around our base?


Dan: I…I don’t know. But there has to be a logical explanation.


Alex: Face it, he’s smarter than you


Mike: That’s enough. We have more important things to do then argue with each other. We need to find a new base. We’re going to head south to Arden-Arcade. Once we have our base established there, we’re going to find any building with that symbol and take it out. If they want a war they’ve got it.


Katie: How are we going to find them?


Germaine: Something tells me they’ll try to find us first.


Mike: My thoughts exactly. So we need to get moving.


Sarah: We can’t. I need to get this bullet out of Travis’ shoulder and I can’t do that inside a moving Hummer.


Mike: Well hurry up or we leave you here.


Travis: Ow! Just go, we’ll catch up. Leave me a few guys for cover and we’ll be fine.


Mike: Fair enough. You know where we’re going.


Sarah: We’ll be there.


The rest of the group except Travis, Bonnie, Sarah, Duke, Jade, Alex and a gunner, load into the vehicles and take off. Niki quickly runs, holding Kaylee to get into the last truck. The convoy pulls back onto the road as the gunner climbs into the hummer to man the mini gun.


Travis: So Sarah. Did you…s**t…see that man in the robe?


Sarah: Yes. Now stop talking it’s harder to do when you move. You’re lucky it’s not a tracer round or hollow tip. Otherwise you’d be losing an arm.


Travis: Yes, I feel so lucky. Alex…you seeing anything?


Alex: No sign of people following us.


Sarah: Did you actually try to cauterize the wound yourself?


Travis: I had no choice, otherwise I’d be laying dead in the forest.


Sarah reaches into the wound with her fingers and pulls out a bullet.


Sarah: I need some stuff for stitching his shoulder.


Bonnie began to reach into a bag and pulled out a needle and thread. She handed it to Sarah who began to quickly stitch him up.


Travis: Can I get a shot after this?


Alex: You won’t have time, they’re coming!


Alex fired at a few lead zombies, dropping one and slowing the others down.


Travis: Be ready to open fire!


Gunner: On it.


Travis: Everyone get in, Sarah stitch me up on the ride.


Sarah: Do it! I won’t get everyone killed.


Alex grabs Jade from Bonnie and jumps into the passenger side as Duke climbs into the far back. Sarah basically crawls on top of Travis as Bonnie closes the door and jumps into the driver’s side. The hummer starts off as the gunner opens fire.


Gunner: Hand me that red box in the back!


Sarah reaches into the back where Duke whimpers. She hands the gunner the red ammo box and he sets the belt in.


Bonnie: Incendiary rounds?


The gunner nods his head and fires, igniting some of the zombies chasing them as well as causing them to ignite other zombies.


Sarah: Done. Just need to wrap it.


Travis: Ok, good.


Sarah begins to wrap his shoulder tightly in gauze before moving so he can set up. The gun is silenced as the gunner slumps forward.


Bonnie: What the hell?


A trail of blood can be seen going down his body. Alex grabs the man and pushes

him out and onto the road.


Alex: We got a sniper.


Travis looks around and shakes his head.


Travis: No body man that gun, he could be anywhere.


Bonnie: They’re still chasing us!


Travis: Alex, you and I in the back.


Alex hands Jade to Sarah before climbing into the back with his rifle as does Travis with his sniper rifle.


Travis: Conserve your ammo, we don’t have a lot of it.


The two begin to fire from the back, dropping the burnt or still flaming zombies before they all suddenly stop dead in their tracks and just stand there. Duke begins to bark loudly and pace before dropping down and whining.


Alex: I’ve never seen them just stop like that.


Travis: Me either, but I won’t complain.


Travis pets Duke who quickly pushes his body against Travis, still whining before suddenly stopping and panting.


Travis: There ya go boy. Hand me that radio.


Bonnie hands Travis the radio.


Travis: Squad 2, come in…Come in squad 2 give me a report


There’s nothing but static.


Travis: Squad 3, status report


Chase: Well hello there. I’m afraid your men are currently preoccupied


The sound of screaming and moaning can be heard in the background.


Chase: Can I take a message?(LAUGH)


Travis slams the radio down and shakes his head.


Travis: Damn it.







Narrator: Once again our base had been over run. But with the emergence of a sniper and the man in the robe, we now knew there was more to it than simple zombies. We were facing a potential new threat. One that was more evil and sinister than any bandits we’d encountered before. I don’t know how, but I know anytime we had a horrible mission that symbol was somehow associated. But now we had a more important job, we had to forsake everything Sasha had taught us and take over a city. It’s for the best, I just hope she knows that.


The convoy sits just outside city limits. Their trucks all are parked and emptied except the children, Niki and Katie who stay inside one truck just in case. The rest of the group is crouched down in a ditch, just outside. Mike is in front, using binoculars.


Mike: Ok, they have some power. Some street lights are on. But I need my scouts and Special forces, now.


Austin, Enrique and 7 men step forward while 6 other men step forward.


Mike: That’s all I have left? Crap, we need Travis to get here now, no offense to you guys.


The men shrug as Mike goes back to examining the city. A few people can be seen walking around but also seem to be lightly armed.


Mike: I need to get a sniper in position.


One man begins to climb a tall tree with a sniper rifle on his back.


Scout: I got 3 snipers but from here it looks like they have just basic weapons.


Germaine: So what’s the plan?


Mike: We need to go in and take over that damn city. I want all my scouts to go in and sweep the area. We need to take out the snipers first and get our own snipers in position.


A hummer comes rolling and stops with the convoy. The group gets out and makes their way over to the rest of the team.


Alex: So what’s the problem here?


Mike: We got snipers in the city as well as street lights. All my scouts need to go in and sweep the area and take out the snipers, and be able to give our special forces cover fire.


Travis: Sounds fun. Men, you ready to go? They all nod their heads. Alex, one of your men needs to relieve Niki so she can accompany us.


Alex: on it. And I want my men to form a perimeter in case our position is compromised.


The men begin to fan out. Niki comes walking up with a sigh.


Niki: What’s going on?


Travis: We’re going in. Make sure you all have enough ammo and you’re fully loaded. No Gilley suits since it won’t help in a city.


Bonnie: Are you sure you’re up for this with your shoulder?


Travis: It’s my left shoulder and I’m right handed. Besides, I don’t have an option.


Mike: Damn right you don’t. I want you and your guild there 5 minutes ago.


Travis: No problem. Just make sure your men are ready to move in.


Mike: We will be.


Travis: Alright, me, you and you two will make our way towards the inner city. The rest of you make sure the Special Forces and convoy can have an easy entrance. Now lets get going.


The Scouts Guild, now clad all in black and heavily armed slowly fan out from the ditch and make their way towards the city.


Mike: Status report.


Alex: No movement around us general.


Scout: No additional movement in the city. It looks like we’re going to take them by surprise.


Mike: Good.


Bonnie and Sarah step off to the side after Bonnie places Jade in the truck with the rest of the kids.


Sarah: You think this is a good idea?


Bonnie: We don’t have a choice. We can’t keep moving and it could be days before we find another place to settle down.


Sarah: What would Sasha say?


Alex: I don’t want to think about it.


Alex said walking up to them, rifle in his arms.


Bonnie: I think she’d understand


Alex: Hopefully….




The scouts slowly infiltrate the city, preferring stealth above all else. Their mission was simple. Take out the snipers and replace them. Niki and a sniper silently walk through the city, steering clear of any lights and windows. Niki nods her head towards a large building and the two make their way towards it. They slowly open the door and scan the area.


Niki: Clear


The two begin to make their way up a flight of stairs, being careful to watch for any movement. Niki fires as one man steps out of a door stretching. The man drops, dead.


Niki: Move the body.


The two pick him up and set him in what appears to be a closet. As they open it they find a small armory.


Niki: Take the weapons just in case.


The two begin to fill their bags with handguns as well as throw several rifles over their shoulders. They continue on and eventually make their way to the roof. They slowly peek their heads out as a sniper on another roof takes aim. But a shot from behind drops him as another team emerges. Niki stands on the edge of the roof and looks out. Across the roof tops they can see 3 other teams in position.


Travis: Alright general, bring ‘em in. Near the center is a large mall, that seems to be their base.


Niki: In one building we found a small armory. So don’t be surprised if more people begin to come out.


Mike: Just cover us and we’ll be fine.




Mike puts the radio down and turns around.


Mike: Alright men. We’re going to send the convoy in first to lay down more suppression fire. Following closely behind will be the special forces and behind them security. I want the town swept. But be careful. Don’t blow everything up as we might need it. Not to mention the fact our snipers can only do so much.


He grabs the radio again as the team begins to get ready.


Mike: Ok, when you see us approaching the city I want your snipers to open fire.


Travis: Got you general. Ok, men, be ready to fire. Take out anyone with a weapon.


Mike: No, take out everyone you can


Travis: Yes general




The snipers crouch down and take aim, watching the streets. The convoy, each with a man on the gun begins to roll up towards the main gate. Behind them everyone else runs. All are armed and ready to open fire. As the convoy gets closer the snipers open fire on the streets, dropping anyone and everyone. People begin to flow out of buildings to fight but the snipers, mini guns and everyone else takes them out, dropping them where they stand. Alicia comes running out of the mall and sprays the area with her M16. One gunner drops but another one sprays the area, causing her to drop.


Alicia: Retreat to the mall!!!


She yells out as people begin to run. Some drop from bullets but others turn and fire , killing a couple soldiers. People begin to flood the streets, making for easy targets and many drop.


Alicia: Jonathon, Steven, Shane, cover them!


The four stand by the main door and open fire on the convoy.


Alicia: Steven, go in and get a sniper’s position.


Steven: Yes Alicia.


Steven runs with the rest of the resistance and makes his way towards the roof.




Steven pushes past people and runs up the stairs heading to the top floor where he can get to the roof. Outside the sound of gunfire can easily be heard among the scream.


Steven: Where’s our doctors!?


Tanya: I’m here!


Steven: Take care of the injured!


Steven makes it to the roof and begins to scan the area. He takes aim and one sniper is dropped, falling off the roof in the process. The man with him opens fire with his MAC 10 causing him to drop to the ground behind a ledge.


Mike: Travis, we got a sniper on the roof.


Travis: You heard the general. All snipers target the roof of the mall!


Every time Steven pokes his head out a round hit’s the ledge.


Steven: S**t! I need cover fire!


Down on the main floor Alicia gets everyone in and closes and locks the door.


Alicia: Guard every single entrance and keep people away from the windows!


Alicia runs up to the roof. As she comes out a round hits her rifle, knocking it out of her hand. She immediately drops, covering her head.


Alicia: God damn it! Where are our snipers?


Steven: I think I’m the only one left.




The convoy and soldiers surround the mall. Inside one hummer Mike takes the radio and patches it through to the speaker on top of the hummer.


Mike: Attention citizens of Arden Arcade. This city now belongs to us. All who wish to make the right decision and join us will be welcomed due to their obvious high intelligence. All who wish to resist us will be deemed enemies and taken out at any chance we get. We will take anyone right now….


A side door opens and several people begin to flow out. With their hands up they run over to the convoy.


Mike: Is that all? Well you….


A round from Steven’s rifle smashes the speaker. Mike simply laughs and shakes his head.


Mike: Ok everyone load up. We need to go find a base. Travis, keep some people watching the base.


Travis: On it general. Niki, you and your partner hold your positions. Keep us updated on any potential movement by them. We will relieve you tomorrow.


Niki: Alright, will do.


Mike: Now we need to find a base.


Chloe: Well there is a country club down the way. I personally feel it’s more strategic than the mall, but Alicia didn’t want to listen to me.


Mike: And why is it more strategic…in your opinion?


Chloe: Simple. Three sides are surrounded by a gold course and the 4th is a large parking lot. So essentially you have a lot of open area.


Austin: She makes a point. If we had to take that we would’ve lost a lot of people.


Mike: Then to the country club.







Narrator: We had done the unthinkable. A few years ago we never thought we’d ever even try something like this. But here we were, taking over a city and killing anyone who tried to defend their home. We were becoming bandits and Mike….well Mike was beginning to like it a bit too much.


The convoy rolls in, all rolling through the parking lot and right up to the country club. They climb out and Mike looks at the place, nodding his head.


Mike: Where’s my security force?


Alex: Right here general


Alex and his squad steps forward, guns in hand.


Mike: I want you to set up a perimeter around the club. I get a feeling those rebels

won’t give us such an easy night.


Alex: You heard the man, let’s go!


The security crew heads out. Two men sticking to the parking lot while the rest make their way onto the golf course.


Mike: I want my special forces to go inside and sweep the country club.


Austin: Got it general, c’mon boys.


Austin and the Special forces kick open one door and make their way inside, quietly. A few shots go off but the club is generally silent.


Mike: Travis, take your scouts and fan out through the city, but steer clear of the mall. I don’t want anyone to get captured or killed.


Travis: You got it general. C’mon boys, let’s go check out our new home….


The scouts all head out, guns in hand as they walk out of the parking lot and into the dark city.


Travis: Stick to the darker areas and steer clear of street lights.


Scout 2: Why not just shoot them out?


Travis: Because we can use them too once our base is established.


Scout 2: Kill, imprison or ignore?


Travis: Kill or imprison if you can.


Scout 2: Imprison?


Travis: It’ll make getting knowledge of the area easier. Plus we can use them for bartering for supplies.


The scout shrugs and the two walk off. Back at the country club Austin’s group comes out.


Austin: Well aside from a couple zombies in plaid and some dusty trophies it’s clear.


Mike: Good, now get everyone inside. Dan, get your Tech team to set up a base and get some power going.


Dan: Got it general. C’mon kids let’s do this.


Dan and the tech team go into the building and begin to look for a decent base.


Dan: There has to be a security room around here somewhere.


The team slowly goes around, looking for the room in question.


Tech 2: Got it


The team stops at a door that reads ‘Security’. Without thinking Dan kicks the door open.


Tech 3: I think it was unlocked.


Dan: I know, I just always wanted to do that.(LAUGH)


The team walks in and begins to scan the terminals.


Dan: Go find me some generators. There has to be some around here somewhere.


A few people walk off and begin to scour the place, hoping to find a generator.

They pass Mike, Katie, Ezekiel, Sarah and Emily on the staircase, beginning to look around the place.


Emily: This is a nice place for us.


Katie: Yeah, definitely better than anything else. I could get used to using this as a base.


Sarah: Well I’ll need to set up a medical room


Katie: And we’ll need a place for the kids.


Mike: We can take care of all of that in the morning. In the meantime people need to get some rest.


Enrique: Good idea general. I could use a little rest. But how long do you think it’ll be before those in the mall try to attack us?


Mike: Could be days, could be hours. We injured a few and took out a good amount of their numbers. I wouldn’t worry too much about them.




Alicia walks around, clutching her rifle. Many people are injured or dead and many others are scared. Alicia stops when she sees Tanya working feverishly with some injured people.


Tanya: We’re running out of supplies.


Alicia: Take a small group and go find supplies. Odds are they haven’t cleaned everything out.


Tanya: It sounds dangerous…


Alicia: Well you and I both know that if we don’t these people will die.


Tanya: Alright….


Tanya grabbed Shane, Kelly and one other person and they made their way to the door.


Steven: Ya sure that’s a good idea Alicia? I mean these bandits are dangerous. They opened fire on everyone, even those unarmed.


Alicia: She’s got a good crew with her. They’ll be fine. Besides, it’ll give us a chance to figure out what these bandits have planned.


Steven: You know they’re not trained as scouts. Hell their weapons aren’t even that good.


Alicia: I think we can find a peaceful middle ground with them. It won’t be easy but it can be done.


Steven: I don’t know. They don’t seem like they’d be all about the utopia we’re creating.


Alicia: You never know Steven, you can’t always assume people will be against this.


Steven shakes his head as Alicia walks off, trying to assess her people.







Tanya, Shane, Kelly and the other rebel make their way through the dimly lit streets.


Tanya: I don’t feel so comfortable with this.


Kelly: Me either.


Shane: Yeah well Alicia wants us to go get supplies.


Tanya: But it was so much easier when we only had the zombies to deal with. These bandits are a lot better than any bandits we had down south. Not to mention look how many of our people left.


Shane: I know, Chloe left….


Kelly: Chloe did? Damn, I liked her cooking too.


Tanya: Me too. But faced with possible death I can’t fault them too much.


Shane: no, they’re traitors…


Kelly: But Chloe is…


Shane: I know she’s my sister but blood only does so much.


Rebel: I don’t like how quiet it is. I mean it’s…


Before the rebel can finish a bullet tears through his skull, dropping him. The three stand back to back, looking around.


Travis: I recommend you all put your guns down.


His voice seems to come from an alley they had just walked past.


Shane: Why should we?


Travis: Because you won’t make it out of these streets alive.


Kelly: You’re one man…


Travis: Correction…


The sound of guns being raised can be heard all around them. A few bullets fly at their feet from all directions. The three lift their hands and set their guns down.


Travis: See, I knew you were smarter than the general said.


One scout gathers their weapons as two others begin to tie the three up. Travis emerges from the shadows with a smirk.


Travis: hey, don’t feel bad. I mean you’re out classed across the board.


Shane: Did you have to kill him?


Travis: What better way to get our point across? Now you’re going to act as guides for us. And should you give us the wrong information we burn the mall down in front of you before killing the three of you.


Kelly: Al…alright. What do you need?


Travis: Supplies. Now walk…


The three begin to walk at gun point, pointing out all their storage areas along the way. As they did Travis told one scout to stay behind and guard it. Soon it was just Travis and the three left.


Travis: Alright, now back to our base, walk…


Travis was out gunned but with them well restrained and unarmed and his MAC 10 pointed at them there was no chance of them getting free.


Kelly: Why are you doing this?


Travis: We needed a new base and we knew you wouldn’t let us come in and take charge.


Shane: But why do you have to be in charge? I mean we were doing just fine.


Travis: Oh yeah, you guys were well prepared for any attack. We had snipers in position for about 10 minutes before the invasion happened.


Tanya: Impressive.


Kelly: Tanya!


Tanya: Well it is. I mean they are well trained and organized. Former soldiers?


Travis: Only a few. So what’s your story?


Shane: I won’t talk.


Travis fires a round into Shane’s bicep.


Travis: I didn’t ask if you wanted to tell me. So talk.


Tanya: Most of us lived here. When all hell broke loose Alicia took charge and wanted to make a Utopia. We had a few bandits come through but they always ran. They were dressed like the people in Mad Max.


Travis: oh yeah, Quentin. I remember them. We killed them, well all except for one because she joined us.


Kelly: You killed them all?


Travis: Did I stutter. Now what about zombies?


Kelly: We get a few that come in but usually they move by. Not sure why.


Travis: Seen any strange symbols with a Z and a circle or robed figures?


Tanya: No, why?


Travis: Don’t worry about it.




As the four walk towards the country club light can be seen coming from inside.


Tanya: You have electricity?


Travis: You know we’re good.


Shane: Please, I need someone to look at my arm.


Travis: We got a doctor, don’t worry about it.


Mike: Travis what the hell are you doing with them!?


Travis: I gained us some bartering chips just in case. Plus they gave us detailed information on the city and their supply deposits.


Mike: And I trust you left your scouts there?


Travis: Until Alex’s guards can be posted there.


Mike: Alright, we’re setting up a cell now.


Travis: One guy wouldn’t talk so I shot him in the arm. So he’ll need to be looked at.


Mike: Fine, but get them locked up first.


The four walked in and were lead by a few members of Alex’s security force to where cells had been set up. They each placed in a cell by themselves. Chloe came walking by and stopped at Shane’s cell.


Chloe: Shane…


Shane: Traitor….


Chloe: they’re stronger than we are. It was a smart choice.


Shane looks away as Travis turns to Chloe.


Travis: So I hear you’re a chef.


Chloe: Yeah, I was.


Travis: Well we got a job for you, congrats. Now see if you can whip us up some food with out supplies. I’m starving.


Chloe: Alright…


Chloe walks off shaking her head. Sarah comes down and slowly opens Shane’s cell.


Sarah: Alright, let me take a look at that arm.


Shane: You actually care about us?


Sarah: I’m a doctor, why wouldn’t I?


Travis walks off, going to find Bonnie and Jade. As he walks he passes Germaine and Tony.


Travis: Where are you two going?


Tony: Just checking the place out.


Travis: Well we just got some prisoners, but be careful.


Germaine: Prisoners? Alright


The two walk down the stairs to the cells where Sarah is mending Shane’s arm. Tony stops when he sees Kelly.


Tony: Whoa. Umm, hi


Kelly looks over at him before looking down.


Tony: Can I get you anything?


Kelly shakes her head and Germaine places his hand on Tony’s back.


Germaine: C’mon man. You don’t have a chance with her. She’s a prisoner.


The two walk off and Tony sighs.


Tony: But she’s beautiful…


A slight smile can be seen on Kelly’s face as the two head back upstairs.







Mike, Travis, Austin, Dan and Alex all sit around a table with a map in front of them.


Mike: Alright, we have taken Arden Arcade. Travis, with the help of our prisoners, have come about a few store houses of supplies that the Rebels use. Alex, I need your men to secure it and relieve Travis’ scouts. Travis, I need you to send your scouts out and see what we have around us.


Travis: Alright.


Austin: Ok, then me and my men will begin gearing up and set up our own armory.


Mike: I was thinking that same thing. I want each group to have their own base. Take over whichever building you want as yours but make sure they’re still relatively close to the main base.


Travis: And we found a parking ramp here that you could use for all your vehicles. It would make it easier to keep them secured.


Mike: Good call. Dan, what’s our status on energy and security systems?


Dan: Well we got some power up so it’s a start. We’re working on getting more and being able to tap into traffic cams and other surveillance cameras. It would save us from having to put up our own so we can use them for inside here should we get taken.


Mike: Well Alex’s crew better make sure that doesn’t happen.


Alex: We have a solid perimeter. That Chloe chick was right. We have open area all around us except for a couple groves of trees which my men regularly watch.


Mike: I want mines set up there.


Alex: mines?


Mike: You heard me. Anywhere we can’t see I want there to be another security measure there.


Alex: Alright general….


The meeting went on as their words couldn’t be heard anymore. Alex took out Sasha’s diary and began to write.


Narrator: It was official, we were now bandits. I was beginning to worry about Mike’s sanity. Everyone else went along with it but I was beginning to wonder how long this would go on. We were now beginning to completely forget everything Sasha had taught us about peace and survival.


Alex gets up and walks out as the meeting ends. He walks into the kitchen and sees Chloe busy working.


Chloe: hey, I’m Chloe.


Alex: Alex….


Chloe: What’s wrong?


Alex: It’s a high command thing, you wouldn’t get it.


Chloe: Try me…


Alex: no, can’t talk about it, sorry.


Chloe: C’mon…


Alex: I said no!


Alex turns and walks off shaking his head, clutching the diary to his chest. As he leaves Germaine comes in and smiles when he sees Chloe.


Germaine: You must be one of the new ones. Name’s Germaine.


Chloe: Hey I’m Chloe and yeah I’m new. According to…Travis I think his name is…I’m in charge of cooking now.


Germaine: Well I’m sure he chose properly.


Chloe: Ya think so?


She asks with a sweet smile.


Germaine: most definitely


Chloe: Thanks.


Germaine walks over to her and leans on the counter beside her with a smile. Germaine gently caresses her cheek but then Emily and Austin walk in.


Emily: I need some….sorry


Austin: Well this is awkward


Chloe: Umm, there’s some old fruit and vegetables over on that table.


Germaine walks over to Austin.


Germaine: Can ya go?


Austin: Relax man. We’ll be going in a second.


Emily throws the fruit and vegetables in the basket she has and smiles at Chloe.


Emily: I’m glad ya joined. We could use some more women here.


Germaine: Agreed(LAUGH)








Narrator: We were now running Arden Arcade. The rebels had been completely confined to the mall. And aside from a few skirmishes on the near by streets they’d been pretty quiet. That is until the one day they decided to actually attack. We had underestimated them completely and now our people were going to pay for it…




A hummer, riddled with bullet holes and shattered windows rolls up. The door opens and the driver, bleeding from the stomach falls out. Mike, Travis and Austin come running out as soon as they see this sight.


Mike: Sarah, get out here now!


The three run up to the Hummer and Austin props the man up.


Mike: What happened?


Driver: Rebels….attacked…..captured or killed us all. Only one left….


Sarah comes rushing out and kneels beside the man. She checks him and shakes her head.


Sarah: I’m sorry, but he’s gone.


Travis and Austin look at each other and get, up, going to look for Alex.


Travis: Alex, where are you!?


Austin: He’s been all weird lately. And his people must’ve been slipping because he was.


The two now break into a run, looking for Alex. They run onto the golf course and see a little shed where Alex is sitting.


Austin: Alex you idiot.


Alex: What?


Travis: Your men are slipping. The convoy to pick up the Special Forces was taken out. Your people are supposed to watch it.


Alex: They did what!? What street was it?


Austin: The only damn street we use.


Alex grabs his radio.


Alex: I want the men who were watching the main street and the convoy to report here, now!


Austin: oh they’re gonna pay.


Travis: They’re your people but they cost our people their lives or freedom.


Three men come walking up with a slight smile.


Alex: you idiots! The convoy was taken. They’re all dead or captured. You all fucked up and now you’ll pay! Get your supplies and begin to make rounds. I don’t want to see you back here for 48 hours.


Guard: But what if we run out of supplies?


Alex: Then tough s**t. Now go!


The three men walk off shaking their heads.


Alex: So what’s the plan?


Travis: It’s time for a joint mission between the scouts and Special Forces.


Austin: What’s the plan?


Travis: My men surround the mall with sniper rifles and open fire on anyone we see. In all the chaos you guys go in however you want to and get our men back.


Mike: And kill anyone and everyone.


Travis: Kill them?


Mike: They crossed us and now they have to pay.


Austin: But killing all of them?


Mike: That’s an order!


Alex: But I thought only they…


Mike: Alex shut up! Go do rounds or something. Your squad fucked up enough as is…


With that Mike walks off leaving Alex, Austin and Travis looking at each other.








Alicia walks around, seeing the numbers of people beginning to diminish.


Steven: 10 more people just joined the bandits.


Alicia: Why is everyone flipping?


Jonathon: Well ever since Kelly, Tanya and Shane never came back people got worried.


Alicia: But we captured and killed some of them.


Steven: Yeah and the rest are worried about the repercussions.


Alicia: They won’t try anything as long as they know we have their men and women captured. How are they doing?


Jonathon: Well the injured are healing but no one’s talking in regards to numbers or plans.


Alicia: Well try to get them to join.


Steven: You sure that’ll work?


Alicia: Yeah. And keep the guards on patrol.


Jonathon: Yes ma’am. You two, get to rounds.


The two nod their heads and turn around. But as they do they’re each dropped by a round that comes through a window. Suddenly screaming can be heard as rounds begin to fly through the mall.


Alicia: Retreat to the strong hold!


Everyone begins to retreat as more or dropped from rifle fire.


Steven: I told you this would happen!


Alicia: Shut up!


As the group of rebels comes together, all of them stand there armed, waiting for anything. Rounds begin ricocheting off the railings and floors. The sound of glass breaking can be heard followed by smoke filling the area. People begin to cough and panic firing randomly.


Alicia: Hold your fire!


As the smoke clears the entire special forces and half of the Scouts can be seen surrounding them.


Austin: Drop your weapons!


Alicia: We won’t surrender.


People begin to spray the crowd causing many to drop dead, injured or in fear.


Austin: Again, drop your weapons and surrender.


The group slowly drops their weapons and raises their hands.


Austin: You, lead me to our men. The rest of you make a nice single file line outside.


The group begins to walk outside, hands up as Alicia leads Austin down two flights of stairs to where the men are locked up.


Austin: Open the cells


Alicia opens the cells and the men come out, helping the injured ones out.


Austin: Alright now walk. If you’re good you’ll be reunited with the rest of your group.


Alicia: You’re an a*****e.


Austin: Yeah, but I’m also better than you.


As Alicia is lead outside she suddenly turns, pulling out a hand gun. All at once snipers open fire. In slow motion a bullet rips through her shoulder, then her leg, her torso, her other arm and her foot. She drops to the ground but begins to claw at Austin’s foot. Austin smirks and all at once a bullet smashes her head. Pan back to Travis sitting on a rooftop. In his grasp is a .50 cal sniper rifle.


Travis: She left me no choice…


He said shaking his head. The rest of the rebels all stand there with their hands over their heads.


Jonathon: We’re going to die aren’t we?


Austin: All depends on the General’s decision.


A hummer rolls up and Mike gets out, looking at all the rebels standing there.


Austin: What’s your order?


Mike: All who wish to join are free to. The rest, will be executed.


Steven: You’re bluffing…


Mike pulls out a Beretta and fires, killing him.


Mike: Anyone else think I’m bluffing?


Many people begin to walk over to Mike. Jonathon and 10 others stand there,

refusing to join.


Mike: Won’t join eh? Kill ‘em


The snipers and Special forces open fire, killing them.


Mike: I warned them. Not my fault.


He shook his head and climbed back into the Hummer.


Mike: Get everyone back to the base, now.


With that the Hummer rolled off down the street. On a rooftop Alex stood there. In front of him was Travis with the .50 Cal. Travis lifted his head and looked over towards Alex.


Alex: Did you really have to do it?


Travis: It was an order. And I’m tired of fighting them when we’re in our own base. Plus they attacked and imprisoned our men. That’s an act of war as far as I’m concerned.


Alex: But they were standing there defenseless.


Travis: Look, it wasn’t easy but you and I both knew bands of survivors would eventually begin fighting each other. And I don’t want to wait for them to attack.


Alex: I get that….but what about Sasha?


Travis: Alex, I think even she would understand.


Travis grabbed his rifle and made his way to the door with the rifle on his back leaving Alex to stand there in disbelief. He looked down as the Special Forces begin to burn the dead bodies, some of them lighting cigarettes off the corpses.


Narrator: I could understand Travis’ logic. But looking down and watching us slowly delve deeper and deeper into depravity I couldn’t help but wonder if any of this was right. Whether or not Mike would admit it or not I knew we’d become full fledged bandits. Killing anyone that got in our way, human or zombie. But I hoped we could somehow come back from this, one way or another.








Tony walks into the cell block and sees Kelly sitting there with a bottle of water in her hand. She’s trying to talk to Shane but Shane seems to be refusing to talk.


Tony: How are you guys doing?


Shane: As well as prisoners can be doing.


Kelly: I’m sure they’d let us join.


Tony: We would.


Alex comes down, relieving the current guard.


Alex: Ya sure? I mean Mike is getting weird lately.


Tony: Yeah but we need people.


Tanya: I’ve got medical training


Shane: Tanya!


Tanya: My goal is to help people


Tony: Sarah is a little over worked. What about you two. What can you do?


Shane: I did security.


Kelly: I just did whatever was necessary


Tony: Well I’m sure we could make the point to get you to join.


Shane: And if we refuse?


Alex: Than you stay in there


Tanya and Kelly walk up to the doors of their cells.


Kelly: We’ll do whatever we gotta do.


Tanya: Yeah, we just want to help out. Besides it’s better to be with you then against you.


Shane: Well unless you’re going to let me leave I’m staying here.


Tanya: Shane!


Shane: I mean it.


Shane turns and faces away from the door. Alex opens the doors for Tanya and Kelly and lets them out.


Tony: C’mon Kelly and Tanya, I’ll show you around.


Tony, Tanya and Kelly walk towards the med lab. When they enter Mike is standing there with the recovering men.


Injured Man: We found…some sort of church. That symbol was everywhere. We found a cell block but had to run before we joined them.


Mike: Alright. We’re going to go after them. It’s time we take the fight to them.


He turns to a man standing beside him.


Mike: Send word for a special meeting of the High Command.


The man runs off as Mike looks at Tony, Tanya and Kelly


Mike: What are they doing out?


Tony: They want to join us. Tanya’s a doctor.


Mike: Good, get them settled in but get your gear. You’ll be moving out shortly.


Tony: Gotcha.







Mike, Travis, Austin and Alex stand in front of nearly everyone.


Mike: We’ve found what is possibly the home base of those who have been attacking us since we were in the forest. They’re believed to have prisoners. I personally am tired of them attacking us.


Austin: Their base is large and heavily guarded. We’re going to send the Scouts in first for cover fire. Then the Special Forces and some of the Security will go in, taking out anyone we can and freeing any prisoners we find.


Mike: We move out in 20. The convoy will be going most of the way as opposed to only part way. I don’t want to lose anyone on this mission and I want to wipe them out if we can. Now go get ready!


Travis walks over to the Scouts.


Niki: So what’s the plan?


Travis: Almost exactly like we did with the Mall yesterday. We put snipers in position followed by getting the rest near the entrances and exits to cover the Special Forces and Security.


Niki: Any idea how many we’re dealing with?


Travis: Our men couldn’t give us a definite number. However they encountered at least 15 people and the area was pretty thick with zombies. So we need to be ready for anything. Now get geared up.


The camera pans over to Austin talking to Emily and Enrique.


Emily: You be careful Austin.


Austin: Aren’t I always?


Emily: I mean it. This is going to be dangerous.


Enrique: Yeah but we gotta do it.


Austin: I want some people armed with shotguns and light machine guns. Do whatever it takes to get the prisoners out alive.


Emily: Are you going to be taking prisoners?


Austin: No


Emily: I suppose that makes sense. Just be careful.


Emily kisses Austin before walking off. Austin grabs an MP5 and Desert Eagle as well as his dagger.


Austin: No one screws up on this one. Am I understood?


Enrique: You know it.


Mike: Travis and Austin, come with me.


Travis and Austin, now geared up, walk over to Mike.


Travis: What’s up general?


Mike: We’re sending them in by land but we’re going in by water. From the reports there’s a river near by we can use to help us get into position better. Your second in commands will have to take care of leading the ground force. Us and another boat will hit them from the side they’ll believe they have the greatest security.


Austin: Makes sense.


Travis walks over to Bonnie and kisses her before kissing Jade who is being held by Katie.


Travis: You be good, Daddy will be right back.


He then turns to all his Scouts.


Travis: Men, Niki will be leading most of you. This is in the forest so make sure your Gilley Suits work. Be careful and make sure the Special Forces is covered, now head out.


The group begins to load into the Convoy before rolling out, away from the Country Club. Another hummer takes Mike, Travis, Austin and a few other head towards the river.




The hummer stops at a river. In front of them are two medium sized boats.


Austin: Where’d ya get these?


Mike: We found ‘em one day. We figured it could come in handy, and we were right. They’ve been armored and outfitted with weapons. We should be fine.


Travis: Yeah the should concerns me.


The groups climb into the boats and they start off. Travis sits beside Austin and begins to examine his weapon.


Austin: Ya think this’ll work?


Travis: I hope so. Otherwise it’ll only be a matter of time before they come after us again.


Mike: He’s right. We need to bring the fight to them.




The boats stop before the convoy gets close.


Mike: See anything?


Travis: We got a few zombies moving around, but aside from that it looks clear.


Mike: Take ‘em out and head out. We’ll stay here watching the boats.


Mike walks over to a mini gun and readies himself. Travis takes aim and begins to fire, dropping zombies as he does so. Austin steadies his aim and fires at any other zombies he can see.


Travis: Alright, let’s move out.


Travis puts the mask off his Gilley suit on and climbs out of the boat. Austin follows behind.


Travis: It’s about 50 yards this way.


As they get about half way there Travis begins to climb a tree. He steadies his aim as Austin stands behind the tree, waiting for the rest of the group to get there. They don’t wait long and soon Scouts are moving into position, surrounding the base as others make their way towards the doors.


Travis: Ok, go


Austin: On it.


Austin silently steps forward, motioning for his crew to follow him. He pointed to Enrique and motioned for him and half his crew to go take the back. Austin’s crew walked towards the main door. They slowly opened it, only to see a small entry way. In the entry way were two red flags, each with a ‘Z’ and a circle on it. At the head of the Entry way were two large doors. Two men opened the doors only to first hear moaning. Quickly they fire, killing the zombies. The room is large, filled with pews. At the head of the room is an altar with a red and gold cloth that has a ‘Z’ and circle on it. Behind it are three crosses each with a now dead zombie chained to it.


Austin: What the f**k is this place?


He asked looking around. Suddenly two doors open and people begin to flood into the room. The team opens fire, killing all of them. After the shooting stops Enrique and his squad enter the room.


Enrique: Aw, we missed all the fun.


Tony: Nice of you to join us.


Austin: Anyways. Look around for any possible other door. They mentioned a stair case.


Tony walks towards the Altar, wondering if they’d find a secret passage. He turns and sees the now dead zombies.


Tony: Austin…come here….


Austin: What?


Tony: It’s Ryan, Randy and Miranda….


Austin: Are you serious?


Tony: Yeah, so that means the rest of them might be around here somewhere.


Austin: Hopefully they’re alive.


Enrique: I got a door over here!


Enrique shoots the knob and the door swings open. The sound of moaning can be

heard at the bottom of what looks like a long stair case.


Austin: Tony, take the lead and prepare to spray.


Tony: You got it.


Tony moves through the group and readies his gun. As he rounds a corner they see a long room swarming with zombies, all clawing at metal doors. Tony opens fire as does the rest of the group. Soon the movement and moaning stops.


Amber: HELP!


Austin: Ok, get them out of here.


Austin breaks the lock on one door and finds Amber and Kambria chained to the wall.


Austin: Amber….Kambria?


Kambria: Please, get us out of here. They’ll be back soon!


Austin shoots the chains, breaking them free and they rush out of the room. In the center of the room the prisoners stand. But soon footsteps can be heard.


Austin: Get ready!


The prisoners move to the back as the group stands in front of them guns, trained on the stairs. People begin to run out only to be gunned down. Tony sprays the wall and two dead bodies roll down the stairs.


Father Chase: I’d hold your fire if I were you…


Chase comes down the stairs wearing a red and gold hooded robe. In his grasp is Emily with a gun to her head.


Austin: Lower your weapons!


Chase: Smart boy


Emily: No, shoot him! Don’t worry about me!


Chase: Ah love, all for the….


Emily drives her head back into Chase’s and causes him to let go of her. She drops and Austin lifts his weapon but stops as he feels a barrel pressed to his head. He turns his head and sees Enrique with his gun to her head.


Enrique: The father told you to hold your fire


Tony: You traitor!


Chase: No he’s just smart. He made the right choice and chose a winner


Austin: Why?


Enrique: Why? I wanted power and the father could give it to me. How else do you think they found us at our last base so quickly? Why do you think the cameras never picked anything up?


Amber: You’re as bad as he is


Enrique: Perhaps….but oh well. So about that power Father….


Chase: Don’t worry you’ll get it, I assure you. But lets get our new prisoners outside. We’re going to take a journey…to our new church. There the Bishop will meet us.


Enrique: The Bishop?


Chase: Yes


Enrique: You heard the father, now walk.


At gun point everyone begins to walk up the stairs and out of the Church. All over the ground are dead Scouts. Austin sees a few blood trails, signaling some people may have gotten away. From the corner of his eyes he sees no boats and sees that as a good sign. Ahead of them are what’s left of the convoy. Zombies stand there obediently. Blood is all over the area as are some half eaten remains of the Motorized cavalry members.


Tony: How are they just standing there.


Chase: We can control them, it’s quite simple.


Soldier: Bullshit


Chase nods his head and two zombies grab the man, beginning to eat him.


Emily: Nasty.


Chase: Yes their immense power is disgusting to some of the weaker people.


The group is forcibly loaded into the convoy as men stand there, heavily armed.




Mike quickly drives one boat, having sunk the other one. The boat is filled with 6 injured people, including Travis and Niki.


Mike: Just hang in there….


Nothing but static came over the radio. He fired his gun, silencing the static. He turned around, seeing the convoy in the distance behind them.


Mike: Where is everyone hurt?


Niki: my leg….


Travis: Stomach.


He stopped the boat near thicket of trees to hide them and knelt down. He took out a knife and dug the bullet out of Travis’ stomach before moving on to Niki. Niki ripped off the bottom of her shirt and wrapped it around her leg as Travis used his shirt to make a bandage for his stomach. After dealing with everyone else, and blood on his hands, he went back to the wheel.


Mike: Now we need to get back to it. Our people need us.


Travis: I’m ready.


Niki: Me too


Scout: I’m in….


Travis: Good, now make sure you’re locked and loaded.


Travis pulls off his Gilley suit and throws it to the side.


Travis: What’s our plan Mike?


Mike: We kill ‘em, we kill ‘em all.


Niki: What if they hide behind our people?


Mike: You shoot through them.


Travis: What?


Mike: You heard me!


Niki: Al…alright…


Travis looks at Niki and shakes his head.







The convoy is parked outside. Many people walk around outside, guarding the country club. Inside the group sits in the main area which was once the restaurant. Men and women stand all around the room with assault rifles. At the head of the room is Chase who looks around with a smirk.


Chase: I told you that you should’ve joined me! Now I’ll show you why you’re wrong.


Amber: You’re insane…I never should’ve gone with you!


Chase: Well if you hadn’t you would be dead thanks to the absentee leader.


Katie: Oh he’ll come back and as will everyone else.


Enrique: Ya mean the guys that were wiped out?(LAUGH)


Bonnie: What?


Chase: Yes, your little army is dead.(LAUGH)


Dan wraps his arm around Amber and looks up at Chase.


Dan: Wow, you really went off the deep end didn’t you?


Chase: No, I got power…the kind of power I deserve!


Church member: Father, he’s here!


Chase: Ah, I remember the first time I met him. The immense power the man holds. I couldn’t fault any of you for joining with him(LAUGH)


Soon a man in a red and gold robe with grey hair walks in, hands behind his back.


Malachi: Very good father, very good indeed. I understand you’ve been after them for a few years now.


Chase: Yes Bishop Malachi. They were craftier than I gave them credit. But with the help of a man on the inside….


Enrique: That would be me. So when do I get this power I was promised?


Malachi: Now you will receive your reward….


A vial is presented to Enrique with a red liquid in it. Enrique takes it and drinks it.


Enrique: I can feel it already….


But soon he collapses unconscious.


Malachi: Yes, with this power going through him he is slowly becoming reborn…


Sarah: You infected him didn’t you?


Malachi: Infected is such an ugly word. I prefer to say reborn….into a more useful form.


Chloe: Meaning one you can control.


Malachi: Well yes, basically.


Austin: You’re sick!


Chase: Now is that anyway to speak to your future overlord?


Tony: Well if the shoe fits….


Malachi: Now let me explain why you need to worship me for the god I am….




Mike leads the injured group along the streets.


Travis: Great, now we need to break into a place that we chose because it’s impossible to break into.


Alex: Nearly impossible.


Alex emerges from the shadows with three men behind him.


Mike: is this it for those that are free?


Niki: Ok, we’re in trouble.


Mike: No, we can do this, I know it. It wont be easy and we’ll have to act quick in order to kill them.


Alex: I know a few weak spots I purposely never mentioned it just in case something like this happened.


Mike: Well normally I’d kick your a*s, but I can’t complain when it’s now helping.


Travis: We need to move before it’s too late, c’mon.


The group slowly makes their way towards the golf course side of the base.


Alex: Travis, can you shoot?


Travis: You know it.


Mike: We need you to take out the guards on this side of the country club so we can get closer.


Travis: Just be ready to run…


Travis, staying low runs over to a sand dune. He positions his rifle on the ground and takes aim. One man seems to be watching the golf course and Travis fires, quickly killing him. He turns and begins to quickly fire, killing as many as he can. As he fires the rest take off running towards the club house. One woman takes aim on them but a bullet kills her. The group stops at a small window. Alex looks inside and sees the cell block. It’s empty except for Shane sitting in his cell. Alex uses a crowbar and pries the window open, sliding inside. He opens Shane’s cell but Shane sits there.


Alex: We need your help.


Shane: Why should I?


Niki: We’ve been taken over.


Shane: So?


Mike: Tanya, Kelly, Chloe and your friends will be killed if you don’t help us.


Shane: Fine, I’m in.


One Scout hands him a MAC 10 and they slowly make their way around the bottom levels first. Mike takes out a knife and they make their way up the stairs. He grabs one from behind and slices his throat.


Mike: Alex, the rest of you go around flank them, they’ve gotta be in the restaurant.


Alex nods his head and leads the rest to the other set of stairs. They kill one guard and wait positioned. Mike emerges from the stair case, placing a gun on the back of the Bishop’s head.


Mike: Tell your men to lower your weapons.


The Bishop simply laughs.


Malachi: You underestimate me Michael. I am far more powerful than you would like to believe.


Chase: Plus there’s one of you and all my men.


Just then a round goes through the window shooting one guard. Alex’s team rushes up the stairs, guns drawn and aimed on the guards.


Mike: You underestimate us Chase.


Chase: You can’t win


Mike quickly fires, killing Chase.


Mike: I’ve wanted to do that for years.(LAUGH)


Mike puts the gun back on the head of the Bishop.


Mike: Now tell your men to lower their weapons.


Malachi: And if I don’t?


Mike nods his head and another round goes through the window killing a guard.


Mike: That happens.


Malachi: Very well then. Lower your weapons.


The guards drop their weapons and Alex’s squad takes their weapons away. Soon moaning can be heard as Enrique stands up. Mike turns and fires, killing him. But as he turns back around he’s staring back down the barrel of a gun held by Malachi.


Malachi: I told you not to underestimate me. Now look at you, helpless just like you were minutes ago. Despite what you might want to believe.


Mike: You still won’t win


Malachi: I’ve already won, you idiot. Look out the window.


Out the window Travis can be seen being lead towards the club with his hands up. Behind him are hordes of zombies.


Malachi: Observe the true power of my church. I am a god. A god of the living and dead. Men, I think you know what I want done…


The guards pull out syringes and begin to inject a few people with them. They all begin to laugh as those injected begin to cough before collapsing.


Austin: You are incredibly fucked up!


A guard fires a round into Austin’s leg. Austin grits his teeth as Emily puts pressure on his wound. Sarah goes to check on Austin but a guard pulls her hair and puts her back where she was.


Guard: Your orders Bishop?


Malachi turns his head to look at the guard. As he does Mike grabs the gun out of his hand and points it at the Bishop.


Malachi: Well it appears as though you may have won Michael.


Malachi raised his hands and gets down on his knees.


Mike: How do you do it? I have to know.


Malachi: Simple really. They are easily susceptible to pitches. Something I wish we knew when we were developing them. Otherwise this whole thing never would’ve happened. Oh well, simple mistake.(LAUGH)


Mike: You caused all of this?


Malachi: Well yes my team and I. It was very productive. Of course we had no idea it was so contagious. We had to take one man to a local hospital and well, all hell broke lose. A real shame too. We could’ve put the US back on top with this virus. Not to mention create perfect soldiers. Unlimited stamina, no need to eat sleep or drink and can only be stopped one way. And hell, a simple helmet can fix that.


Alex: You….you are an embarrassment to the government.


Malachi: Oh how cute. I’ll tell you the government was responsible for this. Even the President knew about this. But he failed to see the true potential in all of this and our budget was cut. So we decided to go ahead and do this all on our own. Of course my team was more than willing to do it, Dr. Davidson was more tenacious than I was.


Alex: Wait, Mona Davidson?


Malachi: Yes, so smart. Her daughter was a lot like her. But when she saw the true potential she fled like a weakling.


Alex: You a*****e….


Alex grabs a gun and points it at the Bishop.


Mike: Alex, that’s enough.


Alex: No it’s all his fault she died!


Malachi: She died? Such a shame


Niki: Relax Alex, it’ll be fine. It’s not entirely his fault.


Malachi: Sure, I may have headed the group but I wasn’t alone in this. She was right about that.


Mike: So this whole apocalypse thing is your fault. Then you used that power to make yourself a god. You really are messed up.


Malachi: Yes, we’ve established that. Now I have some terms for my surrender.


Mike: Here’s the terms….


Mike fires, killing the Bishop and dropping the body. The rest of the guards put their hands up. Mike fires, killing them all before shooting everyone who was injected.


Alex: You killed him…after her surrendered.


Mike: I had no choice.


Travis: Yeah well killing him might not have been the best idea.


Mike: Why?


Travis: Because now all the zombies he was controlling are out of control and here.


Mike: S**t. Sarah, get the injured to the med lab. I need men to throw those dead over the side for a diversion. Everyone equip yourselves and open fire. If one zombie makes it in we’ve failed, now move out!


Travis: Snipers on me!


Travis grabs his rifle from a dead guard and runs out to a deck where he can take aim. The snipers stand along side him and begin to open fire on the hordes of zombies.


Travis: Drop the bodies here to draw them!


Men and women begin to drop the dead bodies, causing the zombies to tear into the bodies like a pack of hungry jackals.


Mike: C’mon move it! I want them dead!


Two people stay inside with the children while the rest begin to fire off the decks, out of windows and even doorways. Tony smashes a window out and begins to spray with his light machine gun. All around the building zombies begin to drop. Their numbers are slowly shrinking but they have no choice but to keep fighting. Austin begins to hurl grenades down, killing zombies and scattering them.








Narrator: The fight seemed to go on forever. The last time we saw that many zombies was months ago back in our tree house. The church was gone, our true enemy. And now we no long had any enemies. But with all that had gone on many of us were beginning to wonder what Mike’s sanity level was at.


Dead zombies are piled up all around the country club. A few people walk around, firing into the occasional still moving corpse. On the deck Alex stands, diary in his hands.


Narrator: I had survived by hiding. Of course I wouldn’t ever admit that to anyone. We’d found an enemy that was smarter than we were. We had bested them, possibly by a fluke. Arden Arcade was now completely ours and we were free. So why didn’t it feel right?


Tanya comes walking onto the deck behind Alex.


Tanya: Are you ok? Are you hurt?


Alex: I’m fine.


Tanya: Well, you’re a hero…thank you.


Alex: Hero…ha


Alex shakes his head and walks off, still slightly laughing to himself. Sarah walks past him and steps out. She has blood on her and sighs.


Sarah: Thanks for your help Tanya…I appreciate it. But it looks like we’re moving, possibly to the mall.


Tanya: Just like home


Sarah: Yeah, so begin packing up.


Tanya: Hey Sarah…what’s up with Alex? He’s so…strange


Sarah: He’s in mourning


Tanya: Fair enough


Sarah walks back in sighing and wiping her hands. She walks past Mike, Katie and Ezekiel.


Katie: Did you have to kill him Mike?


Mike: I had no choice. If I hadn’t he would’ve killed all of us.


Katie: But he was surrendering.


Mike: Damn it Katie, I had no choice!


Mike storms off as Ezekiel cries and Katie tries to console him.


Katie: Shh, it’s ok Zeke










Narrator: After burning the bodies and the Country club we had to move to the mall. No one was really sure why we burned the mall, it was the general’s orders. The next 6 months were relatively peaceful. Emily was pregnant, Tony finally found someone and aside from the occasional zombie it was quiet. It would appear we had succeeded in creating the Utopia Alicia had once strived for. However it wasn’t a perfect utopia. The general was losing his grip on reality. Of course no one openly talked about it but him and Katie were having problems. He couldn’t get out of soldier mode and now instead of just a nickname he saw himself as an actual general.


Inside the mall everything seemed to be going back to normal. People were staying inside stores, using them as make shift homes. Down the main hall Mike, Travis and Bonnie walk.


Travis: I can see why the rebels liked this place, it’s perfect.


Mike: Any sign of zombies lately?


Travis: only the occasional solo one. Life seems to almost be normal now.


Mike: There is no normal. There’s always someone out there…


Bonnie: Mike you sound paranoid.


Mike: No, I’m realistic….


Travis: if you say so.


Mike: I do. So how’s the stomach doing?


Travis: Well aside from a scar fine.


Bonnie: I don’t want you to go and get any more. The two you have are enough.


Travis: Not to mention the ones I gained while being a chef(LAUGH)


Mike: Sometimes things happen


Bonnie: Anyways…lets go check on Jade.


Travis: Agreed…


The two walk off, shaking their heads. Tony and Kelly walk by holding hands and smiling.


Mike: Careful Tony. Love can cause you to screw up.


Tony: Anyways…


Kelly: People need love…


Mike: Love causes problems! Now get to work!


Tony: We were, just heading there.


Mike: Good….now go!


Tony: Yes sir…


The two quickly run off. As Mike walks he goes past the med lab. He sees Emily hugging Sarah and beginning to leave. Her belly is swollen, a sure sign she’s pregnant.


Mike: How goes the baby?


Emily: Everything seems to be fine.


Mike: Yah well I wish Austin would work harder at being a soldier than trying to be a father.


Emily: What’s your problem?


Mike: Austin’s become lazy


Emily: Lazy? You’re insane. He’s a great soldier and going to be a great father.


Mike: No he isn’t! He’s spending a lot of time with you now as opposed to going on missions.


Emily: You did the same thing when Katie was pregnant.


Mike: I still worked.


Emily shook her head and walked off.


Mike: You know I’m right!


Niki comes up and taps Mike on the shoulder.


Niki: You alright?


Mike: No everyone’s become lazy!


Niki: How have we become lazy? We’ve created a working society. We’re not at war anymore and we’re not short on supplies. Aside from each having our own actual homes life is great.


Mike: No, you’re just as dumb as everyone else. Now go work.


Niki: I’m a scout and we don’t have any missions.


Mike: Then train!


Niki: I just did a*****e.


Niki walks off shaking her head, mumbling to herself.








Alex, Sarah, Emily, Austin, Tony, Kelly, Shane and many others are all gathered around.


Alex: Alright, it’s become obvious that Mike is no longer fit to lead.


Austin: Why don’t we kill him? Ya know, perform a coup.


Alex: Because it’s obvious that he has plans for that. I heard he sleeps with guns and grenades, just in case someone does try anything. Of course that’s when he actually sleeps which is now really rare and beginning to show.


Tony: So what do we do?


Alex: We’ve got to try and leave.


Sarah: You know he won’t take that kindly. I mean after all he’s beginning to act even worse than Quentin.


Alex: We have no choice. We may also get little to no supplies when we go.


Emily: How are we supposed to survive with no supplies


Shane: We have a few storehouses we never showed you all with dry and canned food.


Alex: That’s what I was hoping for. We’ll go there first. Try to get anything we can

carry and try to get as many weapons as we can carry.


Austin: What about vehicles? I mean Emily can’t walk that much.


Alex: We have someone on the inside of the Motorized cavalry. They can get us something.


Shane: Will this really work? I mean you’re talking about a rebellion. I mean you know what Mike did when we rebelled.


Alex: Well with us going he loses the head of security and a good chunk of special forces. His army will be relatively powerless, we should be able to get away before he comes after us.


Kelly: What then?


Alex: We run. If we can’t we fight and take him out. Target him….and Travis. Also we may have to sabotage some of the vehicles. Drain the tanks, puncture tires, whatever. As long as it gives us time to get away.


Tony: This won’t be easy by any means.


Alex: I know, but it has to be done.


Kelly: I don’t know about this…


Alex: Listen, do you want to sit here and deal with Mike’s insanity or leave and try to build a normal society?


Austin: We have to, he’s right. I won’t raise my kid in a society run by that nut job.


Alex: Yeah, we have to go, no matter the risks.


Shane: So when are we doing this?


Alex: Tomorrow night. Mike, Travis and Dan will be deep inside the mall for the meeting. When they go we take off.


Austin: Won’t that cause them to come looking for us?


Alex: We send someone from our squad with notes, and while they read it and try to comprehend it, we go.


Austin: Alright, I’m in.


Shane: We all are….







Amber, Kambria, Chloe and Germaine all sit around, talking, trying to pass the time.


Chloe: So they tell us you weren’t originally with them.


Kambria: Well when the group split up they came and got me. Then….well we walked right into the church.


Amber: I still remember listening to all that moaning. Just constant moaning for years…it was maddening.


Germaine: I can only imagine.


Chloe: That must’ve been terrible. Did they torture you?


Amber: occasionally but really there wasn’t a lot of it. The moaning was enough. Not to mention watching our friends be forced into turning.


Kambria: Yeah, that was bad. I still can’t believe they did it


Germaine: I can. From what glimpse I saw they were pretty much insane.


Chloe: Definitely. They believed in some strange things.


Amber: But they’re gone…thank god. I was getting so sick of listening to them talk and talk…


Germaine: Wow, that sounds like it might’ve been worse than the moaning.


Kambria: it was close(LAUGH)


Dan comes walking up with a smile. He picks Amber up and hugs and kisses her.


Dan: Damn I missed you.


Amber: I missed you too. You want to sit here with us?


Dan: I’d love to but I have a meeting right now. But when that’s done and I pass on whatever orders I have to, I’ll be here.


The two kiss and Dan begins to walk down several flights of stairs. He opens a room and sees Travis and Mike sitting there, making small talk.


Dan: Alright I’m here, sorry I’m late. Hey, where are Austin and Alex?


Mike: Good question.


Travis: We’ll just start without them. I have training I need my Guild to do.


Mike: Fair enough, let’s do it.


Dan: Agreed.


Mike: Alright, so here’s what we need to….


Mike is interrupted by a knock on the door.


Mike: Who the hell is it?


Dan gets up and opens the door. Outside are two men who hand Dan two notes.


Dan: They’re notes from Alex and Austin.


Mike: What do they say?


Dan: You might want to read them for yourself.


Mike snatches the notes out of Dan’s hand and begins to read as he sits down.


Austin(Voice over): Mike, man you’ve lost it, plain and simple. We can’t deal with it anymore. And I don’t want your insanity rubbing off on my kid. So some of us have decided to leave, hopefully going to find a better place to live where we’re free of nut balls like you.


Mike: Son of a…..


Narrator: Mike, I’ve always respected you and considered you a friend. But you’ve changed. You once embraced everything Sasha taught us. And now that’s changed. You’re ignoring her completely and trying to run an army, not a community. We appreciate your leadership but can’t deal with it anymore. By time you read this we’re already gone.


Mike: That weak willed traitorous b***h!


Travis: What is it?


Mike: We’ve got people going AWOL, and what do they do to people who go AWOL?


Dan: Don’t they lock them up?


Mike: We kill them. Travis, take your rifle, get to the roof and stop them….now!


Travis: You want me to kill all of them? I mean even Emily? She’s pregnant.


Mike pulls out his beretta and holds it to Travis’ head.


Mike: I said do it!


Travis: Yes general….I’m on it.


Travis gets up, holding his hands up before turning and running. Part of him wanted to get Bonnie, Jade and anyone else and take off. But he knew they’d never make it. Odds are they’d never catch Alex’s group and if they did they might get captured.









The group begins to load up the vehicles.


Alex: Hurry up, we gotta get going.


Austin: We’re on it.


Austin helps Emily into the car and Kelly climbs in with her. The rest begin to load up two jeeps, the best they could get. Two others are going around and firing rounds into the tires of all the other vehicles. Just one flat tire should stop them in theory.


Tony: We’re almost loaded up Alex. So where we heading?


Alex: East, away from here and all the reminders.


Sarah: We can’t blame you for that Alex. The sooner we get out of here the better.


Alex: They’re probably reading the notes now so we won’t have much time before he scrambles his troops.


Shane: True. Lets get going.


Emily: I’m really worried now.


Austin: We all are sweetie.


As the group continues loading the vehicles Alex takes out the green diary. He begins to write in it. As he writes crosshairs come over the group and begin to take aim.


Narrator: We were finally doing it. We were getting away and starting a true society. A society Sasha could be proud of. And a society where it really was a Utopia. With some of the ideas of the original citizens of Arden Arcade and the teachings of Sasha we would be doing just fine. I know we’ll be free finally and can live our normal lives I just wish Sasha was here to see this. I know she’d…..


A bullet rips through Alex’s head. He slumps over the jeep, his blood permanently staining the diary before he collapses to the ground. People begin to scramble and climb into the Jeeps, driving off. Pan back to the roof of the mall. We look over Travis’s shoulder as he kneels, the .50 Cal in his hands.


Travis: Alex…..





© 2010 Weird Chef

Author's Note

Weird Chef
This is the sequel to the Sasha Diaries

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Holy crap your writing is amazing! I'm actually blown away. I wasn't expecting that, I think your writing style was unique and very, very good! Good work, I'll be sure to keep checking in and reading your stuff!

I just wrote my first screenplay, my first script, maybe could you give me some advice?? You're great. Or maybe we could work together in the future? Let me know, I'm all in. Here's the link to my script...

Posted 5 Years Ago

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