A Poem by Diane

The pills hold her back from the reality of life..she is trapped in her world of darkness


ll day she dreams of what it would be like

To open the door and breath the fresh air

Say 'Hello' to the passers by

Or stop and talk to a neighbour again


Locked as she is in her darkened room

Security she feels in this den of gloom

No one comes near her to ask how she feels

Someone must know she is lonely


Inside her head dark memories stay

:ocked in a time warp they won't go away

Pills by the dozens..she's tried everyone

Black is her colour she can't stand the sun


One day when she feels right..and the time will come

The door to the world will ope again

The dark side of life she has suffered for years

Days and nights roll into one for her


She has stopped counting how many pills she pops

To keep her afloat in lifes open boat

Floating down the river of no return

It's time to turn around and paddle upstream


Get back her life and return to normality

Cast off this cloak of depression and doom

The first thing to do is ditch these damned pills

The light will flood in to her life once again...

© 2008 Diane

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Hi there hun, thanks for the review, there are just a few typos with the poem, but as for the style and freedom of it... Well done, this is lovely and really deep.
Keep writing. Dawn

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 11, 2008




I am doing something that i have always wanted to do since I was a girl..and that is write poetry and short stories..When you write you can put into words what you cannot say to anyone else..only you .. more..

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