Beautiful Darkness

Beautiful Darkness

A Poem by WillaDanvers

We all love differently and I'm learning how to listen to the words not said, but shown in emotion and body language.


Frustrated at everything around me,

Wanting to scream at the world,

I hid my real intent beneath fury,

Trying to distance myself from you,


Multiple attempts before breakthrough,

Soft intentions deleting false thoughts,

I closed my eyes to my own assumptions,

Curling up in your arms, safe and warm,


Letting you hold me a while,

Thoughts calm, ready to recognise,

Anxious insecurities getting the better of me,

I should know better by now,


I’m going to remember this,

When I get upset, mad or confused,

To curl up in your arms, head on heart,

Hiding from the world and its lies,


Basking in the truth of us,

Letting your love nurse me back,

To the person I’m learning to love,

I am not who my anxiety wants me to be,


When things get tough and ugly,

I have you to hold my hand tightly,

When I get a little frightened of the day,

I can curl up in your arms and breathe,


Everything will be okay today,

I know that now, I do,

The world is corrupt and deceitful,

Trying to bring me crashing back down,


Walking hand in hand with me,

Showing me the beauty in the darkness,

How can it all be so scary, so terrifying,

When it’s you and me against the world?


© 2019 WillaDanvers

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Added on August 12, 2019
Last Updated on August 12, 2019
Tags: love, relationships, anxiety, darkness, light, help, ugly, beautiful



Auckland, New Zealand

I am a part time poet, who's words sometimes ring true but otherwise have only gathered information from music, stories or a singular feeling. Anything really. Enjoy the words, and leave a few kin.. more..