Prologue: Fools Game

Prologue: Fools Game

A Story by Enigma

Well I wrote this...


" .... You've already sworn it to us all, you will now do whatever it is we say unless otherwise. But in the event that something does happen to go horribly wrong, and that yes, you find yourself insecure, enraged, weak and inevitably trapped with something unforgivable in mind, with the power to make a hearty, drastic decision in whichever way you'd like, what would you do?... But of course you must remember that each decision pays a price no matter what, and affects the very balance of everything to come!...

So what do you do? Chose the one with the least damage on your end of the bargain? Or maybe... do you wish to have the option of telling a tale of higher significance made to help revoke the current emotions trampled within each able body witnessing the tale, and giving them all a say in the outcome? Having the option to let time slowly, ease the words and phrases spoken through this tale create a new connotation of hope, into each and every one person stuck in the predicament with you.... Is telling a story the best choice?

Say you agree to the story.... you must take into consideration that the tales escaping your lips are inhabited by a cancerous past; a filthy, unhealthy, dull series of lies and exaggerated events that should have never occurred to begin with. These specific events of which you decided to enlarge into something more degrading and immoral, for your own personal benefit of course. You never minded the outcomes of these actions. They were eye opening to say at the very least...

But don't fret too soon about this decision just yet, your subconscious is already busy working hard at trying to find the answer from the past for you. Even though it has no idea what it's even searching for... Why? Because it don't know the situation you've been dragged into yet, so if your mind picks the wrong response in hope it made the right call, it could be over for you suddenly.... Your mind is waiting for me to slip and say something of use...

Thinking back, I lied about a small detail… So now then, what's your decision hm?..."

 "Well.... taking it all in, the only logical choice would be the story--"

"Why the story?"

"Because... it's the only option I don't have to sit and contemplate."

 "Oh yes you do... you're telling an up most honest story, but the story is of course your life..." Arching his neck he stood over me, leaning his face close to mine griping the arms of my chair with a deadly force before swiftly turning himself upright without hesitation, heading to the door.

 "Don't worry," he spoke sternly. "This was only a 'what if' in case you'd forgotten... Alas remember child, not all stories have a happy ending." The door was left cracked as darkness shielded me once again as he walked slowly, disappearing along with the light.


© 2012 Enigma

Author's Note

I wrote this and started thinking that it could very well be the suitable beginning I needed to go with "Fools Game" which in turn I have started back up like I had promised.

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This is certainly an intelligent write. It's worded quite well and does work as the start of the following story. Though I might suggest some slight descriptive piece at the start to set the scene a little more. Gives the story a little more substance to draw the reader in. Also, at the end you might want to change the grammar a little to:
'as darkness shielded me once again and he walked slowly away; disappearing with the light.'

These are the only things I can really point out. It's certainly a style you can call your own :) Thanks for sharing. Good write!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

I'll keep that in mind when I get more into adding detail once I start the rest of the story. Thanks.. read more

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