Am I a lioness

Am I a lioness

A Poem by Boakyewaa

A lioness comes up to me in the middle of the night

I shiver and tremble as it gets close to me

I pray that it goes back

It whispers into my ear to not fear

It tells me I yield more power than I ever know

The blood thirsty beast buries it head between my legs

It shows me with its power it is still compassionate

In the dark, cold and alone

I see it is not alone

Walking without fear, it emerges

Surrounded by its companions

Ready to devour

And take a life

The lioness comes up to me

Fear stricken with nowhere to run

It looks at me in my eyes

And I see myself in the wild beast


A lioness comes up to me in the middle of the night

The cat fears its companions will rip my flesh

It sees nothing but fear on the face of the little girl on the bare cold ground

It snarls at its companions

The lioness tells me it’s time

I don’t know if I yield the power of a lioness

I don’t know if it’s fear or stupidity

It shows me I have myself and no one

I have a head start as they turn their backs at me

I run with my bare feet on the cold ground

With the evil of the night chasing after me

And thorns closing my way as I run myself to hope

A thousand miles and hope is still far

Can I keep running from my aggressors?

Or should I face them?


A lioness comes up to me in the middle of the night

With scratch and bruises

Questions begin to rush through my head

Why do I keep running?

Is it my fear for the “big cats” and the power it has?

Or do I always want to be prey

I recall the words of the lioness

It’s time to rise up

Do I have such power to stand the evil that’s coming?

I doubt that I behold such energy

Giving up means I’m giving up on life

Because I don’t know the power I have

I stand up to me my aggressors as they draw near

I have nowhere to run

I have to defend myself

With the powers I behold, I channel all that’s left within

To bring my enemies down

They growled and bow

I find myself in surreal mix of fantasy

The lioness appears in the middle of my fantasy

And tells me I am a strong and powerful

I am a lioness

© 2021 Boakyewaa

Author's Note

This is the first piece I have ever written. Please ignore grammar problems. I would love to hear your feedback.

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Added on May 8, 2021
Last Updated on May 8, 2021
Tags: courage, power



Accra, Greater, Ghana

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