Gannon and Loretta's Love

Gannon and Loretta's Love

A Chapter by Wild Thunder

Gannon seeks to marry Loretta.


The room was lit by candles giving off a pretty golden light.  The room was nicely decorated.  A fit room for a young princess.  A man stood at the door guarding it.  He had the shiniest black hair and w***e cloth instead of metal.  He carried two blades at his side and stood proudly like nobleman would.   His dark brown eyes reflected the small lit candles that brightened the room.

On a bed sat a beautiful young girl.  Her locks were the purest golden you ever seen.  Here eyes the brightest light blue almost like the heavens.  She was crowned beautifully with miraculous and articulate robes.  

“its always been an honor guarding you my lady.” says Gannon the guard.

The princess sighs at his officialness.  “Gannon its ok to call me by my name.  You know we are friends.” she says.

“Yes my lady.” he replies.

The princess then starts thinking.  “do you think in another life we would have been together?”

Gannon stumbles for a moment.  “Such thoughts are against the order my lady.  You should allow them to escape you.”

“do you really believe that way Gannon?” the princess stands an walks over to Gannon with the quaintest of steps.  Each one making a slight knock on the stone floor.  The wind from her movement makes the shadows dance with in the light of the tiny flames.  Gannon noticed each step.  Each one breaking his honor a little inside.  The princess comes up behind him and hugs him softly tugging at his hair with her lips.

“My la... Loretta you know this cannot be.  I am a cursed one.  The only reason I am able to be near you my love is to protect you.  I am a great warrior and through this I can be at your side... however love...” he says to her daringly looking into her eyes over his solder.

“Isn't moments like these worth it?” Loretta says to him.

Gannon sighs “They worth everything to me Loretta.  But it also brings me pain to know I can never lay with you like this.”

Loretta moves to kiss him on the lips. However Gannon places his finger on her pushing her back.  “But why?” Loretta says.

“Because that is a poison that will kill me.” he says with much sorrow in his eyes.

Loretta nods.  “Someday Gannon... when I am queen... that day... I will kiss you my love.” she then embraces him with a hug.  Gannon slowly accepts as he embraces her.  They hear footsteps coming and Loretta pulls away.  The pain in Gannon's heart feels like knives in his side.  He pulls away and regains his composure.

Loretta then leaves the room.  She passes by and two guards coming to the room bow.  After she passed she looks back at her lover and can feel the pain etched in his face.  Stone and cold like a soldier but behind it she knew he was breaking.

Gannon remained his position as the two guards walk in.  One was a blond haired man named Ashmore.  The other was an older soldier named Elxara.  Ashmore had a wicked grin about him.  With words that cut with tremors he spoke “I heard you, oh how painful it must be to know you can never be with the one you love.  Us soldiers are simply fodder for the kingdom you know that Gannon.  You of all people should know that.  The law of the dragons is absolute.  You go against them and they will kill you.” he said.

“You only say such things because you love him.  You know that is true Ashmore.” said to Elxara.

“Quite Elxara, know your place cadet.” said Ashmore as he raised his nose to him.  Ashmore was hire rank because he was son of a great warrior.  He was not a nobleman but out of respect to his father's sacrifice he had rank in the army.

“You are nothing compared to the man you speak so harshly against Ashmore.  Gannon is our pride, a savior to our nation.  He guards the princess not because of his heritage but because he is the greatest of all the blades in this land.” said Elxara.

“Hahahaa you believe that bullshit.” Ashmore laughs.

Elxara stumbles for a moment “He is a noble and know it.  We all do!”

Ashmore then slams his sword into the ground “Noble!  He is not a damn noble!  His father and kingdom fell!  He is cursed for slaying a dragon.  How dare you call him... a noble.  Away with you Elxara.  I will deal with you later!”

Elxara looked Gannon in the eyes as he turned to leave.  His green cap fluttering as he walked away.  Gannon remained composure in front of the soldier who thought so highly of him.  He was considered a hero in his land by the lower class.

“Ashmore, you are just angry because your father died by my side.” said Gannon boldly.

Ashmore then slams the door shut.  “I know your plotting rebellion in order to steel away that princess of the dragon.  Everyone thinks you are some sort of savior to free the weak from the rule of the dragons.  Slay one dragon and you become a hero.  You should be shunned and hated.  My father died for his country and you... you murdered a dragon, the worst offense possible.  You were a prince now your nothing more then scum.”

“I would plot against my own country.” said Gannon.

“Plot against your country!  This is not your country!  Don't forget your cursed Gannon.” said Ashmore.

“I have not forgotten.” Gannon then lowered his head in shame.

“Thats right.  You and know exactly why your cursed.  Cursed to live forever and witness the end of the world.  Only then you will be free.” said Ashmore as he whisperers in Gannon's ear.

“It does not mean I can't break this curse.  I have forever to do it.  I just don't want to for now.” he said.

Ashmore then laughs “We will see Gannon.  We will see.”  Walking out of the room and leaving Gannon in the darkness, alone with trembling fires.

Meanwhile, Loretta is sneaking back into her quarters past the high queen of the dragon.  When she hears a voice call out to her.  “You were goosing around with him again weren't you Loretta.”  The blue banners that hung from the walls were beautifully decorated with golden hem an the room was made of the whitest stones that almost shined with a long red royal carpet that lead into the room.  There sitting upon a throne was the Queen of the dragon.

“I was just telling my maid servants to make sure to wash my bedding.” she said hoping to pull one over her eyes.

“Now you are being immature.  To lie to me like this.  Do you really think you would get away with something like that.” shunned the queen.

“Sorry Queen Illisia.” Loretta says.

A man stood in the corner and walked out holding his rod.  He grins then says “My queen she is at the age where young girls like to play with young boys.  She wants to find seed... she is impure.”

“Zera, I did not invite you in on my conversation with the queen.  Know your place servent.” said Loretta.

“Oh how dare you speak to a  great sage, such as I like this.  Those words are harsh... and they hurt me.” the he snickers and walks away with his purple robe dragging with the jewels of the ancient glimmering.  Light shines down from the grand jewel above only illuminating the room more.  It brightens with each step he takes.

Loretta bows before her queen.  “Please Illisia.  I love him.  He is only a soldier... but he really cares about me.  He has saved my life and taken many wounds since he has been at my service.  I would feel, weak and strong when I am with him.  My service to the dragon comes first but... can't I have something to call my own.”

Illisia then sighs “You know why a priestess of the dragon cannot interact with the others.  They are mortal and as long as we service the dragon we can never age nor can we pass away.  The dragon will keep us forever.  We must tend and if our hearts are divided then the dragon will curse us.  This is your path and you must accept it.”

“He is not like that.  The one I speak of is the cursed one.  Gannon, we can share eternity together.” she says.

“That one should have been locked away long ago.  Now he poisons your mind.  I am aware of that one.  He hates the dragons.  He is only kept here because he is a better friend then enemy.  That one is cursed and should not be spoken with.” Illisia says with anger.  Her light blue hair shines.  Here purple eyes gleam wide with her very fair young skin.  She stands up and walks over to Loretta.

“He is not like that!” yells Loretta with tears in her eyes.

“How about the high priest?  He could keep you far better and he would service the dragon along side of you.” she suggests.

Loretta then stood with scorn in her eyes “And sacrifice my happiness for someone who does not even care for me.  I have already made up my mind.” she scoffed then ran out of the room.

“Loretta wait!” Illisia cries out.

Zera then comments “If we get rid of that man... she would come around.  Together they are a danger to your throne my Queen.”

“Away with you Zera!  Your words are too cruel.” she yells.

Gannon the next day left on his own to go to the eastern shores of the land.  There he went to see the great dragon Lyria.  There the great dragons golden wings like a birds were spread shining light all around her head sleek and white crested with jewels.  Her eyes shines white with a peaceful light.  He body white and her belly blue as the ocean.  Her tail was long and she was very big.  Her voice sounded as she saw Gannon coming.

The sand on the shores of her shrine gleamed like gemstones.  Each step felt as though he was walking on glass.  The priestesses greeted him with a bow.  There Gannon stood before the dragon who's claws were bigger then his whole being.  “Warrior why have you come here?” Lyria asks of him.

“I have come because I need to ask you of something.” said Gannon.

With a wave of her claw the priestesses left.  Then the two stood alone.  She lowered herself to his level then softly asked “What do you need from me noble one?”

“I believe I have fallen in love with one of your priestesses.  She has the most beautiful smile... her eyes are like the sky and her hair is the purest gold.” Gannon said.

“Loretta, she is very kind indeed.” said Lyria.

“I am her guard.  She and I have become close... but I can't have her according to the royal law.” said Gannon.

“It must be painful to endure.  You must really love her.” said Lyria.

“It is, and that is why I am here great dragon.  I have come to ask for her hand... release her from being a priestess so that she may be by my side.  I will do anything for her just name it and it is done.” Gannon said as he bowed before her.

“You are the one who killed my younger brother.  You slayed him without mercy.  You ask this of me when it is you who deserves to be in pain all your miserable existence.  How dare you ask this of me?” she says.  Her eyes turn cold then she snaps at him.

Gannon draws his two swords after this.  “I can slay you all the same dragon!  Your kin cursed me and I understand.  Stand down Lyria, I have not come to fight.”  said Gannon.

“You plot against me stupid child!” she slashes at him with her claw taring the sand into a storm of raining shards.  Swiftly Gannon covers his face.  Then the other claw forces him to the ground.  “You  are not as great as they say Gannon!” she then crushes him further under her claw.

Gannon gathers what strength he has left and stabs his sword through her palm.  Hanging on tightly he is lifted off the ground then is thrown to the ground as the ground whirls to the sky.  He lands hard knocking the wind out of him.  He stumbles to his feet then is whipped by her massive tail.  Knocking him over.  Then she moves snaps at him catching him in her jaws and bites down hard spearing through his body with her sharp teeth.  She spits him out on the ground his corpse in several pieces.  The blood stains the sand and he feels the salt in his wounds.  The priestess's return.  Lyria orders the maidens to take his body to the river of Yriaous where the water flows to the underworld and cast his remains into the abyss.

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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Wild Thunder

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