Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Enigma

My heart seem to stop as I slowly pushed myself up onto my knees. Staring over the grass and large plants I saw a massive creatures... Seeming to resemble that of wolves each had a large upper build and large thick metallic tails. Not all of them had ears or eyes, each yielding teeth sharp as any average butcher blade. Rusty gears and bolts held together their frames and legs, blood seeping thought the small openings. I wanted to throw up at the sight but my body was too weak and empty to even manage that. Their pelts blood stained a grey.
            "Gah! You little s**t!".Gregory bellowed. He reeled his unoccupied leg back and threw a swift kick at the jaw of a nearing dog. I watched blood drip as the creature whimpered and ran away with their jaw crooked. He shifted to the other ripping into his leg and put a bullet clear in between its dark eyes. Once free he joined the others in the wide spread raging battle. More than a minute passed as they all fought for their lives. The wave seemed to be nearing an end as I finally stood up. Trying not to fall I started to slide down the hillside, keeping as quiet as possible. Gillard spotted me but said nothing, sharing words through only his eyes. Leaping down I coughed hard. My chest felt as though a rhinoceros was resting upon it. *A heart attack?... No.. No I’m suffocating! I gasped harder, getting a few puffs of air as I continued my voyage. Benjamin finally saw me. "D****t!" He kicked the wolves away from him and ran to me, dropping his bags. I felt light headed and lost trying to listen to him speak. "F*****g idiot... Don't ever come near this area or so help me-" I heard a loud crash and saw Benjamin go flying backwards. A wolf sneered and circled his winded body looking for vitals. 
            I wasn't going to let him die so I figured I'd try and save him. Pushing off the ground I pulled my knife and leaped forwards. Hesitantly I push the blade in the back of the unexpecting animals neck. Ear splitting cries roar out as it went limp beneath me. I saw Benjamin stare hard at me, a short grin peeling onto his face. My heart raced as I trembled and twitched, wheezing and gasping again. Benjamin stood above me. "You'll get what you deserve..." he whispered. I saw him run off and leave me to die. I closed my eyes eventually, my body going into shock as I fought for air. If this was how I was to die so be it. I was a hero, and Benjamin was the most cold hearted savage alive.

            I felt as though my chest had exploded when I woke up. Pain surging my weak body I found myself laying on a bed. The room I was in was large, and had no windows. The only real commodities were two lamps, a dresser, a closet, a mirror and a bookshelf. I looked down at my blood stained hands and saw I had small cuts all over my arms. Feeling my face I gasped in shock feeling small stitches underneath a large series of bandage and gauze. Sitting up I knew I was sick with something, barely able to stand I fell to the floor with my first attempt to walk. Once I pulled myself up I saw a glass of water sitting next to the bed. I grabbed it and forced it down my bare throat feeling more than refreshed by the cool liquid. With care I made it to the door, two long hallways in front of me. I pulled my knife and took a right, slowly holding onto the wall as I walked. All the quiet, I figured I was just left here abandoned by everyone and everything.
            I couldn't have been more wrong. I reached an open walkway and stared down into the massive dining room. I saw at least fifty unfamiliar faces eating and chatting, while others stood in groups. It was from my position I saw Benjamin with a smug grin on his face talking to someone. Furious I forgot everything and marched down the stairs. 
            "You sick monster!" I screamed throwing him against the wall. I gripped my knife hard and dug it deep into his shoulder, pushing as hard as I could. "You idiot! What did I do to you? You left me! You left me to die you... You savage! You're all savages!" I pulled the knife out, ready to inflict another wound. I felt my wrist burn as someone secured it. I flinched fearfully and turned, slicing their face. My body shook as I noticed everyone watching me. I stared at Benjamin who was collecting himself slowly. I looked back at my holder and saw dark blood drip from Williams face. My knees buckled as I fell to the floor, now sobbing uncontrollably. Gillard presented himself, giving Benjamin a cold look.

            "Aaron... Aaron!" Gillard shouted. He appeared in seconds, securing Williams arms. Gregory and some female joined, trying to subdue him. "I will kill you! I will kill you! You're never going to live to see another day your horribly sick twisted man!" He continued to shout, trying to wrestle his hands free. I flinched away having never seen him so angry before. 
            "Everybody out! I swear if I see anyone except Williams retainers you'll all be dead." Gillard chimed. The room grew empty, most everyone going upstairs. I continued to cry into my hands.
            "Eh... Let him go!" Gillard shouted. They released William and backed away. I slid backwards against the wall. Gillard smacked his gun against Benjamin’s head, throwing him to the ground. "Boy, did I not warn you? We are family... Family sticks together." He turned and pointed to me. "Even after all your s**t, she saved your pathetic life. So, the choice is hers. If she wishes to keep you around, it will be done... If not," he grinned, lowering himself. "William gets your head, on a silver platter..." He sneered. "Don't test me son, I've seen him take creatures twice your size when he's enraged." Gillard straightened. " Jill, attend to his wounds." he said dully. "I'll be with Jeff and Adam..." he mumbled, walking into the next room.
            She obliged, helping Ben into another room. William found me petrified in the corner and quickly dropped to his knees.
            "God might as well kill me right here and now..." he whispered. I continued to wail, standing once again. "You're all savages... I swear none of you are good!" Pushing away from him he went to grab me. I screamed feeling my cuts burn. He let go as though he remembered what happened and let me escape, rushing through the front door.
            "Damn it!" he shouted, running after me. Being much more agile he copied my ever move until he tripped me. I hit the ground hard but I wasn't there long. He picked me up, trying to fight my attacks. "Robin! Stop before I have to hurt you! I swear!" My heart dropped hearing my name. It had been so long since it was spoken I had almost forgotten. "Robin please... Come back to the house with me before it gets any darker." I was silent, feeling his arms restrain mine from doing anymore damage. 
            "Alright... Alright.." I choked out. My throat was hoarse from my constant crying and screaming. Relieved William carried me inside, knowing it'd be faster that way. I hated being carried but walking simply wasn't something I could do just yet. I had pushed my body to its limits, passing out from exhaustion and stress.
            I woke up in my room, William sitting in the doorway. I figured he was keeping guard.
            "How long was I asleep the first time?" 
            "Three days."
            "This time..?" 
            "A little over an hour." He sighed, getting up. "It's around eight right now so everyone is waiting for the meeting." I watched him, realising I had taken over the inside of his shirt. He smiled a bit before walking over to me. 
            "William take me home."
            "I can't, you know this..." he whispered, gently holding my face. 
            "Take me to Balloon city..." I begged, tearing rolling down my face. He stared hard before looking away. This was the most dangerous part of the Gate city because it led down bellow.
            "Take me to see Lily... Please William."
            "Tomorrow... tomorrow we will start our journey. Though this city is far..." he sighed. Leaning down he kissed me lightly, brushing the hair from my face. "If anyone back home knew of my sins. They’d kill me... They'd make you watch as I died.." he mumbled. I flinched. 
            "How do you know?" I whispered.
            "Because that's what happened to Mark. He broke that law and that's how we paid the price. It was slow and painful... But he showed no regret. I respect him. They used it as a warning to us in the city. The Mayor lied to the town in hopes of keeping his death a secret." My heart broke.


            The idea of losing William in a way like that was more than enough to have me rethink my feelings about my decision. Leaving was a smart idea.
            "I am to be hunted though... You are missing, as am I. So, I am to be put to death if captured..." He exhaled, pushing me onto the bed. He rested me against him as he continued on.        "So, to save the others we must leave" his voice shook. He knew all along all he was going to be hunted, but didn't care. So this was also his escape as well. "Lily chose me to watch you from a young age, you nine and I thirteen she wanted you save. That was my reason for me being "Born" again..." he chuckled. "Love however wasn't something she could have predicted I think... Nevertheless she'll be happy to see you".
            "You spoke to her?" I gasped, sitting up to face him. He nodded. "She and I always have... For your safety. She was against your leaving so I told her I would stop you." 
            "But you wanted to leave too..." I said having it all click. He dragged me back down, kissing my neck.
            "Precisely... So here we are. Voyaging to see your mother at a chance we could both die in the process." He snorted. I mumbled, burrowing against his chest. "I'll let you sleep now though... We will continue this another time. We'll rise early so we don't alarm the others." he whispered. I felt my eyes close. Somewhat astounded by how tired I actually was, I gave in to my needs and fell asleep. 

            "Hey, wake up..." I flinched feeling a hand alone across my aching face. Sitting up William handed me several changes of clothes and a backpack. "Pack lightly but sufficiently." He nodded, leaving the room. I shoved the clothes into my bag and slipped my shoes on wearily. I hadn't anything of value in this room so I went downstairs. Slowly making my way into the kitchen I quickly took several bottles of water and some bread from the fridge.
            "Don't move..." a sharp voice hissed, a poor of hands slowly gripping my jugular. Benjamin forced me against the counter, pressing my face down hard against the jagged rope until my wounds burned uncontrollably. "You little s**t... Stealing from us after we welcomed you--"
            "I swear you're sick!" I hissed throwing a free leg backwards. I pushed him away enough to drop down knowing he'd instinctively reach forwards. Reeling my leg between his I slowly collected myself having bought myself some time. He sneered, grabbing me by my hair and pulling back. "Ah! Stop!" I screamed. He pushed a knife against my throat.
            "You insect..." he whispered. I heard a sharp gurgling sound, followed by screeching and wheezing. Benjamin turned, facing William. I pushed away and threw myself behind him, gripping my bag tightly. 
            I stared at Benjamin, his breathing cut off by the grip of Williams hand. He squeezed harder restricting his wind pipe.

            "Your head..." he exhaled. I pulled his arm watching Benjamin start to go limp. William released, dropping him against the floor. Throwing a quick swing at him with his leg he grabbed his things and took my hand. "Gah... Let's go before we wake everyone!" He shouted, dragging me out the door. I squeezed his hand as he led me through the woods, the house disappearing.
            "Is he okay William?" I said catching my breath.
            "Yeah... He's alive anyway." He snorted. I kept quiet not wanting to aggravate him anymore. "There's a road right over there so I'll distract a passing car and then... Follow what I do." He jumped into the road and waited for a few minutes, watching his feet calmly. I noticed a distant car gaining speed quickly and hesitantly shifted hoping William would do something.
Nothing. He stood and waited.
            "Do something..." I whispered fearfully pulling my knife. Breathing heavily I dug it into the soil as the car neared. "William! Move!" I screeched, lunging onto my feet. I ran awkwardly in his direction only to notice the car came to a hault. Two bulky men with beards, guns and various heavy attire stepped out of the car. Too far to hear their words I moved closer, shielding my silhouette behind a thick tree.
            "Over there." William motioned. The two men grinned, and hurled themselves in my direction. I screamed a ran knowing I was no match for the two. William stood quietly and watched with no expression.

            “What the hell are you doing? You piece of s**t help me!" I screamed, twisting around. I slid underneath a large fallen tree and took refuge in the small ground division. 
            "Bah! She's agile... I'll give William that!" The burly one laughed. He was massive in size, tall and portly with heavy ammunition. He was fit nonetheless, and had hands abduction muscles that could rip a spine out. He grunted hard and then I heard a loud crackling and crunching sound from above me. I held my scream and slowly walked backwards, shielding myself deeper into the ditch.
            "Eh... She's gone." He grunted, dropping the log. It split down the middle, falling hard against the leafy ground. I listened as their footsteps became distant and let out a sigh of sheer relief. Dying wasn't on my To-Do list anytime soon.
            "Boo!" I screamed, thrusting my knife backwards. Striking the ground I saw Williams figure shrouded behind me, his hood covering his facial tattoos. "You're an agile on alright... Certainly living up to your name." He chuckle I retaliated, throwing him a hard punch to the face.

            "You're bloody outrageous! I swear!" I snarled. Grabbing the blade I climbed out of my hiding place. He followed, brushing the dirt off himself. I flinched away whenever he tried to touch me in fear of being hurt again. 
            Noticing my discomfort he lead me back to the road, confronting the two men. 
            "Ah... So where too?" The burly man took a drink of what smelt like whiskey and looked towards me. I flinched, finally getting William was friends with the two. I was never in any real danger/ William was putting on a show for his b*****d companions to break the ice. But it all seemed too real to believe otherwise. I would always be in danger.
            "Ahh... Preferably Balloon Docks...?" The men laughed. "That infested waste land? Why bothers! I could kill you right now! Bahahah!" He took another drink. I felt sour about my journey knowing I was the only one with any real *hope* left. "It's a three or four day long trip as well... So it'd be wild to even attempt it..." He grunted, throwing the alcohol into the woods. I watched him light a match and flick it into the dark liquid. "But, possible." Fire quickly engulfed the surrounding area. I whimpered to myself, instinctively grabbing Williams sides. 
            Before I knew it we were in the car and driving. William sat with the burly man named Hunter Davy. I sat in the back next to Charles, who was completely blind. He had an arm made entirely out of makeshift gears and metals, a small portion of the left side of his face was removed and replaced with the same materials. It was interesting to watch them work and move, but I felt horribly when I realised I was caught up in them. Flinching away I slithered over to the window, staring hard at the rundown buildings and towers that lined the old city.

            When I was a small girl the city was elegant and at its greatest zenith. Everything was orderly, the people living in harmony with machine and animal. However, I never liked the Gate city... Or any of them however. They always scared me knowing we were so close to the doorways and passages that led bellow. I smirked, glancing towards the makeshift gang of helpers I established. Who knew I'd be fighting so hard to face the nightmares I once knew...

            Jerked from my dreaming I was tackled against the seat, Charles throwing a hand around my mouth. I crested through his hand, unable to escape his fierce grip. Hunter continued to drive cautiously, William grabbing his revolver. I wiggled and screamed as I stared out the windshield. I was fronted with a large amount of dead bodies and creatures who looked like machines, but resembled humans. Eyes widened I looked at Charles. Each machine was blood stained, holding various weapons and tools as they conversed with one another. I slowly slipped lower against thwarting seat, noticing them eyeing the car. Hunter grumbled something to William as he stopped the car before our next turn. The doors opened and they both stepped out, Charles leaving me to leap into the driver’s seat. He revved the car’s engine slowly making eye contact with me through the rear view mirror. I looked away, closing my eyes. Even one of his eyes has been replaced with a piece of technology.
            "Ey everyone." Hunter said with a more relaxing voice. I lifted my head just enough to stare out the window. The town*looked* deserted, but in fact was swarming with people today. I squinted for a moment, trying to see if anything distinct appeared on them.
            "You all know or have heard of William Thrice Great hmm?" Hunter motioned towards William. He removed his hood grimly and several people flinched and crowded away. William took his revolver and pointed it.
"I'm looking for Sir Nolo Contendere… Has anyone been so unfortunate as to see him?" he paused.

            "Why would you want to see that bloody scoundrel?! He's cheated us all out of a damn cure! He said he would help us survive and get proper supplies and medicines! But-" A gun shot rang out loudly, complimented by the sounds of metal clanking. My eyes widened as I saw the man hit the ground, blood pouring through his chest.
            "Does anyone else have something to say...?" Hunter grunted, pulling out his shotgun. I twisted around and flash Charles a look. Survive that rung true to me. I needed to survive just as much as those savages needed too. I realised a "pure" human outsider was probably enough for them go mad... I was just what they needed to “survive” in the Gates. 

© 2013 Enigma

Author's Note

Well... Ehh.

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