Foodie's Lovebug

Foodie's Lovebug

A Story by Elysia

She's off to Spain to open her own resturaunt, but could she bear to leave Nathaniel behind>?


Foodie's Lovebug

Chopping quickly and efficiently, I watched my own hands working the knife like a professional. I had the skill that could only come from years of intense training and practise, and man, was I proud of it. I couldn't wait for the upcoming weekend, when I would finally graduate from my expensive but impressive chef school and open my very own restaurant in Madrid! Of course, it would also mean the day I had to part from my boyfriend of two years, Nathaniel Graxen. He would be walking in through the door at any moment now. Home from work, the hospital, a smile on his face, a new story of medical heroics practically bursting from his pouting lips. I paused from slicing tomatoes, and closed my eyes, imagining his grand entrance.

Not a moment later, I heard the happy sound of the french door sliding open, the satisfied clicks as the catch snapped back into place. I listened eagerly to the homely soft thumping of boots on the wooden floorboards, almost in time with the beating of my heart. Those very same heartbeats which grew faster, as the soft thumping drew nearer. My eyelids fluttered, as I forced them to stay closed and enjoy the sweet suspense. The thuds stopped right behind me, I trembled with anticipation as a moment which seemed to last an eternity passed, and I finally felt the strong arms of my lover wrap around my waist, and his warm breath tickle my neck as his sculptured lips nearly drove me insane, poised a hairsbreadth away from my tingling skin. We both drank in the moment-me, in my loves embrace-eyes shut, my only senses working being touch and smell.

Oh and that smell!His manly scent intertwined with the hazy summer air, a waft of heaven, overloading my senses!

I could feel my dearest Nathaniel shift slightly, raise his hand to my cheek and brush away a loose strand of hair. Next, he turned me around, ever so slowly, his touch never leaving my body and each movement sending eruptions of sweetest electricity rushing through my veins, to collide in a spectacular array of fireworks in my heart.

When he had me facing him, he took my chin in his cupped fingers, a wonderfully enticing embrace of its own, and drew me ever closer, his other arm drawing me in at the hips. Our lips met. I melted into him, and he melted into me-like dripping honey fresh from the comb-it was so sweet, so delicious. Perfectly in tune with each other, we parted for a much needed breath and I opened my hazel eyes.


Back to reality. Vegetables lay before me, waiting to be cut. A bird sang in an apple tree outside, and I could swear it was mocking me.

I heard a car door slam, then soon after, two quiet crashes as the french door was opened and closed. I listened to the stamping of boots on the woden floorboards, until they stopped right behind me. I was roughly spun around-luckily a had put the knife down already-and given a sharp peck on the cheek. Nathanial then cast a disdainful glance at the crowded benchtop and headed to the lounge, to the TV, and the beer fridge. Maybe, leaving this guy behind isn't the worst thing that could happen to me. I'll be so happy to make a new life in Madrid. Watch out Spain, I'm coming for you.

Goodbye self-obsessed boyfriend and Hellooo Mederteranian Paradise!

© 2010 Elysia

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Added on November 28, 2010
Last Updated on November 28, 2010
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