Breaking the Surface

Breaking the Surface

A Chapter by WickedPenWielder

In this chapter Celeste encounters a beautiful stranger, mysterious and dark as he pursues her. His arrival brings answers to light, but also haunting question. Is he the cause of all her pain?

After 2 days of Dr. Jane going on about the way I have healed so amazingly, How he Can barley tell I've had an accident, I am Finally released! Of course he recommends I take it easy for a couple of days, and my mother all but welds bars on my windows. Again I think back of when my father and I had lessons, I would get hurt then...nothing to serious just cuts, bruises and the occasional broken bone. My father would never take me to the hospital, He taught me to think through the pain...I never really needed the babying then and I don't want it now. After days of isolation I can't take anymore so I devise my escape.

 "Mom, I'm going to start back at Barts tonight, He needs me to cover Lindsay Willis' shift. See you around 10..." I know its not that easy, but I try to rush out before she can respond...yeah right! 
"Why do you need to cover Lindsays shift Celeste...Honestly, I dont know how much more I can take of this. First your father...then the fires and now it feels like something is going to take you away too." My mother croaks, looking at the wall blankly before crossing the room and taking my hands in hers. "I just dont know if I can lose you." This struck me a little odd...if she can lose me? I dont know why but that sentence made me feel like she thought she has she has no choice. I open my mouth to ask what she means but she releases me abruptly, waving me toward the door. "Go on, be careful Celeste." And she disappears into the cellar. 

Barts Diner is packed tonight, filled with 'Cougar Fever' townies celebrating the big win over East Side 'Wolverines'. My shift is almost over, i'm filling the sugar canisters when the hairs on my arms begin to raise. Then a chilling breath seems to tickle the back of my neck and I spin to find myself alone at the bar. Something feels...wrong. And my mothers words hit me once more, making me feel like something was about to happen. I turn to examine the crowd of faces still lingering and notice nothing out of place...But Still. Just as I'm about to clock out I hear the echo of the front door bell ring in my ears. Turning automatically I follow the glances leading to a stranger, shrouded in black, taking a seat at a corner booth. 

We are one of those hick towns that barely have a passer through and when we do they rarely look like this guy. From his black jeans and boots to his aviators and short dark hair. This guy was without a doubt hot...but there was something else...I can't put my finger on it but I feel like I know him.
 "Celeste. Table 8! Come on, snap out of it." Bart snaps his fingers and pulls me from the train wreck of my mind. Everyone was gawking but I wasn't typically that girl. I take a breath and push my shoulders back on my way over, realizing how ridiculous I'm acting. "Hi, i'm Celeste. Would you like to order or do you want to know the specials?" I ask routinly, perching my notepad in anticipation. Suddenly he lifts his aviators up over his messy hair, turning to look at me with a pair of striking blues eyes, startlingly familiar, like a summers sky. Suddenly i'm taken back to the last things I seen before I passed out... 
"What would you recommend?" His smooth, cool voice pulls me forcefully from my thoughts. He's waiting...he wants an answer. "Uh-Umm...Well Everything is good here, it depends on what you like." I stammer, hoping he would hurry and order. 
"Uh huh, so what is it that you like Celeste?" He asks another question and all eyes seem to be focusing on us, or him, making me fidget slightly. "Fried Catfish and quash with corn and mashed potatoes'." I spit out the first thing that comes to mind, what I had for dinner. His face softens a little and a light smile plays on his lips, i don't look at his eyes. "I'll take it." He says, slowly handing me the menu. With a nod I turn on my heel and leave as quickly as possible, escaping to the kitchen.

 I had Peggy Sue bring the guy his dish, I had enough on my mind. I soaked in the tub for about an hour and heated up some leftover lasaungue, pouring over my homework and college apps. Suddenly a knock sounded from the front door and I froze. It's nearly 1am. I tip toe over to the heavy oak door and pear out the peep hole. Darkness. I flip the switch several times silently, someones unscrewed the bulb...Another loud knock sounds! "Who is it?" I say taking a few steps over to the kitchen draw, removing a large knife. Nothing. "I said who is it?" I nearly shout. "Malcolm...Your Sheriff." Came a cold voice so close to the door it's like hes in the room. "What do you want?" I ask, readying the knife as the knob gives a small shake and i heard a hushed laugh. "You think it's funny terrorizing women in the middle of the night Sheriff?" I spit acidly. "Perhaps...I need to speak with your mother now open the door little girl!" He hissed. But im not one to be pushed and he just pushed me. I jerk the door open, wielding the knife easily in my skilled hand and stare at the shadow figure on my porch. "My mother is in bed, perhaps, you should come back at a normal hour...or NEVER!" I shout as he steps into the light, toward me grinning a wicked grin. I can see two other shadows standing motionless around him. "You have beautiful property, you and your mother." He says about to cross the thresh hold into our home. "Sure would be a shame for something to happen because you were such a rude little b***h." He spat, acid oozing of his words, all the while smiling like a snake. In one swift movement I am standing under him, the blade of the knife pressed against his jugular, the other biting into the back of his head. A small drop of blood runs down the blade. The men behind him begin to move "I wouldn't recommend that officers." I smirk. The adrenaline courses through my blood, making my heart pound in my ears. Slowly I press a little on the back of his head, causing the knife to easily to pierce his skin. He tries to pull away but realizes, with concern that i'm stronger than an average little girl
I force myself to think through the haze of emotions flooding me, think of how this can go badly. "Why are you here?" I harshly whisper to him, I might as well get my answers. He laughs a small laugh and the men who were once in shadow have now entered the glow of my home. I dig the knife in a little deeper, careful not to press to firmly or a little to the right. He lets out a small groan and thrashes but I sweep my leg behind his knees and heave him forward, smashing him to the ground.. "Humm...Tell me Sheriff, besides you and these thugs who knows you have come to pay us this wonderful visit? Because my father taught me something right before his death, many things actually..." I say getting a grip on his hair. "None of which, I don't think, you would like for me to demonstrate. Why are you here Malcolm!?" His goons are conversing silently...To calm now. There is a shift in the air, something has changed. I get a distinct feeling that they are staying away for a reason, I am a young girl and they are hardened officers of the law with lethal training...who know nothing of my own background. Yet they obey my puny threats, and Malcom, though he struggles, I can tell not to his full ability...'They are buying time' Someone seems to whisper to me internally. What the hell is going on here? My blood begins to boil as Malcom releases another sinister laugh and I know then that something is very wrong.
 Suddenly my heart fells as though someone had just shot me, yet no one had moved. A deep burning consumes me where the sharp, ragged pain sears through my insides , the intinsity of it enough to pull me off of the wicked peacekeeper. I gasp for air as hot lava scorches and bites, spreading within me. I stumble back into the banister and crumble to the floor, desperatly trying to pull in oxygen. I see Malcolm stand slowly and stride casually over to me, followed by his shadows. I pound my fist visiously on the floor and rip at my now racing and faultering heart. My whole body feels as if someone has poured gasoline over my flesh and struck a match...I fight against the darkness reaching out for me as my windpip collapses on itself. And just as my eyes begin to roll back I hear Malcolms disgusting murmur. "I expected more of a fight...IF she even is the one we have been looking for. Regardless, when her and mommy are dead I'll get everyhting I was promised." He gives my feeble, limp body a hard kick to the spin and begins to walk up where my mother is sleeping peacful and oblivious. My eyes snap open, a new life spark shoots through me like electricity. 
  Suddenly I feel the ground begin to tremble, the lights flicker and then the bulbs explode in unison. My body slowly starts to vibrate, right down to the bone, just as if I where in a dream. The momentum of the vibration echos in the air around me and I can feel where Malcolm is, almost as if I am seeing him. Pure energy, raw and explosive, courses through my body. My emotions amplified, and my instincts heightend as  every power source around me drains, emptying into me...all except life-force energy. I can feel it pulse through them and beckon to me, begging me to draw it out. Malcolm stalks forward in the darkness, illuminated only by my fiery glow.  I hear them mumble but I'm busy listening to something else, feeling rather, their thoughts and emotions pour over me unexpectedly. Death. Bleak, hopeless and agonizing ending of so many many families that all should have been me. 

© 2012 WickedPenWielder

Author's Note

This is just part of chapter 2. Review based on the fact it isn't finished yet. :)

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OH, last line is excellent.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ooooo. Could you finish it soon, please? Pretty please? :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is amazing!!!!! I love your chapters, they are beautifully written. Keep posting more! I'm hungry trying to figure out more!!! XD Rock on and good luck!

Posted 10 Years Ago

You're character sounds really hot.... I love him! Good start on chapter two, I like the descriptions and hope you'll keep me updated on it!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Great start! I like it, keep going:)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Mawhaha, so the plot thickens. Will it be shaken, what connection will he have. A enemy, friend, or a bit of both..... I like what you have so far.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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