Eagle and Sun

Eagle and Sun

A Poem by YouoweYoupay

Awkward Eagle. Gentle Sun.


Eagle and Sun

Remember, I solace myself,
Once transformation catches fire
And I become an eagle
Slicing the mountain mist
With my pride
Language ceases
Human forms rendered
Laughable, really
Ants scuttling in tiny streams
Mazes that go nowhere
But let them believe that they
Comprehend their own wandering

So, tell me and be honest,
Who must I fear?

Sooner than later
With a heavy heart
I descend
Seated on a pink mat
Lotus position,
The pain in my side beckoning
My bladder infection
Seemed to be improving
Or so I thought
Thank god for delusional home remedies
Of Lemon and herbal water
Moreover, it's my turn today
To hang the laundry
And prepare supper

Embarrassing, isn't it?
A majestic eagle no more
Reduced to this
Yes, I understand,
that the clouds and wind
Still bow at my command
grudgingly parting away
With mere thought
To reveal a crown of golden light
Honorable and beloved by all

But I confess to the sun
That her brilliance stirs my jealousies
Just a tiny bit. Not more.
She begs to differ, nonetheless
Swears to me that I am indeed
A star as bright as she
But I haven't asked for her opinion
And despite my deep respect for her
We often argue about this.

© 2020 YouoweYoupay

Author's Note

Mighty eagle is a little embarrassed.
I appreciate your reading and reviews.

Art work: Bald Eagle
Artist: Abdollah Heidari

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This has the tone of a simpler time somehow.
Your voice is simple and conversational.
Relatable that we, especially us older folks, feel grounded by our illnesses, aches, and pains. How we wish to fly again.

Posted 10 Months Ago

That is one high a*s bird he look like he be zippin on the good s**t, not this s**t better s**t.

Posted 1 Year Ago

The Eagle such noble creature That Father Sky allowed it to fly and Mother Earth gave it where to reign, and even then The Eagle held high standing in character and pride can not hold back a tear it may fly no more. Thank you for sharing

Posted 1 Year Ago

Enjoyed reading this, and love the visuals it conjures up thinking about the eagle and the sun. And that even the mighty eagle has its own challenges and moments of struggle and (slight) jealousy...
Great write...

Posted 1 Year Ago

So relatable, I have been dealing with a UTI for the past couple of weeks, with all the discomfort that entails while carrying on regardless with the everyday chores. How I envy that eagle flying close to the sun looking down on us ants. NormalI I would conjure up wings to fly, but the energy just isn:t there. Wonderful write. Imagery laden.


Posted 2 Years Ago

Wow this is a super cool bright imaginative ambitious poem competing with stars with cool eloquent muse. Kudos for this stellar shine poem.
Plz pleez do read my newest poem too , it has enough reviews so comment only if you really wish to.

Posted 2 Years Ago

There is no doubt in my mind this is good... in fact, it is painfully good, if you know what I mean... I hope you do ... and anyway, who is not jealous of the sun .. you little star you :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

Simply sublime. Its interesting that we humans can at once be eagles flying high above it all and little mammals stuck on the ground, slaves to gravity. What a lovely dichotomy human beings are. Thanks for sharing this. Also, that art is pretty kickass.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

I KNOW. The art is beautiful. I couldn't find a more fitting illustration for how I feel and what re.. read more
Yes, life can be mundane and the tasks like laundry seems so silly compared to flying high like an eagle. We all go through different phases in life. We can soar like eagles one day and be as tiny as ants the next. Life....it is what it is and we have to adapt. Good write. Lydi**

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you, Lydia. One day in a shape and the other day in another. Have a good one.
From soaring eagle staring down at the maze of human ants to suffering from a UTI on a yoga mat, it's a brilliant juxtaposition. I love this piece. The final line could be a poem on its own, and a good one at that. Am I an eagle an ant a human or a star? The poem allows the reader to be all simultaneously.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Yes, I read the final line and its comprehensive and interesting even on its own! Thank you for show.. read more

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