A Poem by Enigma

"Good morning good sir would you like a cup of tea? 
Oh no you poor degenerate soul! 
Look! It’s almost a quarter ‘till three! 
Swallow all that money and forget your brutish pride.
 Oh and those dreams you said you once had? 
Well just push them all aside! 
You’ve got work to do now man, 
go, get up you lazy swine! 
Bills to pay, people to kill, 
oh don’t forget to pick up that dime!
 But slow down now sir, here have another cup of tea. 
You’re far too young boy yeah, for any gray hairs, 
you see? 
You’re a working man, and you are surely white indeed.
 Oh so you’re Spanish? 
Well… Maybe… They just might�" Just be sure to make a honest living! 
Remember, you are always free. 
You are subservient to the man,
 you do your best on your knees. 
Go my good man, 
have but another cup of tea! 
Life’s so great right? Equal for you and well… 
how about one more cup of tea? 
The beaten
 the starving, 
the sick, 
the poor, 
the rich, 
the freedom, 
the mask, 
all this war? 
Why bring all that up? 
Those politics surely aren’t for you. 
Education? Why, maybe it’s best if you 
learn maybe a thing or two… 
Look, sir I like you, 
trust me I really do. 
But please get out of my shop okay? 
I guess this place isn't quite for you. 
Quit thinking about those dreams! 
Actually… just quit thinking at all! 
What? Life’s not fair? 
Well sure… nothing ever was after all."

© 2014 Enigma

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Interesting experimental style, I'm feeling; something different to be sure. The narrative voice does make it feel like it'd be preferably spoken, over read, though - in my mind at least. So I put to it, and read it aloud to be certain and confirmed it works well.

With regards to the actual content - I'm not sure I fully follow everything you're trying to say. There's a few points being made, mixed with errant sarcasm, which is good though complex. However I dare say I probably have a culture barrier too... *shrug* Meh, I can follow the basic gist you're going for, so all is well!

The only thing that jarred for me was the ending three lines where 'all' rhymed with 'all', because in some cases the self-rhyme works fine, but I wasn't so sure about the feel of that one. I can't suggest an alternative, though, so ne're mind, I guess!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on August 30, 2014
Last Updated on August 30, 2014
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A Poem by Enigma

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A Poem by Enigma