Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Wild Thunder

Many years passed and Adrian had traveled the world.  His research of his past brought him to many lands.  However eventually he grew tired and came to a point of rest.  He waited inside a small village on the eastern boarder of De'Lier.  He never official gained citizenship but no one bothered him for he became known as the village god.  They were a spiritual people and the high priests of the village said his power was great.  So this became his dwelling.  So the years passed and he was alone and he was happy.

A celebration of ample size was happening.  The occasion was the fortune of the fall harvest.  This year they reaped twice as much as they had in the previous year.  The angels of fertility spilled their germ upon the soil of the land.  So the children played and they launched fire works in praise to the goddess.

They danced around a large bonfire in the town square and hung banners and flags and they feasted.  Inside a tower, Adrian laid gazing into the moon.  The skies were open and silent as his habitation.  Flashbacks of his history playing over in his mind.

"Nine." a woman's voice called out.  A young Adrian gazed up at the women with smiling eyes.

"Yitsiku!" he said as he ran over to her and hugged her.  Her hair was blond and long.  He clung to her with joy.

"Have you been a good boy?" she asked him.

He smiled up at her then she changed and a light invaded his memories.  Another women cloaked in light stood before him.  He looked at her and everything else faded to darkness.  In a mans voice he calls out to her "Looks like we meet again."

Then she looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I am so sorry." she says in a faint voice.

The bang of a firework broke his trance.  Why was his voice so different and who was speaking through him he wondered.  However he shrugged it off, as he looked up to see the pretty colors fall into clouds of smoke.  A faint grin crossing his face.  Watching as each fire work exploded one right after the other.  The people below oohing and awing at the spectacles of dancing lights.  Oblivious to the watchful eyes of a predator with jealous intentions.

"Do you see that." A man says to his daughter pointing at the clock tower where Adrian is resting watching out the balcony.

The girl smiles and asks "Who is that man?"

The father laughs and gets down to her level.  "No one really knows.  However they say he is a warrior."

"Is he a good guy or a bad guy." his daughter asks him.

"Oh, I am sure he is just a normal person." he tells her.

Adrian waves to them then looks to another place.  Clearly hearing what they had said of him.  The celebration is beautiful to witness.  Everyone is happy and everything seems right.  The market place has many things for sale of many different values.  Games for the children were all about and women danced in the customs of the old ways while music filled the air. Adrian could here the stepping of the lady feet as they danced and the peoples cheered; laughter and over all excitement was about.

The armies of darkness and there numbers flew in on chariots made for the heavens.  These helicopters brought 20 soldiers in each one.  Captain Rigmont was assigned to lead this operation.  Among his main force was two small forces of ground troops in tanks.  The ambition was the beginning of the first strike against De' Lier.

However unannounced to him those who watch from beyond wanted to awaken Adrian again.  To stir him out into the open.  For they knew of him well before he was born to this world.  The Hagro forces were simply a sacrifice of blood to him.

"Captain, we will be in range in minutes sir.  Shall we ready for aerial deployment?" said a pilot.

"Send the first wave in on the rooftops.  Send four teams around entrances and exits.  Bring in the tanks from the eastern city wall." his orders on combat raged on.  Knowing full well each order spelled death for this small village who was unarmed and unprotected.

His ignorance was great and his pride was also great.  He was a man who scrapped his flesh for mechanical parts.  Because of his ample forfeit of flesh he was made general.

The fireworks cries were soon drowned out by the found of hailing guns.  The helicopters flew above the town square and fired away blowing innocent people down in an instant.  The people tried to run for cover then the rockets started  booming and impacting buildings sending them tumbling down in a tsunami of dust and stone.  Soldiers dove out of the choppers and with there assault rifles rained shells upon the ground as in a bloody mist the people fell over dead.

Adrain's eyes opened wide as he spied the copters.  Bullets flew through his shrine from the walls.  Small beams of light shined through as each one hit.  He ran and dived and weaved side to side as the shots impacted around him and flew past several times.

"Bring up the bio-scan from Unit-49.  What is that?" Rigmont asked.

The screen in front of him grew and a biological target was moving inside the shrine however it was moving so quickly.  It in fact frightened him because he was faster then the guns that were firing at him.

An open part in the wall appeared as Adrian ran and he dived then focused his mental power onto the assault ship firing at him.  In mid air while doing a side flip he pointed his arm out and shot a blast of electricity at it hitting its left wing.  Immediately it was sent off balance and crashed into a building.  Metal pieces rained down and the ship caught fire then the fuel tanks exploded.

"We lost Unit-49 sir." said an operator on the flagship.

Rigmont looked at the replays on the screen.  "What the hell is that thing."

Adrian jumped out a window onto the roof to get a better view as to what was going on.  The people screamed in terror as the blood spilled on the ground.  The pain he saw all around him was pleasing to him.  There was a certain art and beauty to it.  His eyes glowed red with rage as these foreigners destroy his home.  He watches as a missile impact the tower and his shrine is set fire to.

As he stood there looking from on top a building a group of soldiers was sneaking up behind him. "Sir he appears to be a human."  As soldier said his voice silenced from his skull like gas mask.  The armor of a Hagro soldier is bulky but allowed for great protection.  Red and black were his colors.

Rigmont shakes his head as he looked on his screen.  "Open fire on him."

"Kill him!" shouted a soldier from behind as they hail bullets at him.  Adrian dived graceful as a bird swooping for fish.  Landing in front of one of the soldiers he jabs his hand into his stomach through the armor.  He tares out all his fleshy insides.  The soldiers vital organs falling to the ground bringing a squishy wet sound on impact.

With rapid movement Adrian grabbed the mans knife and threw it into the head of the other soldier.  The third one steadied his weapon firing at Adrian hitting him in the stomach a few times.  Adrian hunched over and looked at the soldier.  His blood dripping on the floor.  The then looked up and grinned a wicked smile.  "What the hell are you!" the soldier screamed then held down his trigger against Adrian.

Quickly with a back flip Adrian knocks the weapon from him then places his leg on his side as he pulls on his arm.  All that can be heard are the screams of pain and bending of metal and taring of flesh.  In the distance other soldiers here this and charge to assist.

Adrian stood for a moment enjoying the scent of blood that covered the air.  His body expelling the ammunition.  His wounds closed up slowly and he heard the foot steps of the soldiers.

The soldiers moving to assist from the roof tops stopped and before there eyes they saw a fast moving creature who ran like an animal but appeared to fly as he jumped from one building to the other.  The opened fire at Adrian.  The bullets landed right behind him and the soldiers focused fire all over the place.  Adrian twisted and then dived into the air.  Landing on the building with the soldiers.

Without hesitation he swooped onto one ripping right through him and then grabbed another using him as a shield then threw him into the others.  He quickly moved in front of one and blew him apart with an electric charge.  His feet appeared to not touch the ground because of his rapid movement.  Adrian made short work of the rest.

By now the blood was poring of his body and his hair was stained red.  Everything was on fire and people were screaming as gun fire surrounded.  All around him.  He gazed onto the ground level and sees a group of people trying to run away from some soldiers.

Quickly Adrian points out his arm and it blows open with an electric blast.  The blast then breaks apart into many streams of lightning and hit the soldiers with so much force it even shatters the ground into pieces.  Adrian then jumps down and looks at the villagers.  They quickly run past him to safety.  "Thank you." one of them says to him.  Without paying any attention to them  Adrian hurries along killing and slaying these invaders.

"Our operation is failing because of one man.  This should have been over by now!  Why is that thing not dead." Rigmont yelled throwing his arms about.  He then barks off orders to them in a panic.  "I will not be shamed by a mere man."

Adrian passes a corner then sees the Hagro soldiers being shot apart by a group of people with urban military clothing.  They where red berets and white gas masks and he reconciles them as Soaring Wings soldiers.  A Hagro resistance army.  One of them among them w***e a red cape meaning he was an officer.  With there assault rifles they shoot down the Hagro quickly.

Adrian stands watching them fight and then slips into a trance.

Adrian is standing in a field laying on a lone tree's branch.  He is sleeping and at peace then a voice calls out to him. "Adrian."

Adrian opens his eyes. "You mortals don't know when not to disturb someone." he laughs.

"Hey, we don't have eternal youth.  Stop complaining you have forever to nap.  We got some action for you.  I thought you might be interested." said the man.

Adrian then is broken out of the trans as a war ship flies in over head and starts shooting.  "Ready the rockets!" yells the officer.  Two men run in front then set up two large rocket launchers on the ground.  "Give them b******s hell!" four rockets then fly out of each one into the war ship blowing it out of the sky with a single well targeted assault.  "Lets move out."  They start to run in Adrian's direction and the officer upon seeing him stops.  He raises his right arm with a fist then says "Halt men."  He looks at Adrian seeing him standing before him.

The fires burn next to Adrian and a dark shadow shines over his face and his leather clothing drips with blood.  His eyes shine red in the night and his hair is dripping with crimson wetness.  The officer takes a few steps forward a few steps then pulls off his mask.

A black haired man stands before Adrian.  His eyes are light blue and he looks young.  "Adrian?  Is that you?" he says with a quiver in his voice.

"Who might you be?" Adrian asks without any emotion.

He then runs up and hugs Adrian.  "Just like you." he says with so much joy.  However Adrian has no emotion and does not embrace the man.  "Its me Juraldo."

Juraldo... the son of his friend Blair leader of the resistance army.  "Why are you here?" Adrian coldly asks.

"The Hagro forces are invading all over the country.  They have launched a massive assault and show no signs of pulling back.  This is just one spot they are attempting to break through from.  To the south they already broke through.  From our intelligence they have allot more forces coming in from the east.  It looks like this is it.  The big take over of De'Lier.  We need your help Adrian." Juraldo says to him.

"Why would I help you?" Adrian says and starts walking away.

Juraldo then runs up to Adrian.  "What is wrong with you?  Don't you care about your country?  Please Adrian.  I am begging you.  For Loretta's sake will you?" said Juraldo.  Adrian stopped walking after hearing his beloved Loretta's name.  He then pondered if she really meant anything to him and something inside of him forced his hand.

"Where is Blair?" Adrian says turning his head to Juraldo.

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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Okay . . . I'm with you so far. A little jumpy with your storyline . . . a constant flow of time is perferred. Don't jump minutes with one paragraph then years with another; you see what I mean? OTher than that you've got a good story here. Interesting your main character is a psychopathic killing machine with no thought for human emotion. Your story moves a bit to fast for any characters to really 'stick'. The only charcter I really can remember is Adrian.

So far so good. Keep up the good work.

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Okay . . . I'm with you so far. A little jumpy with your storyline . . . a constant flow of time is perferred. Don't jump minutes with one paragraph then years with another; you see what I mean? OTher than that you've got a good story here. Interesting your main character is a psychopathic killing machine with no thought for human emotion. Your story moves a bit to fast for any characters to really 'stick'. The only charcter I really can remember is Adrian.

So far so good. Keep up the good work.

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Wild Thunder
Wild Thunder

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Hi, my name is Jeremiah and I am a writer... a very bad writer in my opinion but a writer no less. more..

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