Size Doesn't Matter

Size Doesn't Matter

A Poem by willweb


The courtroom sat in silence as if issuing a dare,
a mountain and a hillside told each other to beware
The judge was in his chamber with the deputy in charge,
they couldn’t hear the little hill claim it was very large

A ticking clock was counting as the minutes slowly passed,
darkened by the shadow that the mountain’s girth did cast
Things were getting very tense, the temperature did rise,
the mountain and the little hill compared each other’s size

"You are not so very big to think you are the best,
you can't even block the sun, to that I can attest!"
And you should talk, oh little hill, with grass so soft and green,
an ant is not afraid of you, if you know what I mean?"

Suddenly from in the hall another did appear,
walking through the courtroom door and it was very clear
All the people turned to look, the oohs and ahs did sound,
for there they saw a valley that made all of them look 'round

The valley said in echoes “What’s the meaning of this fight?
It matters not how big or small, it doesn’t make you right
I wouldn’t be a valley if this mountain didn’t hide
and not without this little hill there on my other side

The valley pointed to a window right next to the door
and said, "Now look, there's nothing there, not like it was before.
Since you are in here arguing, our beauty disappeared."
The crowd of people gasped a bit, for that is what they feared

"I need you both to get along so everyone can see,
how beautiful we all become with you two here with me”
The mountain then said to the hill, “I think you’re very tall”
And in response the hill replied, “And you’re not oh so small”

The judge then swung his gavel as he said, "Court is adjourned,
but bear in mind the things you've heard and all that you have learned"
 The three of them then went outside, the people wore a grin,
for they could see the beauty formed by nature once again

© 2024 willweb

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Author's Note

A little different from me but hey, they can't all be love poems. : )

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Oh, WOW! What a truly wondrous analogy which teaches us a life lesson in no uncertain terms. Human beings come in all shapes and sizes. Some are beautiful deep valleys, others are big mountains and some are little hills, but if each of us is understanding, caring, warm and benevolent to each other, then the scene is set for a beautiful world where we all work together to maintain its beauty. Love the perfect meter, rhythm and rhyme and how effortlessly it flows, dear Willweb. It is a very inspiring write with an overriding message for your reader. Love it and thank you for sharing, dear Willweb...

Posted 1 Month Ago

loved this poem Will, its so nice to see that people, little hills, big mountains...they come to life in court...and needless to say the valley is the one who speaks about fairness and kindness and not to call each other cruel names, but to be fair and just said the judge.. so they apologized to each other and now nature is back to its beauty.....a good lesson to learn
Warmly, B

Posted 1 Month Ago

A wonderful piece of whimsy that has so many serious sides as well.

Posted 1 Month Ago

There's a wonderful moral to this well crafted poetic story.
I really liked this one a lot. Very creative, and wise. 🙂💛

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Thank you Ana. I am happy you enjoyed this one.
I loved the change in tone Will. Furthermore the wisdom in this piece is deeper than the valley. It would be nice if we could all get along so well. Nicely rhymed and so well the story told.

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Thanks so very much my friend.

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Added on May 20, 2024
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Hi, I am willweb. Maybe you remember me and maybe you don't. I have been writing here on and off for years. I pop in and write and read and comment and make friends and learn new things. I enjoy maki.. more..


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