Magic Revealing {Chapter 01}

Magic Revealing {Chapter 01}

A Chapter by WesGemsPrincess

Chapter onee , :)




Rain was always a sign of bad luck for me.


It’s not that something bad happened every time it rained, no, but everything bad that happened to me in my life had happened on a day when it was pouring. A light sprinkle never phased me, it was only when the rain seemed relentless.


It started when I was four. A car hit my pet dog  because the driver couldn’t see through the torrential rainfall, but that was only the first thing.


When I was ten, I found out that my older brother Sean had cancer. It was raining that day. Then, almost a year after, it was raining on the day he died. I had always been very close to my brother and losing him nearly shattered my world apart.


It was raining the day I found out that I was adopted. I found the papers in my attic When I confronted my parents about it they said my real parents didn’t want me and gave me up after birth. They never told me because they were scared it would hurt me but it was too late.


And it had also been raining the day that I found out that I was a witch.


Chapter 1


The shrill ringing of my alarm clock pierced the dead quiet of my bedroom. It lasted only a split second before my hand collided with the annoying electronic, silencing it immediately. Cold bit at my now exposed hand and I quickly returned it to the toasty warm haven of under my comforter.


After a few moments of silence I finally groaned to myself. Even though it was freezing in the room, I had to get up and get ready. I took a deep breath and counted to three before seizing the edge of my comforter and tossing it off of me. The frigid air tempted me into going back under the covers, but I fought it. Why weren’t the heaters on? It was December for heavens sake!


My bare feet touched the freezing floor and I padded over to my mirror. I ran my fingers through my mess of red-blond curls but it seemed to be getting my nowhere. I exhaled realizing it was pointless. I treaded wearily out of the room and into the hallway, which was only a few degrees warmer than the bedroom.


“Hello?” I called out into the house which seemed almost empty.


I waited for an answer, and after a few moments of silence I tried again, walking towards the living room . I paused and looked around the corner. No one. Next I checked the kitchen which was empty as well. “Geez” I muttered to myself. Couldn’t some have told me they were leaving?


I exited the room and made my way  to the bathroom to take a shower.The warm water felt relaxing on my back and I lingered a little longer than I should have. I turned off the water and hopped out of the shower. I briskly dried off my body and towel-dried my hair as best as I could. Wrapped a towel around my head and body I made my way back to my bedroom.


I opened my closet and searched it for something cute to wear. After all, I couldn’t go to school dressed like a slob. I wanted to look cute. I finally decided on a pair of distressed skinny jeans, a ruffled lilac shirt, and a pair of brown heeled boots. I pulled them on over my freezing cold body and grabbed my hair straightener so I could start on my hair.


When I was done I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled slightly. My hair lay straight reaching just below my chest, and my bangs fell in strands around my face. My green eyes went really well with the color of my shirt. I didn’t look half bad. I checked my cell phone for the time. 7:45.


"S**t." I mumbled to myself, I was going to be late for school if I didn’t hurry up.


I  slung my backpack over my shoulders and reached for a hoodie when suddenly I caught a glimpse of the front yard through my window. It was raining, but not just a light sprinkle. The rain poured from the sky, seeming almost relentless. I stepped back and hugged my coat tight to my chest. This couldn’t be happening.



© 2010 WesGemsPrincess

Author's Note

Sorry for the short chapter , I promise the next one will be longerr ! :) PS: the songs below are the ones I was listenening too while I wrote the chapter, Its just how I roll , xP

Follow Me Down - 30H!3
Spinnin' - The Ready Set
Touchin' On My - 3OH!3
Happy - NeverShoutNever

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I really enjoyed the imagery and the way you made me understand her. Although, I would have loved a little more insight. Such as: why no one would have told her about leaving, and does she not want to look like a slob due to personality or social pressures.

Posted 11 Years Ago

That last line in your Epilogue, is that meant to be, i 'would' find out i was a witch, or I find out i was a witch? little confusing, also noticed straightened, i think you meant straightener's maybe?
But this is an interesting read, you write really well and i defiantly could be back to read more. I'm new to the site, so hello! ha!
Hope my suggestions help, i don't know much Grammar but hope it helps anyway.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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