Magic Revealing {Chapter 02}

Magic Revealing {Chapter 02}

A Chapter by WesGemsPrincess

Heres chater 2,


Chapter 2


I stood in the doorway of my house shaking my head. Was I seriously going to stay home and cower because of some rain? I had to stop letting my fears control my life. I summed up what little courage I had, grabbed my house keys from their hook and marched out the door. I slammed it shut behind me and began stomping towards the silver Volvo parked near the end of the driveway.


I was almost to my car when my feet slipped out from underneath of me and I fell, landing flat on my back. I gasped as pain shot up through my body and my breath caught in my throat.. “Ahh!” I groaned, quickly pulling myself off the ground. Luckily they only part of my to get wet was my coat.


I began fumbling with my keys when suddenly I dropped them in the puddle I had just slipped in. Frowning, I reached down and grabbed them from the cold rain water. This was going to be a long day.


“Kyra!” My best friend greeted my as I walked through the front doors of the school.


“Hey Cole” I smiled to the tall black haired boy. I tried to be friendly despite my now crappy mood. Students filled the entrance hall, chattering with friends while they waited for the bell to signal first period. Luckily me and Cole were in the same first period so we began walking together. He babbled on about his weekend and how he and some of his buds went to see some movie.


 “Awesome” I responded, not really paying complete attention. “I’m going to my locker.”


A few of my friends here and there called out greetings to us as we walked and I replied with as much enthusiasm as I could muster. We reached the back hallway where only a few lockers were placed. Mine, Cole’s and a few other students. Mine was the very last one.


I spun the combo yanked on the lock. No response. I frowned and tried again, but it still wouldn’t open. “Why wont it open?” I knitted my eyebrows in frustration as I tried for a third and fourth time.


“Hey calm down Kyra” Cole said placing a hand on my shoulder. “I’m sure you just made a mistake in the combo or something.”


“No it’s the right one!” I cried In frustration as I spun the combination again. My face was beginning to burn with anger. “Damn lock…” I started but I stopped mid-sentence. The lock was boiling.


“S**t!” Cole grabbed my shoulders and yanked my back away from the locker as a loud bang rang through the hallway and shards of fried metal shattered all over the floor. I stared in shock for a moment, had my lock just exploded.


“What the hell was that!?!” Cole yelled.


“I don’t know…” I responded, peeling my eyes away from my blackened locker to look up at my best friend.


“What’s going on down here!?” A loud voice suddenly came. I looked over to see the principle and my biology teacher rushing down the hallway towards us.


“We don’t know, it just exploded while Kyra was trying to open it.” Cole answered me. I made a metal note to thank him for that after.


The teachers looked from us to the locker. “You two get off to class, I’ll call a janitor to clean up this mess.” The principle looked at us suspiciously. After a moment of hesitation Cole and I both headed off in the direction of our first class. The first bang rung and I scowled. Now I would have to sit in class with a wet coat. This day just couldn’t get any worse.




“Kyra!” I heard someone shout my name from across the crowded cafeteria. I looked up from my plate of fries to see a short red haired girl slid into the seat next to me.


“Hey Liana” I smiled to my friend. I wasn’t exactly in a talkative mood after this morning.


“What happened to your locker?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. “I went to find you and it looked like a bomb had gone off.”


“Uhh, well you could say that” I sighed. She looked at me but didn’t bother pursuing the subject.


“So?” she asked. “Have you seen the new kid yet?” Liana asked, her blue eyes twinkling. I looked up at her, since when did we have a new English teacher?


“Um, no” I admitted. I had been to busy thinking about my locker to notice anything.


“Well just you wait Ms. I’m-too-good-for-any-of-the-boys-at-our-school” Liana teased and I rolled my eyes.


“He absolutely gorgeous, and he’s only 19! So it really isn’t all that wrong if you think about it” she wagged her eyebrows.


“Lee!” I laughed for the first time today. “That is totally wrong ! Your only 15”


The red head shook her head. “You are just jealous because I saw him first!” Liana and I both burst into a fit of giggles. Having her around was always enough to brighten up my day. We continued talking when suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I flinched and knocked my cup pop over sideways. I shrieked and help my hands up prepared to be showered in root beer but suddenly everything seemed to stop. There was no noise, no voices, and no movement. Everything stood frozen in it’s place.


“What the…?” I looked down at my glass of pop. It was frozen in mid-air, the cold liquid only seconds away from spilling all over my jeans. I looked over at Liana. Her hands were held up in air and her face was frozen in a look of shock. Was I going insane?


 I slid sideways out of the path of the root beer when suddenly the noises of the cafeteria came back. The glass of pop clattered to the floor just next to me and Liana jumped backwards, shrieking.

Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” Cole said, grabbing a handful of napkins from my tray. I stared in shock as he began wiping up the spilled pop.


“Did you just see that?” I asked.


“The pop?” Liana asked “who didn’t” she motioned around at the cafeteria.


“No I mean…” I started. “Um never mind I’m going class.” I grabbed my bag and headed off I the direction of my next class.

© 2010 WesGemsPrincess

Author's Note

Well here is chapter 2, i think I made this one longer . :)

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Again, the imagery is Superb! I am taking notes. However, was the locker her fault? Or do we not know that she is a witch, because I thought we did. Also, her friend talks about a new boy at school and then a new English teacher is brought up? *confused*

Posted 11 Years Ago

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