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A Story by Wessik

An old man and Tachito play a game of dominoes.


The rooster cackled out from in the yard, and Juan twitched in his cotton cot. A few minutes later, ice cold water splashed over his dirt-stained body. He yelped and waved his arms.


"Quitate!" Old durango swiped his thumb out the doorway, where bright light streamed in onto the wooden floor. Juan punched the old man on the shoulder, and danced up and down in the cold morning air, muttering to himself.


The roosters, and the chickens, swarmed around his feet as he walked the yard, casting off tiny pieces of dried up corn to the far flung corners of the yard. The greedy little things competed with each other for the right to the contents.


After he was done, he and the old man played dominoes on the porch. The old man, a retired old army man in the forces del federale, smiled widely as he placed down his domino. He looked up and in a raspy voice,said, "Tachito... tachito... dame una sangría de la refra, mijo..." Give me a sangria from the fridge, my son.


Juan got up from the table with reluctance. He knew the old man was inclined to cheat. The fridge was warm and dark, but they had a large block of ice in the freezer. He chipped off some ice and brought it to the man, who was laying head down on the table. The dominos were scattered across the floor.

© 2012 Wessik

Author's Note

I wrote this while not really thinking where I was going to take the story. But I feel it is a nice slice of life piece. Also, my tio died recently, I believe that may have influenced it.

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Added on January 22, 2012
Last Updated on January 22, 2012



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