Fantasy Reality?

Fantasy Reality?

A Poem by LyricistWannaB

I hope to never feel this way again. Betrayal w/ blatant lies. Makes the pen want to move though!


Why can't we turn back time
To a place where we felt carefree
And in each others arms felt free
Like children awed by the hands of time
Instead of cynics bound my the mainline

A time where there were no  lies
Or reasons to shed woeful tears from the eye
Where there was pure hope for love
That surfaced every now and then
Instead of buried hope
Surfacing in times of shock, sadness and regret.
A time where I could lay my head on your heart
And I could feel the beat pulsing with mine
Instead I fear you have beaten the shred of remaining hope
And unintentionally attempted to bury it alive.

But I know silently in the dark
When another is assured not to see
You shed real tears just like me
Or do you?
Maybe you escape to fantasy worlds
Infested by the devil
Indulging in every pleasure
Without a compelling thought of me
Or of the future you situationally don't want to see
And what it could be

How I regret I stumbled into your world
A world you knew would burn me.
A world so familiar,
Yet you claimed never to see
Saddest of all,
when you exit your fantasy world
I know you truly love me
But your fantasy is my hell
And I'm not quite resigned,
So we can never be.

I just pray you shed tears, but not for me
But for yourself and what you still can be,
In reality.
And I pray there is a shred of hope left in me
To blow away with ease
Coaxed ever so gently by a tailwind breeze.

But perhaps I should just take these words and let you be,
For maybe it's not you, but me
Living in this fantasy

© 2009 LyricistWannaB

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Added on November 16, 2009
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