Forgotten Angel's Battle Cry

Forgotten Angel's Battle Cry

A Poem by Wild Thunder

This was one of my first poems. I bet you can tell huh.



My feathers are on the floor
The crow calls in a distant, for me
I water my works with tears, like rainfall on the arctic mountains summit

Submit to the pain, this is my refusal
The missing cheek is my langrisser

I tell you the truth
I am a black winged angel, a result of fires
Who hides his holy armor
Under the false garments of the earth

For how long shall I stride the skies alone
with broken wings
I look through the gaze of the stars
The cool air is a kind reminder of hope

Going down the road, just watching the couples walk by
Like the cloaked, bandit in the white cruel desert sands
So when will my joy finally sink, into the ocean of sorrow

With my limbs held together by stitches and fake memories
In this the way I travel
Always stopping, to help the crying child or the beggar, for I live this life for their sake

I never knew happiness
So why would I have an attachment
Not here at least

I leave the broken hut made of cardboard and trash, they will rot like commerce and dung
So I leave the dream, to enter the nightmare again
And so I skip, for the darkness which surrounds me is the light I seek
For when evil consumes everything, that is where the true good will be found

Just like the field of the dead after the battle
A photo remains of a fathers daughter, christened with blood, washed dry with a dying hope
I through down my lies like the garments that have decade of this reached life I foster
To show the scars I bare, given from those who I protect
In the cloak of night and the dull light of the campfire

I take my sword with me, for another day
I cross the world of devils
To find safety and rest once again, so that I may bring a little love
Into that fake worship which fosters hate

© 2008 Wild Thunder

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Added on August 24, 2008


Wild Thunder
Wild Thunder

Clovis, NM

Hi, my name is Jeremiah and I am a writer... a very bad writer in my opinion but a writer no less. more..

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