The Heat Of Battle

The Heat Of Battle

A Chapter by Wild Thunder

The battle between two great nations is fought. Loretta returns home.


After a long voyage over the shining sea Loretta found her sights spying on familiar shores.  She sighed in relief knowing her journey was soon over and she could ease Gannon's mind.  When she arrives on the shores she jumps out of the boat and swims for a moment cleaning her fur of sweat from the hot sun.  She then secured her boat to the shore and placed her things inside.  She walks a few steps a few steps from her boat then shakes out the water from her fur.  Her long ears flop up and she grins some.

The feeling of butterflies fills her and all she feels is sweet release as Loretta sees the familiar color of soil.  The warm air... the smells the sights the sounds of the birds.  “It's good to be back home.” however this was short lived as Loretta gazed out past the forest up on the hills that the banners had been torn down.  She rushes to the village.

Upon arrival she noticed the peasants with weapons and blades among them.  There was no patrol soldier to be seen.  “Ah, Kantorai!  What brings you into the Peoples Republic of Lyria?” a man with brown hair said as he held a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread.

“Sir, pardon me but what is this word of a peoples republic?  What happened to the hierarchy?” Loretta asked with shock in her voice.  The man just grinned and slapped her on the back.

“Why not come with me to the bar?  We can discuss it.” he laughs accidentally dropping his bread.

Once inside the bar it is a mad house.  People are laughing and going crazy.  Playing all sorts of strange games waving there hats and dancing.  “You have not been here for a while obviously.  I don't know what you want with the hierarchy but they are dead.”

“What!” she said in shock.

The man smiles.  “Our savior ruined the dragon a few months back.  Taking Lyria's head with him.  Lord Gannon has not been seen since but he is hero to our land.  After news of Lyria's death reached the people lord Zera started the revolution against the queen.  The only resistance against the new republic is on the run.”

“What of the queen?” Loretta asked almost in tears.

He laughs... “Looks for yourself.  She is hanging in the town square. Long live the revolution.  Finally we will gain control of our land again.  The rape from the dragons tyranny has finally ended.” the ever crazier man screams.

“don't you see what this means... this land is doomed.” Loretta bursts out.  “Gannon would not slay Lyria!” she screamed.  The whole room grew silent leaving a few clanks heard.

“What are you saying miss?” said the man.

Loretta looked around then decided to get up.  “I must take my leave kind sir... thanks for the information.”

“You best run along now...” he said coldly as he got to his feet and put his hand on his knife.

Loretta ran fast as she could into the woods.  What was she to do?  Gannon... ended Lyria... but why would he do such a thing?  She then hid among the trees and cried.  Was this the reward of her struggle?

The screaming of silver swings through the air then the clash of swords impact is heard.  Upon the cold sands of the Foekai shores Wish was at war.  Before him stood Argo general of the Foekai forces.  Wish slashed at Argo but missed.  Argo came in to slam wish with his shoulder but Wish deflected him with his shield.  Wish managed to jab Argo in the face with his shield after deflecting him.  Argo spit blood onto the snowy white sands staining it.

“Why would someone like you fight for Isrule!” Argo yelled.  “Why not fight for us!”

Wish then responded without emotion or words. His sword flies right for Argo's chest but he jumps back just in time.  The blade scrapes his armor some leaving a small scratch on it.  Argo then pauses for a moment realizing that Wish cannot be reasoned with.

He charges at Wish with a war cry, his blade heading for Wish's stomach.  Wish dodges him then kicks him in his rear knocking him to the ground.  Argo flips over to see Wish swing his sword in a circle once as he walks over to him.  Argo grabs sand in his hand as Wish is about to bore his soul out with his blade.  Wish looks at him and goes to thrust but Argo counters by throwing the sand in Wish's eyes.  It burns and stings as the salt dirt and ice mix in his socket.  “B*****d!” he roars.

Nearly blinded Wish recovers his footing then slashes quickly and violently letting out cries with each strike.  Argo has a hard time dodging the attacks.

In the distant Millenia plunges her spear into a Isrule soldier then tares it out letting the blood spill into the air.  She looks upon the east to see Wish and Argo at war.  “Brother!” she cries out as she runs.  She plunges her spear into the belly of a soldier then cuts the throat of another.  She throws her spear into a large man then draws two blades cutting down anyone in her wake.

Argo then feels his blade cracking.  He cries out as it shatters and can no longer block the strikes of the mighty warrior.  He then feels the sharp pain of the blade buck through his chest.  He falls on his back in pain.

Millenia screams out “No! Brother!” then watches in horror as Wish falls on him with his blade plunging into Argo's chest.  Then he pulls it from Argo's body and runs to slay the rest of her comrades.

Argo gazes over to see his little sister running to him.  He smiles faintly as he bleeds out.  “Sister...” he says quietly.

She knees down beside him.  “Brother...” Millenia says in tears.

Argo looks her into the eyes.  “Let the dead bury me.  This is a time of war... sister... you must lead them to war.  They will count on you to claim victory over these swine.”

“Yes brother.” without hesitation she runs after Wish leaving Argo to die alone on the battle field.

Wish is trying to gain his vision back.  After being sanded like that he is fatigued and cant see well.  He slashes down some weaker warriors before finding a place to rest.  He watches from a tree the battle unfold.  His army started to gain ground on the enemy.  There moral fallen.  Then he sees another warlord charging through his men.  But it was the girl from earlier.  It was Millenia.  Not before too long she cut her way through and stood before Wish.

“Wish you have slain my brother!  You coward!  Why do you fight with these men!” she screams at him.

“May I request the name of my enemy?” he asks her.

She then looks at him with scorn.  “You may!  Because I want you to remember the day Millenia sister or Argo ruins you!”

Millenia then charges him with two blades whirling at him.  He blocks with his one sword by soon finds himself being overwhelmed by the number of attacks she unfolds to him.  The then locks both her blades on his and throws her back sending her sliding back.  He then draws a short blade from his side.  “Its petty to waste such a pretty thing like yourself.  I have to though for my people” he says.

Millenia then jumps to her feet then charges him again.  She goes to try and lock him again in a barrage of attacks.  However she finds herself facing several attacks from his blades.  Each one cracking her swords.  She saw the downfall of her brother unfolding for herself.  However as he is about to raise his arm to bring another strike the bores one of her swords in his arm pit.

Immediately Wish releases the other blade and his arm becomes useless to him.  She blunts him in the face with the bottom of her sword.  He then slashes Millenia in the leg.  She stumbles back.  Then he strikes again breaking her other blades to pieces.  She fell backwards then saw a spear covered in the sand.  Millenia pulls it out and then forces it through Wish's armor and his chest.  His eyes close in pain.  “How can...” he then spits out blood.  His eyes start to bleed.

“Millenia then slits Wish's throat with her broken sword.  He falls to the ground bleeding.  All that goes through Wish's mind is that he failed... he lost to a human.  He watches as he sees her feet walk away as he blacks out from blood loss.

Loretta's cries were not unheard.  A man called out to her “Loretta, what has happened to you?”

She looked and there Ashmore stood before her.  “Ashmore!” she cried out and hugged him.  However he pushes her off of him.

“You stole my lover!” he cried out to her.

She was shocked. “What are you talking about?” she asked him.

“Gannon is gone all because of you!” he says with anger the draws his knife.

“Ashmore think about what your doing!” Loretta then backs away from him slowly.

He sighs “I know exactly what I am saying!  You stole Gannon from me.  You perverted his mind... you put him up to fighting her... you did it thats why your a beast!”

“How could you tell it was me?” Loretta asks.

“I would know that whinny cry anywhere!  Always nagging me.  Always crying out for Gannon.” he says with a great amount of anger.  “Now I can finally get rid of you!  No one will ever know and who would even care enough to stop me?  I will skin you Loretta and give you as apealt for Gannon when I find him.”

“Your not in the right mind Ashmore.  I don't want to but I will fight you Ashmore if I have to.” she then draws the blade Xion gave her.  It radiated strange aura about it.  There they stood about to tare each other apart.

By sunset the Millenia had lead a victory and once again forced Isrule to retreat from battle.  She was returning to the great hall to meet with King Bolg.  She bowed before him then he said to her “Where is Argo Millenia?”

“He has fallen my lord.” she says to him.

Bolg sighs then says “Rise Millenia.  So you lead our forces to victory.”

“Yes my lord.” she replies to him faint in the voice.

“Then praise be to your strength and what of Wish?” he asked her.

She took a deep breath.  “I slue him with my blades.  I ended his life myself.”

“Well this is good news.  Argo did not die without cause.  Millenia I want you to prepare to invade Isrule.  We must strike them when they are weak.  Who knows what those cowards will choose to use against us.” Bolg says.

“Yes my lord.  I will do so at once.” Millenia says and bows to him taking her leave.

Ashmore then puts away his blade.  “I will let you go Loretta but only if you leave at once.”

“Ashmore...” she says quitly as he sees him look down and tears roll down his face.

Ashmore then drops to his knees.  “Go now Loretta before I change my mind.” he says. Loretta then leaves for the shores.  Perhaps Gannon went over seas.  Maybe even to search for her.  So Loretta leaves and goes to find Gannon elsewhere.

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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Wild Thunder
Wild Thunder

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