Serenading Siren

Serenading Siren

A Poem by Will

The siren's song is tempting me...

Must you tempt me, you lustful siren?
Pull me in closer with your sweet serenade.

Pull me into those warm, tender arms,
And kiss me softly, sweet like lemonade.

Between you and I stands a wall of mist,
A barrier of sorts, keeping us apart.

Although it's just mist, we hold to its commands,
but just as easily, through it we could dart.

But the mist, she protects me, from your sweet siren songs,
Keeping me from walking right into that water, like Peter I'd drown.

Blind faith would lead me, lead me astray,
Quickly, without warning, with your songs I'd fall down.

But the fall would be glorious, fun indeed,
Your sex and games would give me my fill.

But after that you don't care, it's all fun and games.
You've done what you wanted, you made the kill.

So mist, protect me from that siren's call,
Else I never return from these seas.

Lord guide me thought this storm,
Else this serenading siren bring me to my knees.

© 2013 Will

Author's Note

Just kinda came to me. I'm having a creative burst at the moment. Feedback appreciated as always :)

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I love poems based on the old Greek tales. Great flow with this one. One typo on the 9th stanza unless you're making a nod to Soren Kirkagaard.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you, Richochet. That is a typo, which will be fixed promptly.
Your creative bursts never disappoint, Will! I like the imagery and the flow of this piece. The idea of desire, yet knowing it will not turn out as you wish, well played. I like the line: "And kiss me softly, sweet like lemonade." Yes, sweet - but with a sour tang in the background. Great write!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on May 4, 2013
Last Updated on May 7, 2013
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Brooklyn, NY

Well now that I have the patience, I'll actually write something here. I'm Will, and I'm 16 years old going on 17 , born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I write what appeals to me. I just love writ.. more..

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