Precious Stone

Precious Stone

A Poem by Michal.R.Lundgren

Spinning around and around.

Dizzy now and falling to the ground.

The sky wants to play a game.

Calling out to me by my very name.

It was blue a second ago I swear!

Dark clouds have appeared out of no where.

Feeling so cold and so alone.

Wanting to morph myself into a stone.

Will anyone notice, will anyone care?

Will they come looking and calling... "ARE YOU OUT THERE!?"

The clouds have become too heavy now.

The sky has even forgotten my name some how.

Looks like the storm will never let up.

I want it to be over, but I fear it will never stop.

I keep spinning and falling.

I keep screaming and calling.

The wind takes my last breath and has left me without a voice...

Pushing me with such force and I'm left here now without a choice.

Tossing me into the air and having it's way with me.

I want it all to be over!! I just want everyone to leave me be.

I am giving up now. I am quitting this stupid game!!

No need to worry though. If I quit I'll take the blame.

So walk all over me, and kick me around.

Throw me up in the air, and throw me on the ground.

Remember the part of the game when I no longer cared about being alone?

Remember the part of the game when I morphed myself into a stone.

Now that I'm too strong and now that I'm unbreakable you want to take notice of me!?

I will forever be that precious stone. The rarest stone. The missing stone from your

collection that you'll never get to see!!

© 2012 Michal.R.Lundgren

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The missing stone from your collection that you'll never get to see....great line and way to end the poem

Posted 7 Years Ago

like a roiling stone. Nice work.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on November 1, 2012
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