A Story by Enigma

A story about a Leaf observing his last few days as Autumn approaches.


The days are getting shorter and the air is brushing against my spine harder than ever this season. I try to make peace with the sun basking high in the heavens but I’m not sure it’s working very well this time around. My view is always clouded by others with the same intentions, the same goals, the same level of tension we all feel as the winter air washes across the mainland. So, in awe of my situation I try to avert my attention to other things I see as each day starts to pass. A young couple playing hide and seek around the base of a large oak tree. The bark on the tree was worn and tired, but the roots had grown fat and strong, ensuring the rest of the base would stay grounded no matter what. The couple is laughing endlessly, their eyes bright and exhilarated. As to why you would choose an open park to play this particular game, I know not. But maybe there was never any hiding to this game, maybe they always wanted to be found by their significant other.

Evening started to set in after only a few hours it seemed. The couple had disappeared, and a woman and her dog marched along the heavy brick pathway smoothly, bodies in tune. I give another look at the setting sun, and then dismiss it entirely not wanting to miss this new sight. Coming up quickly from behind a man in heavy clothing too early for the season quickly increased his pace, trailing the unsuspecting woman at a brisk pace. His facial expression seemed unclear to me; his lips were locked and silent, but his eyes were screaming something fierce. What is this man doing? I felt myself start to stiffen and dry as he silently came up behind her. I watched the dog jerk in the other direction, and the lady drop her leash as the man threw his arm around her neck. He was speaking to her calmly. Within a matter of minutes the dog was barking mad and the lady was on the pavement, tears streaming down her eyes? I don’t understand the concept of money, and it’s importance to the world. Is it worth the tears of another person? The death of a majestic tree?

I know not.

Alas I can’t say much… the day is almost done, and the air is getting tight and strangling. The universe was setting the stage for Autumn every second of the day. I said my goodbyes to the sun, and awaited for the night to engulf me, to swallow my body, but one more sight caught my eye as I felt my mind slipping off. An old man walked with a heavy wooden cane. His pace was slow, and his skin wrinkled and sagging on his cheeks. He didn’t seem lost, so I just simply stared as he walked along the brick path and stopped underneath the majestic oak in which the couple had played. He lifted one foot after the other, and slowly stopped at the base. A tree is interesting indeed, but not enough to sit and stare for more than a few minutes. But then, something strange happened. The man dropped his cane, with a single tear in his eyes and fell to the grass in one solid motion. He didn’t fight the motions, he simply let his body go. He was dying underneath the oak. He was dying, and this was his Goodbye.

When you are but just a leaf, nothing tends to make much sense. You try to connect the dots, but you don’t have the tools to ask questions. You just observe and form your own conclusions. The sun was gone, the man was gone, and as the Autumn days begin to pass, you will soon be gone too. So you sit and wait, because eventually you’re going to fall. Why? I know not.

© 2014 Enigma

Author's Note

Just sorta a short little piece. Enjoy.

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Wonderful story! Very thought provoking and well written.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I absolutely love this!! Truly a sad and questioning story, very poetically put. I find myself asking similar questions so I can relate. Brilliant work!!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thank you so much!(:

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