Power to Destroy

Power to Destroy

A Poem by WillaDanvers

Life is hard. Life is scary. Especially when you've lost all control.


You have the power to destroy,

Holding her in the palm of your hand,

Thinking you understand the consequences,

Smiling and telling her it’s all okay,


Loving her with everything you have,

Despite pulling the building down completely,

Wondering why her walls are so damn high,

When you were walking around the city before,


You have the power to create,

But first you need to find the trust,

Take the time to wander the land,

Find new love and understandings,


Frame the face and kiss it well,

Making room in your life for forever love,

Holding true to promises made in darkness,

Knowing she might fall apart at any time,


You have the power to leave or love,

Holding all the cards in your hands,

Your poker face built so well,

Leaving her wondering where she stands,


Asking why she doesn’t trust a word,

When she watches her life fall down,

Your mouth speaking promises again,

As your hand swings the sword to cut her down,


You have all the power in your hands,

Standing at the gates with your words,

Promising forever and a lifetime,

But you said that so many times before,

Wanting to fix what you’ve broken,

Unable to comprehend all the damage,

Wishing to mend her broken heart once more,

Knowing the tears that have fallen before.

© 2020 WillaDanvers

Author's Note

Every relationship has issues. Every human has their problems. I just never realised the size of mine, and you never realised the damage you could create.

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Added on April 15, 2020
Last Updated on April 15, 2020
Tags: life, love, future, empty, tears, depression, sick



Auckland, New Zealand

I am a part time poet, who's words sometimes ring true but otherwise have only gathered information from music, stories or a singular feeling. Anything really. Enjoy the words, and leave a few kin.. more..