Shamla Tech-A Global leader in providing white-label crypto exchange development solutions.

Shamla Tech-A Global leader in providing white-label crypto exchange development solutions.

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Explore our services and get ready with an eminent exchange software together with customized use cases to make your crypto venture meet the user demands.


With continuous advancements, the crypto sphere is getting expanded day-to-day. This makes the modern crypto entrepreneurs invent a variety of know-how factors corresponding to cryptocurrencies from their base. Hence it is no wonder that cryptocurrency trading software development will eventually lead a business successfully towards a significant amount of capital returns.

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms serve as virtual marketplaces for individuals to perform efficient trading operations. They act as perfect gateways between crypto coin buyers and sellers in executing an unlimited number of digital transactions within the trading system securely.

Types of exchanges:

The two major categories of cryptocurrency exchanges developed by any cryptocurrency exchange software development company include the centralized and decentralized exchanges. The centralized exchanges operate with third-party services, whereas it is not the case in decentralized exchanges. Decentralized exchange operations are held in a decentralized manner without the interference of any central authority or middleman service. This is how the terms ‘centralization’ and ‘decentralization’ differ in terms of their major functionalities.

Aspects involved in cryptocurrency trading platform development:

The critical cum crucial part of any cryptocurrency exchange is its trading core development, and the operational efficiency of the same can be determined only by the extent of code functionalities. Some of the priority tasks performed by the trading core include the following:

·         Verifies the cryptocurrency order issuance status periodically to ensure financial safety.

·         Formulates all the trading information including the crypto price values and the completed order lists in the form of charts (graphical representation).

·         Manages the database consistently by prioritizing the orders.

The trading core usually comprises the development of a responsive website for trading, creation of highly secure wallets for facilitating transactions, demonstration of mining activities to verify blockchain ledger operations and granting legal guidance for cryptocurrency deployment strategies.

Prominent features to be incorporated in a trading website:

A paramount element that has a great influence over the trading operations in any trading exchange is its website. Hence it should be designed in such a way that it is much more convenient on the users’ perspective. Such a design is ensured by the addition of the following functionalities:

·         Account registration and verification options

·         Options for making order placements

·         Account balance checking options

·         Facilities for deposits and withdrawals

·         In-depth statistics viewing options

·         Instant support facilities

·         Options for viewing the history of previous orders.

Reason to go for exchange wallet types:

Though there is an availability of online wallets nowadays for cryptocurrency users to store their cryptocurrency holdings on one side, there might be chances for loss on the other side, if the users forget their wallet keys. But, this cannot happen in case of an exchange wallet developed by any cryptocurrency exchange development company, where the users can store and access their cryptocurrencies in a more secure way than the former one.


Do you want to come out with a one-stop cryptocurrency exchange with the incorporation of world-class features? Do you want to overcome the toughest liquidity challenges faced at present by the blockchain ventures? Then Shamla Tech will be the best place for you to get an all-inclusive crypto development service.

We are an industry-leading cryptocurrency exchange development firm, accounting prominently for the delivery of white label cryptocurrency exchange software to businesses looking to opt out turnkey exchange solutions. All our crypto exchange applications can be customizable as per the business needs and industry trends.

Our ready made cryptocurrency exchange software helps you get rid of coding concerns and also supports the World’s major fiat currency types, thereby facilitating easier transactions. Our cryptocurrency exchange consultants possess enough professionalism in offering expert advice related to your platform development right from the fundamentals to its launch phase.

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Added on December 3, 2019
Last Updated on December 3, 2019