Blanket of Kindness

Blanket of Kindness

A Chapter by Brandon Crawford

Chapter 1
Blanket of Kindness

The mountain air blow with a silent whisper's to the people that heard. Suddenly the whispers were down for the crying of the child in the caves. There a dragon lays the child down, laying it head beside the baby boy. The child skin smooth has silk his eyes gold has the golden sun set. The dragon curled it tail in to the child and has it did the child closed his eyes. Three years pass by and the child moved graceful and swift catching his prey has he was taught. Before he slaughtered his prey he heard a painful cry, he moved over a hill and a black scaled dragon gleamed snared in a human hunters trap. The child tapped the dragons mind and felt anger, pain, sorrow. He took out his dagger that he made and cut the trap loose and after he did the dragon growled at him. It blood red eyes look straight at him, and he realized it was looking at the dagger. He placed the dagger far away from himself and the dragon stand straight. It stopped it growl and came close, the dragon reached boys mind and in his head he heard "Thank you for freeing me child." The boy said "No problem my names Luke yours?" The dragon reach back into Luke mind and said "Azura." Luke bowed in respect for the dragon and walked back to his kill, and made a fire. Azura followed his tracks and saw him eating the deer he caught. She reached back into his mind and asked "Were are your Guardians young one?" Luke spoke like something had stopped his words in his throat "ether there dead or they left me in these woods to riot." Azura walked to him and her tail curled around him and spoke in his mind "Sorry for your fate little one." Luke turned his head to look at her ocean blue eyes and said "Thanks." Azura lay her head beside Luke and let him fall asleep on her neck. Both woke the at the same time has the other, and Luke gathered the fire wood enough to make a big enough fire. Azura hunted the deer with her speed, and agility, but they both seemed to enjoy the other being by there side. Sooner or later Azura let Luke on her back and fly back to her home.

© 2013 Brandon Crawford

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Added on February 20, 2013
Last Updated on February 26, 2013


Brandon Crawford
Brandon Crawford

Athens, TX

I'm a writer that just want to be himself more..