Day of Days

Day of Days

A Poem by LyricistWannaB

These words started out as my first attempt at writing a song in fall '07. It never come together as a song, so I did some editing (mostly "Delete"). I felt the need to post something to help keep the creative energy flowing. So, goodbye to Day of Days,



Here on a day of days
I must drive this pain away.
Speeding over the hills, through the rains
Speeding stricken, just to ease the pain.
Yet every turn I take leads me straight back to you,
But it’s a lonely world I wind through,
And wind I do, you forever tempting in my view.

I drive to destinations unknown,
Speeding from fear that has left me alone
Gotta leave this town, no matter what I do.
Its’ houses, its’ streets,
Mere blurs in my view
I can’t stop searching for you,
And search I do, your familiar forever obscuring my view.

In towns I trek through they always ask,
“Why are you travelin’ all alone, so far from the comforts of home?”
All I can do is harness a smile, my words are few
Peace, alone. I go.
Around the next bend, a child reminds me of you,
Reaching for a star in plain view
And reach I do, your tears forever clouding my night view.

I must drive this pain away.
Wind from the past comforts of home
To find rest
And speed I do, but your years are speeding by too.

Freedom is all I have now,
So why don’t I feel free?!
I fear driving home to you is my destiny.
Reaching for that guiding star
I know I gotta go far
Peace, alone
Carry me home.

© 2009 LyricistWannaB

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Added on February 1, 2009
Last Updated on February 2, 2009
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