Back Burner Girl

Back Burner Girl

A Poem by LyricistWannaB

I am your back burner girl
Let me throw on my skirt
Give you nice little twirl
Be at your beckon call
Prop you up when you fear a fall
Stretch out a sympathetic ear
Promise not to tell when you shed a tear
I was your back burner girl

Months go by and the phone rang
That familiar pang
You chose to visit me
Held my hand, cuddled close to me
Held me so near, it must be meant to be
Why, even God speaking through you seemed to agree,
Yes, that is actually what you conveyed to me.
And you kissed me goodbye
Seemingly sincere
With a genuine tear of longing in your eye

But miles are nothing to the heart's eye
So we talked of love and faith
How to keep sane in the rat race
Of the heavens and the earth
Of future childrens' impending births

Then, as quickly as darkness descends on a winters day
You threw me away
Discarded the past
Insisted you loved me but it wasn't to last

No waning, no warning, no weeping (on your end)
Yes, this happened yet
You shoved me to the back burner
Relegated me to my proper place in the corner
When the flames in front
Burned warmer

So, let me put on my skirt
Give you a nice little twirl
Be your "yes"  "you say 'jump', I say 'how high'" back burner girl

Oh wait, I can't twirl
For my skirt is engulfed
By the warmer flames in front
So let me get off this back burner
Cradle my heart with all my might
Before more than merely my skirt is burned

Too late-
My hope for love
Is charred, in tatters.
But you're so happy
And isn't that all that really matters?!

You dragged through my life
And I may never know the reason
But I seek to forgive
For those I love and will love
No back burner, no need to twirl,
Love lies as ashes, my heart is merely broken
I'm just a girl.

© 2009 LyricistWannaB

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Added on November 25, 2009
Last Updated on November 25, 2009




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