Nana and Grandad

Nana and Grandad

A Story by Elysia

Just a tale of my Grandparents

My Nanna and Grandad hold hands. My Nana and Grandad are in love. My Nana and Grandad have held hands and been in love since the tender age of 15.

Every Day, the school bus would take Patricia home to her farm way out of town. And every day that bus would pass slowly by the other school of the town. Boys High. All Pats friends would stare at the gorgeous guys as they acted cool when the Girls bus came by. Some girls would wolf whistle out the window, while others would lift their tops so just a tiny part of their bras were showing. Pat was different. She didnt want to oogle at those boys. She felt no need to show off to them. She had her own guy, hot as any, but who always stood apart for her, watching and waiting.

When the bus had passed, and the two had shared a look of meaning, Pat would settle into her seat in the knowledge that the love of her life, Derek, would be with her soon. Derek, once the bus had left, would get onto his bike, and ride all the way out to Pats place to "help her father with the farm" and so their Romance continued.

Despite the nonapproval of Pats Mother, the couple got married and had two children, Carole and Cherie. They also adopted a son called Wayne. Many a happy day went by before Carole had her first child, Elysia, then her son, Jerran. Next cam Cheries daughter Isla and a miscarriage for Carole. When Elysia was fifteen, Jerran was thirteen and Isla was nine, It was Pat and Dereks fiftyith annerversary. They held hands. They were still in love.

© 2010 Elysia

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Aww this is soo sweet! You have a spelling mistake in the first line but other then that it was good. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on October 31, 2010
Last Updated on November 8, 2010
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Hi! My name is Sexy Pedo Lyse and I love my Raging Hot Hillbilly! Thats all I have to say. Thanks for reading! xD ... Also... My name is Elysia and im happy to meet you =D Yes, my awesome fr.. more..

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