Dragon Prince Arise

Dragon Prince Arise

A Chapter by Brandon Crawford

Chapter 6
Dragon Prince Arise

Luke was explained what Azura wanted him to be and he understood and agreed to it. All the kingdom that were allies with Azura gathered around the castle wall. Luke walked out wearing a holy white armor with angel helmet that had angel wings on each side, the middle of his armor was with a gem that was enchanted to protect him from magic, plus he himself could only take off the armor. Azura shouted her mighty roar to quiet down the people, Luke stood on the throne of dragons and said "I Luke Night Blade vow to protect Azura with my life, but if fail to do so I shall hunt down her killer to the ends of the earth and let the angels take me to her once accomplished." Azura shook her head has a Symbol showed on her head and said her vow has well in the minds of the leaders "I Azura Night Caller vow to protect Luke Night Blade from all danger even if it means death itself, If I fail to do so I will hunt down his killer to the edges of the world, and once I have killed them let the angels bring my soul to his forever bounded in holy sleep." Has she let out the final words a symbol of a dragon appears on Luke shoulder. The King of kings walked towards Luke and Azura, and said in a shout of excitement "Behold! The new dragon prince Luke Night Blade and his dragon Azura Night Caller! All hail the dragon prince!" Has the king cried out the words they replied in new voices ringing in the air like a song. Azura nudged Luke and made him connect to her mind, and has she spoke a voice of happiness filled Luke mind "Luke you are the first Dragon prince in over four thousand years, the last dragon lord your father..." Luke interrupted her instantly "Wait! You knew my father!" She nodded her and said "Yes I knew him he told me to find you and then on I've been searching for you." Luke was so happy he was actually had ability to meet on of his family his real family. Luke asked Azura if he could go see him, and gladly she accepted.

© 2013 Brandon Crawford

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Added on February 20, 2013
Last Updated on February 26, 2013


Brandon Crawford
Brandon Crawford

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