Magic Revealing {Chapter 04}

Magic Revealing {Chapter 04}

A Chapter by WesGemsPrincess





Liana carefully placed a steaming mug of hot coffee down in front of me teacher. I smiled up at her. Only a few minutes after I’d gotten home I called Liana. If anyone could make sense of the things that were happening it my best friend.


“So tell me again what happened?” she asked in her sweet voice.


“Well I swung my hand and the man flew across the ally way…” I frowned “the same thing happened with my lock this morning but instead of flying it exploded” I added with a small sigh. I was exhausted.


I treaded into the kitchen and went to the cabinet; pulling out a small package of chocolate chip cookies. I grabbed a handful before turning around to face Liana.




“No thanks.”


I awkwardly stood in front of her for a moment before taking a seat across from her at the kitchen Table. I watched silently as she fiddled with her hair, which meant she was deep in though. Her forehead was creased to the point where it looked like she might hurt herself if she thought any harder.


“You think you know what’s going on.” I commented as she raised her own mug to her lips and took a sip.


She shrugged. “It’s silly.”


“I can’t be that silly.” I commented, fiddling with the mug between my hands.

Liana chuckled. “Well when I was little my grandmother use to practice this which craft stuff.” She started. “ She would tell me stories about young women who had magical powers and the ability to cast spells. Back in the Elizabethan age whenever something bad were to occur it was blamed on the witches and they were punished with death. They were either hung or burned at the stake. After that witches kept their powers a secret until  special wiccen child was born with the ability to…um” Liana paused. “It was so long ago I don’t remember the whole story but it was something about ‘awaking them from their slumber’”


“Awake them from their slumber?” I crinkled my forehead.


“Yeah, you know.” Liana shrugged. “bring them out of hiding and show the world that witches powers are truly good and not associated in any way with the devil.”




It went silent again and I awkwardly stared my mug and uneaten cookies. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what I could say. My parents had always taught me not to believe in fairytales and folklore.


I looked back up to see Liana staring at me. “You know, I always thought they were just stories, but what if my grandmother was telling me the truth? Maybe you’re the special wiccen child!”


“Liana” I started, clearing my throat. “You sound insane.”


She frowned. “You asked for my opinion.” She made a good point.


After I had finished the cup off coffee in front of me I looked up at my friend. “It’s getting late, I should go to bed.” I smiled as I sunk down into the chair.

She shook her head. “I told the parents I was spending the night.” She continued.


“You know, maybe if you found your real parents they would know what’s going on”


 “No…I tried to find them before.”


“Hmm” Liana replied thoughtfully.


“Maybe we should go to bed” I told her, massaging my temples. The day had defiantly taken it’s toll on me.


Liana chuckled. “Yeah sure thing, just don’t explode me in my sleep or anything okay?”

© 2010 WesGemsPrincess

Author's Note

It's strange that Liana is joaking about Kyras strange powers but I was having a hard time deciding how to end this chapter . :( Not very much happnes either, its mostly Kyra and Liana talking . :P

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I enjoy the joking. It shows that they are comfortable with each other and would (I think) encourage her to continue to confide in her friend. Okay, much deeper than I meant to go.

At the beginning, another teacher moment is thrown in there and that really confuses me. And, why is it not weird that Kyra's adoptive parents are home?

Posted 11 Years Ago

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