Weeping Of War

Weeping Of War

A Chapter by Wild Thunder

Foekai march onto Isrule's shores.


Loretta arrives on the shores of the shrine.  She gazes upon it and searches for the dragon.  However the shrine is empty.  Why would Lunar lie to her?  She then found herself starving for food and weak from exhaustion.  There was a small village island near by named Epitaph.  The weak Loretta drifted until landing on the shores.  Starving she barely had the strength to walk.  She hosted her ship on the shore then walked until she saw the small village.

She collapsed on the ground.  When she awoke she was inside a bar.  Three Kantorai stood infront of her.  These Kantorai were of a lesser breed.  They stood only about three feet tall.  One was a female one. She was white and had only small nubs for horns.  The other was a male and her was redish brown with a white furred and black markings lining his body.

“She is coming to I think.” the female one says.

The male one barks then grab a small bowl then pours some soup into Loretta's mouth.  “drink it all.” he says to her.  Loretta sits up and drinks from the bowl.  It was a crude flavor but she appreciated the nourishment all the same.

“Where am I?” she says.

The female one then bows to Loretta.  “You are at our humble home noble one.  Your in the village of Epitaph.  My name is Mierla.  This is my brother Shoal.” Mierla does not raise from her bow.  Shoal does the same.

“Why are you crouching before me?” Loretta asks.

Shoal then answers “Because you are of royal blood.”

Loretta flashes a faint smile.  “You two may rise I am not royal.  You must be mistaken.” she says to them.

“You are a princess are you not?” says Mierla.  She then raises some.  Shoal slowly follows.

Loretta then finishes the soup up.  “How can you tell?” she asks them.

Mierla then looks at Shoal.  “Your scent... you smell of anointed oils.” she says.

Loretta then smiles some.  “I never want you two to bow to me again.  You hear me.  I am not superior to anyone.  In fact I am low for have ever feeling greater then any of you.” she tells the two of them.

“How can you say such things.  You are a princess!” Shoal says to her.

“You don't understand... I order you as a princess not to treat me as a princess.” she tells them.

Shoal laughs.  “Thats not how it works... but if you don't want to be treated or pampered like a princess then I guess we have no choice.” said Mierla.

Mierla then says to her “You hail from Lyria right... thats the direction you sailed to the shrine from.  We watched you in fear you were a soldier.” she says.

“We were quite relieved to see someone as beautiful as you.” said Shoal.

Loretta then looks upon them.  “You watch the seas... perhaps you might have seen a man.  His name is Gannon.  I am looking for him you see.  He is my... friend.” she says to them.

Shoal smiles.  “We saw him about a week ago.  He sailed to Foekai.  He was talking about a Seal if I remember correctly.”

“He is alive!” Loretta says with joy.  “But why would he go to Foekai? If you could pardon me I must be going.” she says.

“We never caught your name princess.” said Mierla.

Loretta then looks at them as she is leaving the hut.  “My name is Loretta.  Thank you ever so much for the help.” She then darts away.

“Loretta, the priestess.” said Mierla.

Shoal laughed some with his sister.  “Gannon will be happy to see her.  Hope she finds him.”

Word of Wish reached even the underworld.  His soul was to belong to Thatos.  Angered by this Thatos sent his army to take Wish to him.  He sent Ilshaboul to lead the reapers.  There on the battlefield rising from the ocean was the spirits of the dead coming for Wish.  The appeared before him surrounding the ship and taring the mast down.  Their shadowy figures circumvent the structure.  They hold swords and knives and some with scythes and others with rods.  The armies battling on the shore still fought without seeing them. However all is dead among the Foekai ship.  Wish alone among terrible demons.

“Wish...” called out Ilshaboul in a booming dark voice.

Wish then stands among them his hair blowing in the wind.  The sound of the sails snapping.  The head of Miershack at his feet.  “To what do I owe this honer to?  A mortal to be visited by the armies of hell.  Have I scared even the devil's?”

“Foolish mortal.  You know not of anything of the infernal.  We have come here to take you with us.” Ilshaboul says to Wish.

Wish looks at their numbers at inside starts to feel cold.  “Who is my taker?” he asked.

“Thatos calls for you.” he says to Wish.

Wish then looks at him and walks close to Ilshaboul.  The reaper stood over ten feet tall and towered over Wish.  His wrath like figure gazing down at him; is face covered by a veil of shadows.  Wish then drew his blade and slashed through Ilshaboul.  However his sword passed right through him leaving only smoky dust flirting about the air.

Ilsahboul smashes Wish backwards with a kick.  A loud snapping is heard, the ribs in Wish's chest breaking.  He flies into the fallen mast of the ship as the spirits swarm him.  His sword removed from his hands then thrown far from him.  They grab onto him pulling him into shadowy darkness.  However he then he feels a power come over him.  He tares the spirits from his body leaving gaping wounds in his flesh.  There hands burn.  “No one is taking me anywhere!”  He then draws two short swords from his sides.  He slashes into the head of a specter then stabs the stomach of another.  The reapers then back off.  Mortals cannot touch a reaper.  They fall back in fear.  Wish then drops down and weakens from the attack.  They watch him.

Then Ilsahboul laughs at Wish.  “What makes you think you can fight us off!” he says.

“I can make a deal with you.  How about that?” he says in a hazy voice.  His life clearly drained from him.

“A deal?” Ilsahboul laughs.  “What could a mortal offer a god?”

“Souls... I can do far more work for you here then in the underworld.” he tells Ilsahboul.

Ilsahboul grins some.  “Souls?” he says in a mocking tone.

Wish huffs some then says “I kill soldiers in endless numbers.  You take me away...” then Wish is cut off by Ilsaboul.

“They all still die!  You do not take life away you only shorten it.” he says to Wish angered by his statement.

Wish finds himself bleeding out very quickly.  He then sees a torch on the ground next to him.  “I will go with you but only if you can take me yourself.” he says to Ilsahboul.

“I am sick of you mortal!” he says then flies at him with much speed.  Quickly Wish grabs to torch then lights the specter on fire.  His body burns and he cries out then fades away.

Wish's heart pounds as the minions fade as well.  He sees that he is not the strongest creature in existence now.  He is only strong among the weak.  Ilsahboul left... but for how long.

As Gannon stood on the shores of Foekai he came across an platoon of soldiers.  All of them armed with weapons and blades.  Gannon's boat was discovered.  They were searching it for sure.  Lucky he kept the Seal on his person.  However it was not long before one of them spotted him.  Gannon stood before them holding his blade.  However when he drew it the Seal fell to the ground in front of him.  The commander of the platoon saw it then spoke.  “Stranger halt!” he says.

Gannon quickly snatches it up.  Stashing it behind his bone armor. “I do not want to do battle with you.  I am friend of King Belg.” he says to the soldiers.

:”King Belg... then hand the Seal over to me.  I will make sure it reaches his hands.” the commander says.

Gannon then looks at the man.  “I cannot do that.”  The commander then smirks and draws his blade and so do the other four.

Millenia reaches the King of Isrule.  She stands locked in combat with him.  Her blade beats against his shield.  “Mighty King tell me who is that man, Wish!” she demands of him.

“You want to know of Wish?” he says as he blocks another strike from her then swings his sword at her feet.  Millenia jumps and strikes at his shoulder but the swift king blocks it with his shield.

When she lands she opens another flurry of attacks on him.  “Why did he fight on your side!” she roared at him.  The king moved back some from the slashes however he does not say a word.  “Why would such a man fight for you!  Answer me!” Millenia growls like a wolf.

The king then yells out.  Millenia finds herself swarmed with soldiers.  She grabs her sword and spins around cutting the legs of a few of the soldiers then plucks them off with slashes one by one.  She then sees that the king has retreated from her.  She growls and fights the soldiers around struggling to catch up to him but it is no hope.  He has evaded her.

Loretta arrives on the shores of Foekai and sees a black haired man being attacked by a group of Foekai warriors.  Immediately she knows its Gannon.  She rushes to him but remembers how she looks.  She is afraid to tell him who she is.  However she draws the blade Xion gave her and charges.  Diving onto the back of one soldier stabbing through his neck.  Gannon slashes on man in half.  The commander then swings at Gannon only to have his arm cut off by Loretta.  Then a minion goes to strike Loretta but Gannon stabs the man in the stomach then tares through him and takes off the commanders leg then stabs his blade into his head.  The lone soldier runs away to inform the others.

“Thank you... Kantorai.” he says then looks at Loretta.

Loretta looks at him in horror.  His face was held together by stitches and his body was now pale like a ghost his armor was made of devil bones and he resembled a soldier from the underworld.  “Brave warrior may I ask what your name is.” She did not want to believe this is what has become of Gannon.

“The name is Gannon.” he tells her then swings his blade cleaning it of blood then puts it away.

Trysha rushes onto the battlefield with her short sword.  In the distance she sees her father in the moonlight among the trees.  However there is another man.  A tall and mighty man with white flowing hair and a massive metal mace.  He wore a crown on his head and had a long beard.

Trysha hides then listens.  “So we finally meet in person Belg!” says her father.

“Luciaye, are you prepared to surrender the Seal to me!” Belg says.

Luciaye then looks at him with a grin.  “It's not mine to give.  Seems it was stolen from me.”

Trysha was shocked.  The Seal was not stolen, her father was lying to Belg.  Then to her horror Belg speaks.  “Then you shall die.”  With a swing of his mace Luciaye is knocked back.  “Get up coward!”

“This is how it shall be then.  A fight to the death.  Why must we fight Belg?” Luciaye says to him.

Belg then stands tall.  “You killed my only son and invaded my home.”

“Wish killed your son!  Not I.” Luciaye says.  Luciaye then got to his feet and drew his sword and shield.  Belg then charged at Luciaye but the king of Isrule dives aside then slashes at Belg's waist but Belg grabs his blade with his armor clad hand then throws him aside.

Belg slams his mace  onto the ground leaving a gaping hole as Luciaye rolls to the side.  Luciaye then jumps to his feet then runs to stab Belg in the stomach but Belg jumps to the side.  “Your faster then I thought.” says Luciaye.

Belg responds by checking Luciaye in the chest with his mace handle with both hands knocking Luciaye backwards.  He then goes to bash his brains out but Luciaye blocks it with his shield the force from the blow dents the shield in deep and the shock from it snaps Luciaye's wrist.

“Ahhh!” Luciaye cries out in pain.  Then he shoves Belg back with his shield.  Belg is knocked off his feet onto the ground.  Luciaye then dives down at him with his blade.  However Belg puts his legs on Luciaye's chest then throws him back.  Then gets to his feet pushing himself up with the shaft of the mace.  Luciaye then jumps back some.  “Belg, stop this assault!  Your sons assailant is on the battle field.  Go fight him!”

“Your scared!  I can see it all over your face.” Belg laughs.  He then bashes his mace on the ground and shatters the ground making dust fill the air. From the dust Belg lunges forward at Luciaye.  Caught off guard he only has a moment to use his shield to block.  Belg's mace hits the side of the ivory shield breaking the shield into shattering splinters and shards of metal.  Luciaye then throws the remainder of his shield in Belg's face.  It cuts Belg in the eye.

“Father kill him.” Trysha says under her breath.  Then Luciaye lunges at Belg and stabs Belg through the arm.  Luciaye pulls out and blood spews out of his arm.  Belg then hits Luciaye in the face wit hthe blunt of his mace.  Luciaye then spits out some blood and teeth.  Then Belg jabs Luciaye in the stomach with the head of his mace.  Knocking Luciaye back and cracking his ribs.

:Luciaye then manages to slash at Belg's shoulder then his ribs and then his knee all on the left side.  Blood flies in the air from the quick set of strikes.  Belg however is not phased and his mace comes smashing down from over his head then beats down upon Luciaye's shoulder.  The sound of his spine and all the bones below shattering is heard.  Luciaye falls to the ground.  Belg then raises his mace overhead then bashes it into Luciaye's head splattering it all over the place.

Trysha then cries out “Father!” as she runs with tears and whimpers falling from her mouth.  She dives onto his body.  Belg looks at her.  He is about to kill her when some compassion enters his heart. This was Luciaye's daughter.  It would be wrong of him to kill her... especially since she is so young.  Trysha then gets to her feet and draws her sword.  “Fight me!” she cries out. Belg turns around and walks away as pieces of Luciaye's face fall off his mace.  His mind in a haze of confusion.  He had slain this girl's father right in front of her.  His heart became heavy.  Trysha then falls onto her father weeping.

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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Wild Thunder

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