Rulers Of The Underworld

Rulers Of The Underworld

A Chapter by Wild Thunder

Loretta finds herself lost and cursed in a place of total evil. Gannon discovered what life after death truly meant.


The sound  of a great storm was heard  in the darkness.  Its terrorizing rumble shook the earth.  Loretta awoke from her sleep to find  herself in a shadowy smoke that burned her eyes and stole her breath.  She stumbled to her feet and felt funny as she stood up.  To her horror she found that her arms were like a beasts.  In fact as she looked upon her body there was a thick white fur covering her.  Her hands were like a monsters with sharp black claws.  Her head had two ram like horns.  Her ears and tail were that of a wolfs.  Her face was like a deers and her legs were that of a goat.  She stood about four feet tall.  How could this have happened she screamed in her head.

She grew more fearful as she looked around to find she was in some place very dark but clearly outside in the woods.  However all the trees bare no leaves.  They were sharp and thorn like.  The ground was covered with dead grass and there were miraculous lights that glowed from flowers.   In the distance she head footsteps.  She hid behind a tree to see exactly what it was.

To her amazement it was not another human but one passed she saw a specter walking covered in black rags carrying a lantern.  He moaned with each step.  When Loretta saw this she revealed herself to him.  “Why are you moaning you elder thing?” she asked him.

“My son will never know of the horrors that await him.  I could never warn him of this place.” he said to her.

“Why would a father not want his son to be with him?” she asked.

He started walking past her.  “This is the land where all souls go when they are damned for eternity to rot and wander forever without peace or rest.” he told her.

“Wait land of the damned?  That is impossible.  I am a princess of the Lyrian republic.  Even if I was dead I would never have been damned.” Loretta shouted.

“If you yell like that you will surely be devoured by the other things, Kantorai.” said the specter.

“There has been some kind of mistake.  I am supposed to be back home.” she yelled again.

The specter then lunged at her like a shadowy cloak and covered her mouth.  “I too don't want to be devoured.” he growled.

The specter let go of her mouth and then Loretta calmly asked “How did I get here?”

The specter started walking again.  “I can take you to where Thatos lives... however I wont go anywhere near him.  He is the collector of souls.  If anyone knows he brought you hear it would be him.” he told Loretta.

Loretta walked behind him “Who is Thatos?”

“He is a messenger god.  He rules over the liches and reapers.  His job is to carry all the dead into the underworld and deliver them to there proper place.” He moaned.

Loretta stumbled and walked slowly as she followed this specter.  She did not know whether to trust him or to fear him.  Is he leading her into some sort of trap.  More so weighing on her mind was how this could have happened and why does she look like a Kantorai.

“Stay close to me Kantorai.  The things that walk in the shadow are not kind and certainly have a taste for the living.” said the specter.  Loretta quickly moved as close as she could to the specter.  Staying in the candle light.

Gannon's body floated down stream and was found by the most peculiar of creatures.  It was a girl with a body like shadows and her hair was a white blond color.  It was about neck length and it flowed like cobwebs.  Her eyes were black and purple and so was her skin.  Her hands her like claws and her finger nails were like needles at its tips.  “Tisk tisk another one brave warrior dies.  Oh but what is this?  He still lives?  How pathetic, an immortal is slain like cut down grass.” She says in a childish voice.  “Mmm he looks strong, very strong.” She fetches Gannon out of the water with almost spider like movements and drags him back to her nest, deep down inside a hallow tree.

The specter pointed to the lair of Thatos.  An area where the trees shined a orange and purple light over it.  There in the distance he sat in slumber.  Covered in torn rags.  His body was that of a giant human skeleton.  Black fires burned around him and a giant scythe the size of a tower was by his side.  Loretta walked before the undead lord, trembling in fear.  “O' Thatos lord of the dead please awaken for me.”

Thatos's eyes appear as red and black.  “Who awakes me from my slumber?” says a sly slithering whisper of a voice.

“My name is Loretta I am princess of the Lyrian Republic, I have come to ask you a question great lord.” Loretta tried her best not to act with fear but fear was everything that came out of her.

“You want to ask me a question?  What would it be?  I certainly hope you have not wasted my time.” her growled at her.

This almost brings Loretta to tears.  “Please lord Thatos, I wanted to know how it is I was brought here.  I am not dead.”

“That's right your living.  I don't remember bringing you here but now that you are!” he reaches out and grabs her.  He brings her in front of his face and inspects her holding her tightly with both arms.  “It's been so long since I have enjoyed a young Kantorai girl.  Especially a princess...”

“Please Thatos do not eat me!” she screamed.

“There is no pleasure in feeding ones gut.  I have other needs and desires from you.  Why waste such a pretty body.” he moaned at her.

“Put her down you whelp!” said a young mans voice from the darkness.

Thatos puts a curse that binds Loretta then sets her down behind him and grabs his scythe.  “Who dares disturb me on this rare occasion!” yelled Thatos with anger.

A young white haired human walks out with black and red armor.  He holds a sword that swirled with darkness and each step he took left burns on the earth.  His eyes were like lightning and he voice was powerful.  “Thatos do you not recognize your master's voice!”

“Master forgive me.  I did not know it was you... but I wont give this girl to you until I have had made love with her.” he laughs.

The man dives into the air and stabs his sword into Thatos's chest with lightning speed.  Thatos screams in pain as he tumbles to the ground.  The man pulls the sword out of his chest and then says “Next time you defy me it will be your life Thatos!”

“Girl.  Come with me.” said the man firmly.  He walked away and Loretta was able to move again.  She hurried close behind him.

Gannon opened his eyes to see he was in a dark place lit by candles.  There was the sound of something taring meat. He looked over at his arm and saw the strange girl sowing with her hair and fingernails.  “Oh you finally awoke!” the girl said with a chipper tone.

“Who are you?” Gannon asked.

She sighs.  “What an ungrateful soldier.  Have you no honor.” She then begins to sow in such a way that it is painful to Gannon.

“That kind of hurts.” he said.

She then scratches him.  “What a strong warrior.  He complains about needles.” she said sarcastically.

Gannon angered by her tries to get up only to find that he only has one leg and the other lays on the floor.  Along with his other arm.  “What happened to me!” he yelled.

“Calm down human.  It's just a scratch!” she jokingly says to him.

Gannon cannot believe this creature.  “The last thing I remember is fighting that dragon.” he says under his breath.

“Oh a dragon aye. So you slay them things.  I am so glad I saved you.  Your pretty useless huh.  Guess your a waste of my time.” she says as she walks away.

“Wait! I am sorry, I am being rude to you.  Thank you for helping me.  My name is Gannon.” he told her.

“O' its so funny how empty threats get people to change there attitude.  You humans are so predictable.” she says.

“So what should I call you fair lady.” he says trying to charm her.

“The name is Lavoilt, sower of shadows.” she said with a small grin.

Gannon starts to think about what she said then with a shocking realization “Wait Lavoilt... the goddess... does that mean I'm dead?”

“Sort of... you were disposed of in that one river.” she said.

“Wait I must get to Loretta!” he screams.  “Please Lavoilt you must help me return to the world above.”

“So there is a love interest.  What is she like?” Lavoilt asks kindly.

Gannon slightly frustrated. “I have no time to talk Lavoilt I must make haste to Loretta she could be in danger because of me!”

“Your not going anywhere in four pieces.” she giggles.  Lavoilt can see the stress etched in his face and with a slight amount of compassion she sticks him in the back of the neck with her fingernail.  He then falls to sleep quickly.  “Thats right... fall to sleep.  When you awaken you can go save your lady.”

The man and Loretta walked for miles together.  Some of the way when she got tired he carried her.  Many giant beasts walked by but did not attempt to attack.  Most fled in fear of the man.  Loretta thought maybe it was her lord Loki that came to save her.  She smiled in her arms knowing that she was safe.

“Thank you for saving me.” Loretta said to him. He just carried her. “Your not very talkative are you?”

“Humans say many words but mean nothing when they say them.  Often its just useless chatter.  The beasts speak rarely so when they speak make sure to listen.” said the man.

“You know I'm a human!” Loretta said.

“Of course.” said the man.

“Well, that is a different way to look at it.  So would you consider yourself a beast?” she asked.

“I am a god, beast nor human.” he said firmly.

“I feel safe with you.  Thank you again for helping me.” she said with a grin knowing it was her god Loki.

The man took Loretta to gate between the underworld and overworld.  He let her down before the opening that lead into a bright world.  “This is the end of this world and the beginning of your world. The land beyond this gate is a hostile one to your country.  Do not let them know you are a princess.  Here...” the man said as he handed her his red cloak.  Then he handed her a small sword.

“Thank you.” said Loretta.

The man nodded softly.  “These things will keep you safe.  The sword from santiens like yourself and the cloak will scare away the beasts for it bares my scent.  Remember to travel quickly.  You are a far way from your home.”

Loretta stopped.  “Wait aren't you coming with me.”

The man started walking away with no reply but Loretta quickly called out to him “Before you go what is your name?”

“I am Xion, enemy of your gods.” he said as he turned away and walked into the darkness.  Loretta's heart trembled with fear after hearing that she was in the presence of the lord of all the devils.  She felt so sick she actually vomited.  That was not Loretta's Loki but the most hated and feared of all the gods.

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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Wild Thunder
Wild Thunder

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