Family Reunion

Family Reunion

A Chapter by Brandon Crawford

Chapter 7
Family Reunion

Azura wings spread farther then Luke remembers, and the sea clashed with the tiny island of Cyrien. Azura landed in front of a Stone door that lead underground it was ancient of course. Azura looked at the door and told Luke to say his full name, and in reply to her call he shouted "Luke Night Blade." With the shout the door opened and leaded to a tunnel with walls of gold and floors of diamond. Azura let Luke climb on her back for the magic that was bonded to him was almost impossible to control. The dragon that lay by the throne with a man leaning on it growled at Azura. Azura let out a mind of words the Luke heard saying "Titian we come in peace brother, I have with me the son of the Night Blades." The dragon spoke out with his tongue not his mind "Ah Azura, you have almost got me to attack you and the child." The man arose with his black blade by his side and with his dark armor that shined in the light. He lifted his helmet and he looked like a older version of Luke, and Azura bowed in respect of the dragon lord. The man spoke with a calm manner to Luke "wake my child I wish to see your eyes to prove Azura true." Luke opened his eyes and his Golden eyes shined out in front of the dragon lord, but the man replied "Ah so your my little boy whose been missing for all these years well son my name is Jake Night Blade." Luke almost look like he was going to cry in the excitement once he hugged his father for the first time in his life. Jake let out a shout "My dear we have someone that you might want to see to believe." With no time to react Luke was being hugged by his step mother, and She was like a regular women about five-three in height and she was blacked haired with a coat of bears pelts covering her in a cover of warmth. She spoke with kindness of a angel "You worried me haft to death, but I'm glad that your okay." Has she hugged him, but his sleeve's slipped up and the dragon symbol was spotted by Jake dragon. The old dragon shouted out "We have a dragon prince in our presents." Jake eye's widen in furry at Azura and he spoke out in anger "I told you to keep him normal I never wanted him to become a dragon prince!" Luke's father drew out his sword and pin it against Azura neck, but without a moment of hesitation Luke sword touched his fathers neck. Luke say slowly to get it through his fathers thick head "If you even dare hurt Azura I will have to kill you and Titian." His father looked at him and realized his vow to protect her and her vow to protect him at all cost. His fathers sword returned to it holder and Luke did the same, they both looked at each other but both of them calmed down and celebrated in happiness. The party was not alone a army of dragon riders and their dragons joined it, but Luke remembered the rebellion and how they had been gone to long. Luke came up to his father and said "Father we have to leave." Jake looked at his kid and looked confused, but he stranded straight looking down at his son and said "My boy what is the rush your home." Luke looked at Azura and back at his father ,and replied "There a rebellion out there between us and the werewolf's. We have our army, but we need more fight in them to see them slash through a werewolf with a single strike." Luke's father looked at him surprised, but he shouted out "Riders! we have been called forth to war with a enemy we hate more then any other! the werewolf's." Each dragon and there rider slid on there armor looking like a roaring thunder ready to mix with lighting. The island opened to the beats of the dragon's wings.

© 2013 Brandon Crawford

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Added on February 20, 2013
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Brandon Crawford
Brandon Crawford

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