Assassination of Charles Gates

Assassination of Charles Gates

A Story by Skye Manson


In the year 2054 the world fell into chaos. Man had used the rest of the planet's oil supply and was left with no other source of energy. Other options, like water and solar, were not developed enough to power the entire planet. However, in 2059, a French man named Charles Gates saved the world. He found an alternate energy source in Jupiter’s Red Spot. He created Life’s Genetics (L.G.) to harvest the source and bring it back to Earth. There he used it to take control over the entire planet and become the most powerful man in the solar system.



        Adrenaline pumped through my veins, threatening to make them burst as I stalked my prey in the artificial rain forest. Looking around, I could see many different, extinct species of rain forest wildlife; two large toucans perched on a branch staring at me as if to say, I know what you’re about to do, and even Giant Bamboo which went extinct in 2030. I would almost call it amazing but then I thought of what Charles Gates, the owner of this remote facility in Florida, does to the lost life. As I crouched under a large bush-like plant with huge green leaves, I could almost smell the stench of my prey before I caught movement of two old men, conversing, on the narrow path in front of me.

Sir, are you pleased with the number of extinct species we have been able to recover since your last visit?” asked a tall old man in a confident voice.

His tone told me immediately who he was, Lucas Marx, Charles’s oldest and most trusted friend. I would put him about the same age as Charles, 65-70. He had piercing gray eyes that could see into anyone’s soul and an adept mind for science, especially animal recovery.

        “Yes, my dear friend, I am. However, I was hoping that there would be more than this. I need more if I am going to find a breakthrough. I seem to be using more than I can recover but I feel like I am almost there,” Charles Gates, a short wrinkly man with gray hair and brown eyes, replied.

Charles Gates, everybody knows his name; most people see him as a hero, I see him for what he is, a ruthless, arrogant, and greedy tyrant who only thinks about himself and money. He is the owner of the most powerful company on Earth, Life’s Genetics. The company is the only supplier of energy that is developed enough to power the entire planet. For this reason, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he is the owner of the world as well.

        “In that case, I will double our efforts to recover more of the species that your require for the best results,” Marx said.

        “Thank you, Lucas. You always did understand me the most. You don’t know how big of a help and how great of a friend you’ve been to me since the beginning of my company. Without you to help me, the world would still be in chaos,” Charles said patting Lucas’ back.

My blood boiled at his false words of saving the world. No, he enslaved it to do his will. I really hated this guy and was glad that I was chosen to end his miserable life if that’s what you could call it. I looked over to the left, behind the guards, up to the thick branches of a jungle-like tree that had thick green vines wrapping all over it and hanging down like ropes from the three story high limbs. I searched the many tentacles until I saw a single flash of a mirror reflecting the filtered sunlight. That was the signal that my partner and sister, Chastity, was in position. I pulled out my own mirror and flashed it twice at her to signal that I was in position as well. I slowly took out my silenced laser pistol and aimed it at Lucas. I took my mirror once more and flashed it three more times at Chastity.

        The hunt was on.

        I heard both the guards drop dead at the mercy of my sister and watched as Lucas’ and Charles’ faces became one of surprise and even fear. I shot the laser once and saw Lucas drop unmoving, switched the pistol to stun in less than a heartbeat, and fired once more at Charles. He dropped, not dead, but unmoving. I arose from my hiding place and slowly walked to where Charles lay paralyzed on the narrow path. I looked into his eyes and found solace in the fear that consumed them. I pulled my assassin’s knife from my boot and knelt down beside him. His time was up, his tyrannical rule over.


Two weeks earlier…

Somewhere in the Aleutian Islands


Hey Chase!” Chastity called.

                “Yeah?” I asked stopping so that she could catch up.

Chastity was nineteen with long black hair, and oval face that we both share, with fair skin and emerald green eyes that could seduce any man. She, unlike me, was always in a playful, carefree mood that got under my skin sometimes, but I still loved her and didn’t know what I’d do without her. She was also my assassin apprentice and partner. Together we killed those who threatened the rebellion against the tyrant, Charles Gates. From childhood, everyone was taught the horrors and atrocities that he committed to get where he was. For that reason, we used his name as a sort of curse word.

        “Ben told me to find you and tell you that Father wants to speak with you. I think it’s for another assignment,” Chastity finished happily.

I rolled my bright blue eyes and smiled at her enthusiasm but was a little concerned about her enjoying killing people no matter how much they deserve it.

OK, thanks.” I said and walked toward the rebel headquarters in the center of the island.

The building, if one could call it that, was little more than one of those old beach houses that were used to store rafts, ropes , nets, and any other thing someone used to use at the turn of the 20th century on the beach. As I approached on silent feet, I saw guards moving with me as shadows to make sure I was alone and when I got to the door, I was scanned with a hand-held X-ray to make sure I wasn't carrying any weapons. After the shrill, nails-on-a-chalkboard, screeching sound that the X-ray machine produced, I was ushered in through the automatic door. Despite their attempts, my assassin's blade, which is undetectable by all sensors, remained in my boot. Unlike the ramshackle appearance of the outside of the building, the inside was a completely different story that mirrored the technology of the time. The walls were completely fireproof and see-through, the ceiling was infused with high-tech bio-detectors that could pick out even the smallest bacteria as an intruder if it wasn't in the database as safe or benign, and the floor was made of special tile that would eliminate any unfriendly through lasers that would lock on to its specific DNA. It also moderated the temperature of the room through heating and cooling pads made within the tiles.

        In the center of the small room, there were four tiles that didn’t have the technological advances of the others. I strode over to them and stood in the very center of the pattern. There was a slight buzz from beneath the floor as if bees were trapped under me, and then the floor swiftly descended, carrying me along with it.

        I was standing on the makeshift elevator for what seemed like forever when it finally came to a sudden stop jerking my body so that I almost fell. It got me every time. I thought sourly. I walked forward down the hallway and counted the number of security cameras as I went. When I reached the end of the long and sparsely lit corridor, I was in front of a large and thick metal door. I stepped up to the retina scanner and counted the last security camera as I did so (in total, I counted 30). The scanner flashed a red light in my eye a few times as if unsure I was who I was supposed to be before I heard the loud click of the lock in the vault door. I stepped back as it slowly opened and I took one last look back to make sure I wasn’t being followed, which of course I wasn’t, before I stepped into the dark oblivion ahead.

        “Computer, lights,” commanded an electronically distorted voice.

        The lights came on just enough so that I was in the spotlight and Father was still in the shadow.

        “You called for me, Father?” I said with a respectful bow of my head.

        Father was the leader of the rebellion against Gates. Although he is not our biological father, he is like one to most all the rebellion. However, no one has ever actually met him or even seen him without his cloak of darkness. Some say he is immortal because he has been around since before the energy crisis. I personally don’t believe this, but I can't explain how he is still leading us after all these years.

        “Yes, I did.”

        “How can I serve you?”

        “I have another assignment.”


         “Someone you have been dying to see.”

        “I- it surely can’t be… Is… is it that time already.”

        “Yes, it is time for the end.”

        “When do I leave?”

        “As soon as you leave this building, a plane is waiting.”



        “Thank you sir, I will depart immediately.”

        “One more thing,”

        “Yes sir?”

        “Take your sister, Chastity, with you.”

        “But sir-”

        “No buts, you are dismissed.”

        I turned and walked out of the vault, concerned about why I had to take my sister with me. I was concerned not for the amount of skill needed to pull this off, but for her safety.


Two weeks later…Three hours before assassination...

Somewhere above the United States


        My sister and I were leaned over a table that was covered with a tablecloth of various maps. Some were large and some not so large, some extremely intricate almost down to the last blade of grass and some general. However, the most important map was one of the facility that we were going to break into. It was a small map but very detailed with all the security features that the facility had. It also displayed different guard routes and stations.

        “OK,” I said to my sister while staring at the map, “our best option is to make our way through the ventilation shaft here,” I pointed to a corner close to the ocean, “ follow it to the greenhouse, hide there, and wait for delivery.” Chastity looked over my plan three times.

        “What about all the security cameras and lasers in the shaft?”

        "Well, first, this shaft has the least amount of security features, and second, I figure that a small EMP bomb will take care of things. This will save us a considerable amount of time and hassle trying to avoid each camera or laser," I said confidently.

        "But what if-"

        "Listen! This is how it is going to be. What have I always told you about questions?" I said in an annoyed tone.

        "Spend less time on the questions and more time on the goal." she recited rolling her eyes.

        "And…" I said after a few seconds pause.

        "'What if's are endless but only one makes a difference; 'what if ‘if’ never happened?'." she said scowling.

        "Exactly, and it would do you well to remember." I said.

        "What is up with you? You are never this uptight or as strict on me like this," Chastity said adding, "And why haven't you told me who are assignment is?"

        "First, I am your mentor, so I'm supposed to be strict. Second, I'm worried for your safety more than I usually am because of the assignment. Third, you aren't in a position to demand answers from me; I'll tell you when I think you're ready," I scolded.

        "Still, I think I at least deserve to know who we're going to kill."

        A few awkward silent moments passed between us as I debated whether or not to tell her yet. After a while, I came to a decision:

        "I didn't want to tell you until we were on our way because I didn't want you to brag like you always do about getting to kill the most important people. This assignment had to be kept completely confidential, no leaks, and to this point only Father and myself have known about it. Finally, I didn't want you to be rushed or blinded by bloodlust during the planning."

        "Well, who is it?" She asked impatiently.

        "Charles Gates."


        Birds and crickets chirped quietly as the stars disappeared from sight. It was almost as if they knew about the horrors and dangers of the research facility and were trying to warn the two figures as they were engulfed by the wall. At least that's what it was to the animals. They didn't know, however, that the figures were actually entering a ventilation shaft in the side of the coastal wall.

        Unlike the outside, the inside of the shaft was hot and stuffy. It also stank of stale, stagnant air. It was almost unbearable, and I almost turned back for a fresh and clean breath. Then I remembered my mission of assassinating the worst tyrant the world has even known. Today I was to change the world forever.

        "How did you know he will even be here today?" Chastity whispered.

        "We received intel two weeks ago from one of our spies here. He had overheard Lucas Marx, the research supervisor, talking with his assistant about Gates coming here today to oversee and receive results about some secret project he is working on. Father saw how perfect this opportunity was, so he decide to take it and send his best people to do the job. That would be us."

        Chastity looked into my eyes, and I could almost see them smile. Her eyes were beautiful and full of love and kindness. I couldn't help but wonder how someone so obsessed with death could have such benign eyes. I was yanked back to reality when I sensed Chastity getting impatient because I had been staring at her deceving eyes, deep in conerened thought, for too long. At this, I immediately turned back into my serious mind-on-mission state.

        Thirty feet into the claustrophobic shaft, I came to a metal grate that gave a view of an empty room below. The room was lavishly furnished with a large mahogany desk with a small computer, a king-size bed with red drapes that matched the blood red carpet, and dark blue walls. As I examined the room, I realized that this had to be Gate's quarters. Suddenly, a million thoughts flooded my mind-all fighting to be the one acted on. I made another scan of the room, except that this time I made sure not to miss a thing. That's when I saw a leather-bound book held closed by a thick, black ribbon sitting on the desk.

        Gate's journal.

        Instantly my mind was made. I had to read that journal. What if it had more information about his operations or maybe it could shed light this secret project he was working on? The fact remained; I had to investigate.

        I turned to Chastity.

"Gate's quarters are below. I have to get in there."

She began to object, and held up my hand.

"I have to, his journal is down there and you know as well as I that we cannot ignore the vital information it may provide."

        She studied my eyes for a few moments as if searching for a flaw in my resolve. When she didn't find one, I began to speak again to reassure her.

        "I won't be long, and I'll be extra careful."


        I turned back around and took out my special laser knife that would cut through any material without making a sound. I turned it on and cut around the edge of the grate to make it come lose. When it popped off, I let myself down feet first. I landed with silent, cat's grace and immediately took out my assassin's knife. I quickly made a scan of the room before moving over to the desk and retrieving the journal. I opened it to a random entry:


January 19 2048


        I am tired. It has been a long night. My wife is dead and my son and daughter taken. I feel as if I have died as well. However, I am spared to endure eternal misery. Life is so unfair. They shouldn't have been able to take my kids away just because I'm unemployed at the moment. One day, I will show them that I had what it takes to be a father. By the time they realize it, it will be too late, I will have overthrown the world with my company, and as they beg for mercy I will kill them for the two lives they took form me. I will have my revenge.


        My mind was hit with a shock wave as I read this. I felt that I could no longer think or even function correctly. The room began to spin as I imagined two little monsters running around somewhere as the offspring of the Devil himself. I felt nauseas. I read the entry over many times before I put the opened book back on the desk and, lightheaded, climbed back into the shaft. I told Chastity of my discovery and said maybe our job wasn't quite finished despite the imminent death of the Devil.

        Once I gained my senses, I hurried through the shaft to where we would plant the EMP bomb. On the corner where our shaft met the main air supply to the greenhouse, I had Chastity plant the bomb while I waited a few feet back. She crawled over to me after planting the small, but dangerous, square explosive. Of course, it wouldn't affect us, but it would destroy anything that was running an electrical current. She gave me the remote detonator, a small hand held device with one black button, it looked much like those ridiculous 21st century cell phones I used to see in textbooks at school. Once the button was pressed it would automatically cut any electrical current off so that I would not be caught holding a current in my hand that would potentially kill after detonation. I waited a few seconds before I pressed the button and sent the EMP on its path of destruction.

         Inside the greenhouse, I left Chastity in a large extinct tropical tree, while I hid in a large leaf bush that was covered with biting bugs. I seemed as if everything in this greenhouse had been extinct for years and was now restored in one single safe haven of time. However, I also knew, from our spy, that Marx had been dissecting and experimenting with all of the organisms he resurrected for Gate's personal project. It was disgusting and I felt sick again. I couldn't believe that someone could be that cruel.

        Adrenaline pumped through my veins threatening to make them burst open as I stalked my prey in the artificial rain forest. As I crouched under a large bush-like plant with huge green leaves, I could almost smell the stench of my prey before I caught movement of two old men, conversing, on the narrow path in front of me.




I looked into his eyes, and something familiar in them made me stop. They were the exact same as mine. His hair even had some of the brown color that mine had. Even though he was short and chubby and I was tall and lean, I could still see a resemblance. He seemed to see it to because his face mirrored confusion and lost its fear.

        "You… I know you," Charles said slowly with confusion.

        "No. There is no way," I said trying to hid my opposing thoughts.

        "But, I do, and I can see in your eyes that you know me too."

        "NO!" I yelled and plunged my knife as deep into his chest as I could.

        I felt the warm ooze of his blood as it leaked out onto my hand and his clothes. I pulled out my knife savagely and watched as a leak turned into a fountain. I could even hear his heart pound in my ears, or was that my own? I was so confused. Everything flipped upside down. I felt all alone even though my sister was so close. My mind raced. Time seemed to freeze as Charles spoke his last words.

        "You...You are m-" that last word came out on his death sigh.

        I went into shock. I had killed him without letting him say his dying words. I let go of the motionless corpse realized who the monsters were. I jumped away from him as if he were some dangerous disease that might spring up and take me to hell. Suddenly, my sister was next to me

        "What's wrong?”

        "N-nothing. It's over, let's go, we have another mission waiting for us." I said running toward the shaft.

I vowed, as we entered back into a realm of life and stars, never to tell my sister the truth about that night in the greenhouse, about how I was the cause of the assassination of Charles Gates, a dead father.













© 2009 Skye Manson

Author's Note

Skye Manson
give me honest reviews and be brutal. I want this piece as good as I can get it; point out any grammar mistakes or anything else you can think of. Enjoy

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i found one gramatical error in the sixth paragraph after the heading 'Somewhere above the United States' , it should say "Listen! This is how it is going to be." that's all though. no big problems with grammar or spelling. i thought it was a very good story. the only problem i had with it was that he seemed sorta in love with his sister and i found that creepy. the way he was looking in her eyes and everything. other than that great job! i'll post my story eventually. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


This reminds me of the movie wanted a little bit. It was a well thought out story, and the way it's told is epic. I enjoyed every bit of it. The details given on the assassins fortress of both the father and Charles company was perfect. well done, I applause.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I enjoyed this. I liked how it was broken up into random pieces. It was an excellent twist but i believe you should leave the twist vague. The complicated thing about twists is that when you make them and choose to reveal them you have to decide whether its best to leave the reader questioning whether there was a twist at all. For example:Charles was the father would be showing the reader whether they guessed wrong or not. Charles dying without the narrator saying anything about him being the father would've left the reader guessing. Or like at the end the narrator could tell his sister that they were going to hunt down the children while keeping to himself what he had realized. Say at the end once he recognized him, he left the entry crumpled up on top of the body and walked away.

Just some helpful suggestions. This was an excellent story, you never cease to impress me Fang.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

i reread it and it sounded better! yay! i really like this story. it's great. and he seems less like he wants to make out with his sister now. that's always good. ♥

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

i found one gramatical error in the sixth paragraph after the heading 'Somewhere above the United States' , it should say "Listen! This is how it is going to be." that's all though. no big problems with grammar or spelling. i thought it was a very good story. the only problem i had with it was that he seemed sorta in love with his sister and i found that creepy. the way he was looking in her eyes and everything. other than that great job! i'll post my story eventually. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Very imaginative! Your entry paragraph got me hooked. This type of genre is very popular and you seem to have a good way to put your words that make the flow of your story smooth and entertaining. Good work!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

this was really good!!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

To be honest at first i didn't know what to expect when I began this piece. Now that's not a bad thing, in fact I enjoy pieces that i can't figure out right away. I didn't see any grammar errors. Also the twist at the end was well thought out, but also about the twist. I don't think it needs to be stated outright, just hinted at enough to give the idea, and leave the reader guessing. But then I probably talking out my butt right now. But i digress, al in all this was a well though out, well written piece.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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