A Chapter by Wild Thunder

Lunar shows herself.


Gannon stood before the holy alter of the Seal.  In the attire of a holy guard of the seal he managed to sneak through all the guards to this most sacred of chambers.  The candlelight flickering as a dull wind moves through the hollowed halls.  There innocently rapped in a metal chamber it aura radiated a wondrous blue light.  Gannon prepared himself as he touched the holy inscription on it.  He felt a power surge through him.  “This small thing... this tiny piece of material is powerful enough to destroy the world.  All these wars and the spilled blood that taints the lands, all because of this.”

He then tucked it under his robe and walked out of the room.  Hidden in the shadows he escapes from Isrule and sets his eyes on another land far away.  Gannon is determinant to destroy this unholy sign.

“Awaken great king of the fallen empire.  Awaken to a new light a new day!” spoke a man that looked much like a women.  His hair was blue and it covers one of his eyes.  His face adorned and beautified with paint like a god.  His lips were the color of a rose and his face was fair and soft.  With a wave of his hand.  Wish gasps for air as he lays inside a very dark room.  “You live again oh great king of demons.”

Wish grabs his blade.  “Who are you!” he growls at the man.

“I am devil lord Chain.  I hail from the lands below the earth.” Wish then slashed his blade at him.  Chain floated back effortlessly then laughs at Wish.  “Your a strong warrior and you can slay many.  All the beast of the earth curse your name and all the birds of the sky fear your voice.  How I am not of your world Wish.  I am your master, your my slave.”

“Slave! Knave, don't insult me!  If I must I will show you that even the gods fear me!” Wish said as he readies his blade.

Chain lets out a smirk then with a push of his hand Wish flies into a wall.  His arms and legs bound against it. “Hubris will bring your downfall.” Chain then moves his hand aside and Wish falls to the ground.

Wish gets to his feet then huffs with anger and rage.  “What form of magic is this!?” Wish roars at him.

“Its the power of a god foolish human.” Chain said then with a look of his eye he sent Wish surging in total pain.  Wish drops to his knees riving in agony. “Now human get to your feet.  Prove to me you are worthy of that life of yours.” he laughs.

Wish then darts at Chain feeling all the pain being pressed on him.  He slashes and hits Chain right in the chest.  Chain then throws Wish back.  “This is what I wanted to see.  You shall do... fine.” Chain said.  “Your free to go mortal.  I will come again for you another day.” he laughed.

Millenia stood before a million soldiers parading victory in the streets below the humble castles.  However he mind was not on the people in the streets but trying to figure out how Wish broke free of that curse.  Wish was once ruler of nation known as Asruledia.  The greatest of the empires in Laves so powerful that even the dragons feared them.  How could he break free of his own will?  An even bigger question is why fight for Isrule.  An empire of weak magicians and tricksters.  Isrule, who surrendered to the dragons upon there arrival.  They did not deserve to live.  Yet a single man drives them to attack. The shores of the great Foekai.

As Millenia watched she could not help but wonder what of her people.  If such warriors are awoken on the side of Isrule what could Foekai do to stop the invasion of such a mighty empire.  Millenia then sneaks away from the spectators and the elect to go think by herself before the next battle begins.

The fallen shrine of Lyria.  Unwept and destroyed, a shroud of pain and sorrow surround the shores.  The dead dragons body laying in the sand all her scales torn from her and Lyria's head removed.  The unburied corpses of the maidens laid exposed.  Upon the white sands Loretta walked.  The land once beautified was now defiled and bore evil emotions.  “This is awful.  How could Gannon do such a thing.”  Loretta then started to bury the bodies of the maidens.  After several hours she finished then looked upon Lyria and placed her body against Lyria's stomach.  “Lyria... I never thought you would fall.  Not like this.  This is not right my queen.” Loretta says then starts to sob.  “What am I going to do?”

“Go into the shrine Loretta.” whispered a voice from behind her.  Loretta quickly turned around saw nothing.

“Who is there!” Loretta asked the air.  She then looked into the darkness of the shrine and walked inside of its shadowed halls.  There inside the pits of the labyrinth she came to see a hollowed specter.  A massive shadowy dragon who radiated a light.  It gazed upon Loretta.  Its eyes lighting the darkness.  The legends were true.  Loretta was baring witness to the goddess of the dragons.  A fabled dragon who consumes the energy a fallen dragon leaves behind.  Her name is Lunar.

It was massive and her body was long like a serpent.  She coiled around the room trapping Loretta inside.  Then very silent words come from her mouth but Loretta could not understand her.  Loretta gazed into its eyes.  She felt safe.  Lunar then opened her eyes more moving closer to Loretta.  Loretta stood only inches from the dragons face.  Her eyes growing more radiant.  Loretta then saw a story unfold.

Images of a god filled her mind.  This god made the dragons as weapons in order to fight another god.  Then she saw a glimpse of Xion and Loki at war.  The dragons and the devils at war with each other.  From this she saw an image of Lunar gazing down from the highest worlds onto the battle.  Then an image that caused her mind to burn in pain.  The image of the holy goddess weeping for her creation.  Then Lunar showed Loretta an image of the worlds becoming separate and many on both sides being sacrificed to do so.  Lunar then showed images of the dragons coming to Vatali and destroying all that the nations had built.  Among these dragons she saw Lyria consuming all she came upon.  Her greed and lust for power made her corrupt.  The images did not stop... they flooded her mind.  The evil of the dragons became clear to Loretta.  They were not noble nor were they worthy of worship.  Until it was too much for her to bare as she fell to her knees crying.  Lunar spoke words to Loretta but still the language was strange to her.

Lunar brushed against Loretta softly.  “You are the lord of all the dragons.  Why do you comfort me?” Loretta asked.

“Purity.” she says to Loretta.

“Why show me such things?” Loretta asked the dragon.

She gazed onto the sealing of the shrine.  The paintings made it clear why.  Inside this room it showed the dragons as gods.  Telling tales of their creation of the world.  In fact these dragons had deceived the world into falling from the creator.  These serpents made chaos with the world discipling themselves as saviors.  The lies became clear... the dragons were simply tools for the gods of Celestia to make war with those that dwell below.

“Who shall I follow then!” Loretta cries out.  Loretta then sees the dragon gaze at her once more sending images of the goddess surging through her mind.  “So this is who I shall follow.  Why are you here Lunar greatest of all the dragons.”

“For you...” she said.

The Armies of the Foekai and the Isrule clashed at the coast of Isrule once again.  The Isrule forces were retreating to the inland away from the ships.  Millenai stood in the back laughing at the Isrule forces.  “Look at them running like dogs!” she says to her fellow warlords. A small boat is seen in the distant.  A lone figure rowing it towards the main fleet.  Millenia then sees the man.  “What fool would charge our forces alone?”

Wish bounds onto a Foekai battleship alone attacking the main army of Foekai.  He gazed over the endless ocean of soldiers screaming for Millenia.  Their numbers were fallen as he was consumed with a new power.  He commanded the powers of shadow fires.  Slaying men by the hundreds his blood lust was not appeased.  Something had happened to Wish when he died.  Something dark something unholy.

“Wish!” Millenia said.  “Thats impossible I killed him.  Has he returned as a ghost!” Millenia then looks over at her fellow warlords.

Miershack then looks upon her and tells her “Go... fight on the main land.  He will slay you if he gets to you.  You cannot fall to him now Millenia.  May you live to fight another day!”  Miershack then runs onto the ship Wish was fighting on.  “Wish!  I come to claim your head!” he yells.

Millenia knows that Miershack was right.  Wish in this state would slay her in an instant.  Before he was fatigued but now he seems cursed with rage.  She then rows to shore to fight on the mainland and push against the Isrule forces.  In the distant she sees the King of Isrule fighting.  She then focuses on him as her target.

As Wish stabbed through the enemy painting himself in there warm blood he thought of Millenia.  However it was not the rage of war that burned in him.  She defeated him... in some ways this made him hate her but in others made him desire her all the more.  She would be his.  Even if he had to drag her screaming and kicking.  Wish then saw Miershack and without words dived over several soldiers kicking off ones face into the air.  Frozen in time his desire for Millenia would be met.

Loretta begs Lunar for help.  “Please can you tell me how to break this curse upon me!” she cries to the dragon.  Lunar then looks at her and shows her images of another dragon.  One that is old and is in ruins.  Lunar then looked at her again then quickly faded away into the darkness.  “Lunar wait!” she cried out.

Loretta then hurried away from the shrine in her small boat.  She pushed hard against the waves to the island that Lunar showed her.  Maybe there she would find what she is looking for.  Maybe there she will find Gannon.

The rallying cry rung in Gannon's ears.  He awoke from a nightmare of the world falling into chaos because of the Seal.  He held it close to him laying in candlelight.  He saw the rising of an old empire then before him was darkness.  “Loretta... where are you.” he says gazing up at the stars.  “When will I see you.”

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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Wild Thunder
Wild Thunder

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