I really loved you

I really loved you

A Poem by Wild Thunder

A poem about the worst relationship I have ever been in in my whole freaking life. Aw man it sucked.



I really loved you

Sitting here
In this class room
A room of sound
But I hear nothing
Sitting alone

Everything on mind
but only one
consumes me

You keep saying your going out
Then you never leave the room
Telling me o forget your sights
With nothing less then an uncomfort

Whats with you
I really miss you
So you leave me alone
But I need you
I seem to know
But you wont tell me
So leave me alone
But I loved you

Now I am running it through my mind
The times seemed so right
At least new years was nice
I never wished that you would not be you

So leave me alone
But I loved you
I really care
And I need you
I want you to be
Near me

So let me give you some loverly advice
Don't start something you can not finish
Never ever tell someone you love
If you dont really even care
Don't walk away from fears
And don't hate yourself in the end

So please my love
I miss you
Crazy is a harsh word
Try saying fixed and thinking right

I want you to know
That I am sorry
And I really never ment to kill you
So please my love

Here is my mind before you
I really care
And I miss you
So leave me alone
But I loved you

I want to hold you close
So I can help you
But please don't go
I really need you
So leave me alone
I miss you

© 2008 Wild Thunder

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Yes, yes, yes! Wonderful poem; it drags me up and down and through the words, ripping me up a little bit more each stanza. Poems should do that, you know.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on August 24, 2008


Wild Thunder
Wild Thunder

Clovis, NM

Hi, my name is Jeremiah and I am a writer... a very bad writer in my opinion but a writer no less. more..

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