Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Enigma

Chapter one is more of a test chapter to see where it goes.. if it's like, I'll post another part.


The bare, radiant sunlight was never more painful the next morning. William, his hood drawn and obscene tattoos hidden, he squeezed my cuffed hand hard leading me through my town. Staring hard at disgusted faces that assumed I was criminal scum from my attire, I felt my heart somewhat ease knowing everything was working.
            The Gates were the broken peace of the city. Once known for wealth and beauty it quickly suffered massive raids and savage attacks from the people below. My memory of the city is bleak, having been a decade since I’ve seen it. In hopes of protecting me my mother sent me away to stay with my father, and disappeared within the city. I had always assumed she traveled below with the "Clean Up" crew because surviving in the Gates-if not a born savage already-was next to impossible. Going below is said to be just as bad, but in reality is offers more escape.
            Another reason my mother entered the Gates was to screen Savages, seeing if any were worthy enough to become "New Born" in our province and join our society. Being granted this was very rare, and usually takes decades before another New Born is allowed in. The Air Cities were built to escape the war ridden countries below and leave the poor unskilled to fend for themselves. Each province leads to one Gate City, and the Gate City leads below. Once you enter the Gate-if not a New Born solider-return isn't an option anymore.
            "Are you ready?" William asked. I nodded knowing we had reached the platform, seeing the mass crowd of people surround it in hopes of seeing the "Elimination" today. I hadn’t really know why it was named that but no one was brave enough to ever ask either. Or they just didn’t care enough.
            "Alright! Silence! Silence everyone!" The mayor bellowed into the microphone. "We have gathered here, seeking help from our New Born savages!" William tensed in irritation at the word. "Today is the day, blood is shed, but New stories and word is discovered. The exploration continues once they reach the lands bellow... Helping sky cities like us defend ourselves from turmoil!" The mayor choked out. "Now, will our Five New Born please join me so this exploration can begin hmm?" He called out.
            "William... William I can't go!"'I gasped, stumbling to stand still. He stared hard at me before turning, hoping to seem less suspicious. 
            "You must go... This is our chance to discover new things... Forget what the mayor said. I will protect you until my heart stops beating." He hissed angrily pulling me with him to the platform. Stepping up he and I bowed, the crowd silenced. My heart started to pound, unable to think I began to shiver and cough in fear of my own fate beyond the Gates. I never thought the day would come that he'd test his owe luck to fulfill an empty dream of mine. A dream I wasn't sure of anymore.
            "Ah my greater New Born son, William." The mayor smiled. "Your prisoner I assume?" He snorted in my direction. A foul look of disgust bested his face.
            "A very treacherous one indeed. I figured it'd be best to execute this one in Hell, rather than here, in such a lovely place." William chuckled. I scowled knowing he was very amused by all this acting. I heard the crowd gasp and scream from a distance, but before I could finish my next thought I felt a combination of maliciously put affliction and facial distortion as I something solid struck me. Thrown to the ground quickly it happened once more; the Mayors metal cane ripping through more and more flesh on my face rhythmically. Blood seeped from my mouth, spilling from the entire left side of my face covering every inch below my eye and thus onto the blurred concrete ground. Spitting, the pain surged instantly leaving me grounded on knees.
            "A tough one..." the mayor laughed taking in nothing but pleasure from my trembling body. William stood completely still, listening to the mayor speak as the others arrived. Gillard, the currently oldest New Born stood baffled by the display, making quick eye contact with me before greeting the mayor. I refused to stand, knowing I would have to see Williams’s expressionless face. Next to be presented was Gregory, cousin to Gillard, and then Benjamin, the newest of them all.      One however was missing.

            "New Born Mark has refused to show his face today. Everyone, if you see him, you are to kill him." The penalty for not showing up for your Elimination was death, because the rich felt it was the Savages way of not being thankful of their new lives... even though the Elimination is basically sending you to your death. "No questions, just strike him." Enraged the mayor snapped. The problem with a no-show New Born meant a new one was to be enlisted. This was a hard process considering not all obey, and some rampage and bring down Hell upon the province as a way of revenge for being left behind.
            "Now then, to my New Born sons, Godspeed on your journey… Be sure to keep record of your discoveries. We shall see you -hopefully- when the earth and moon become one with the world!" he preached. The crowd cheered as I stumbled to my feet, blood dripped downwards still. I was heavily discombobulated and nauseous standing there. I was convinced I was going to die once I stepped through the wall cutting off the two "worlds". All was quiet as the guards activated the switches, unlocking and activating the thick tumblers inside the massive metal wall. Once it opened, all you could see was darkness, signaling the beginning of the end. William grabbed my arm hard, shoving me through the doorway behind Gillard. Grunting hard he made sure I feel again, making me slam hard against the concrete floor. The lights flickered on and the doors closed behind us, leaving us alone in the tunnel.
            "Eh, you certainly need to get those wounds cleaned and stitched up." Benjamin said, helping me stand. I nodded trying not to look directly at him. I stared around the cramped tunnel, seeing deep cuts and irregular painting along the walls and ceilings.
"You are no prisoner..." he snorted realizing I was royalty of some kind. "You are oblivious to anything outside the Gate!.. " Benjamin snapped, throwing me against the wall. I screamed, eyes closing as the nausea and pain returned in furious waves. "It is but only blood that lines your conniving face, much less any real wounds... I will happily give you a taste of the world we all know!" sneering he threw a hand around my neck, knife shed and ready to strike. The sound of a gun stopped us all in our tracks, hearing it echo throughout the iron hole until silence lingered.
            "Touch her, I dare you. In the end I will  have your head on a silver platter..." William held the gun now against Benjamin’s back. Gillard stared at me intensely, already aware of my secret. I bit my lip, the tears burning behind my eyes as I kept them inside me.
            "You're endangering us all, William! Bringing something so spineless into a world like this is suicide!" He spit on me before pulling away. Enraged William removed the gun from his spine. Instead of killing Benjamin, he instead pistol whipped him hard against the jaw, knocking several teeth loose. Benjamin stumbled backwards, falling against the ground hard to seethe in pain.
            "Look! I am sorry to be the greatest hindrance around, but I am here to find my mother Lily... William was bold enough to give me a chance!" I coughed. "So please, be on your way and once we leave this tunnel I shall be on mine..." I said quietly.
            "That is enough." Gillard interrupted. He continued forward as he spoke. "Benjamin, you pathetic New Born, have some damn respect. Someone so spineless wouldn't risk their life much less take a horribly public beating for something so worthless." He glared. Ben was silenced. "William has brought her along, therefore she is part of us. We protect each other until the end. Now come on you demented idiots, the other New Born are probably waiting at base already... We only have two days of rest before blood is shed, and the exploration commences." Gillard was a fair old man, much smarter than he originally appeared. But he saw straight past my disguise, making him much more than a potential threat.
            "You must forgive me..." William dropped to kneel and the others walked on. "Benjamin is just a twisted b*****d with nothing but hatred in his heart!" he shouted with rage. You look so pained and weak. Letting you go through that was nearly impossible... I almost ripped that mans tongue out watching him assault you... I should have listened." He sneered taking my hand. I slowly touched my pained face and sighed. 
            "Get up William... It needed to be done." I stammered. "We are here now, so let us continue and discuss more later. I need medical attention." He quickly realized how bad off I really was and threw his arm around my waist, supporting me as we walked. "Yes ma'am..." He sulked. Our journey had started with a rough beating and a near fatal homicide attempt. This was nothing I had ever witnessed before, and it was sickening. But my first priority was getting to the balloon docks and going down bellow, even if it almost kills me in the process.

            How smart were these "savages"? One I had only met log ago already knew my true identity without having to hesitate. This put a wrench in things because I had no idea how to confront him. Alas, it was the least of my problems...
            Reaching their base was supposed to be easy, as said by Gregory... But it was not. The tunnel emptied out into a wasteland of bare nature and trees. I wasn't one to enjoy nature but it was hot answer the air was moist so I adjusted the best I could with a change of clothing. Peeling off my shirt I tied it around my waist, removing my shoes and switching to a pair of extra boots William was carrying. Then rolling up my baggy cargo pants I felt a bit better about myself.
            "Aye, your face is looking mighty distorted." Benjamin laughed, poking fun at my swollen eye and gashed cheek.

            Suddenly, I didn’t feel so great. I wasn't enjoying his company knowing he thought of me of nothing but a hindrance. Though exhausted I wasn't going to be that hindrance so I held my tongue and kept walking. Nothing was familiar in this forbidden city, trees and grass thick but also dying, the air grey and polluted with a horrid stench. Even the animals were more beastly than at home. Squirrels and birds seemed entirely knew, fixed with extra features and bolder personalities. A new world this was, and I wasn't prepared for it.
            The jungle seemed endless as we walked. Gregory sung a quiet tune, giving me chills as he emphasised lyrics here and there. The darkness was terrifying as we had only flashlights and candles to guide us. William kept close behind me, keeping me from slipping on rocks and tripping over anything else dangerous. He made eye contact with Benjamin far often, who too aggravated by his previous words to calm down. At fault for their hostility I was in no place to say something so I tried to ignore them.
            "Ay, William. Keep your pet alert and guarded..." Gillard cough, putting out all the lights. My heart raced as William threw a hand over my mouth. I screamed through his fingers, startled by his actions.
            "Sorry..." his hot breath hit my neck. "It's customary... Something is out there...” he whispered, leading me gently. I heard a series of high pitched howling and shuffling within the trees as all was quiet. William pulled a knife and handed it to me quickly before pushing me against a tree. I slumped onto the ground quickly, short enough for the thicket to cover parts of me. “Stay here…” I nodded, feeling his warm comforting lips press against my bloody face before he disappeared with the others. Crashing sounds of bodies, metal clanking and guns sounded nearby.

            There was no way in Hell I was going to sit still. I wasn't to know what was out there… I needed a glimpse of life in the Gate. Slithering along my stomach I felt twigs and branches get stuck deep inside my facial wounds but I ignored the pain. What I saw behind the trees was much more terrifying. 

© 2013 Enigma

Author's Note

So, tell me whatcha think I guess... I enjoyed it, though I got really mad while putting the emotion into Williams voice after having to almost kill Benjamin...

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