The Grizzly Bear Vs. The Hunter

The Grizzly Bear Vs. The Hunter

A Story by Willys Watson

The Grizzly Bear Vs. The Hunter


A Hunter, carrying a high-powered hunting rifle, slowly crept up on a Grizzly Bear leaning against the truck of a large tree. The Bear seemed to be sleeping and the Hunter didn’t like this because he thought the Bear should at least have a chance to escape..

“Hey, Big Guy, wake up and get up,” the Hunter screamed at the Bear,

The Grizzly opened his eyes, slowly stood upright like a human, then raised his arms high as if he were a poisoner surrendering.

“Well, I’ll be!” the Hunter exclaimed as he aimed his rifle at the Bear’s heart area. “You must be a trained circus Bear of someone’s pet. But so what? I’ve never seem a bear who’s fur I wouldn’t wear.”

“And I’ve never met a hunter willing to take my dare,” the Grizzly replied with confidence.

The Hunter was very surprised, actually shocked, to hear the Grizzly speak. And yet he was intrigued enough to respond.

“You speak English as good as me, so how can that be?”

“Likely better than you. But that’s a moot point if you’re not willing to take my dare.”

“And what kind of dare?” the Hunter demanded to know while still aiming his rifle at the Bear.

“Simple enough. Just lay down your rifle and fight me like a man should,” the Grizzly explained. When the Hunter laughed, the Grizzly added, “I’ll let you use your hunting knife to make the fight more even.”

“You must think I’m a fool, don’t you?”

“No, but from some percetives some consider you a coward.”

“Ha, Dude. A talking Bear or not, I’ve killed Elk, Big Horns, a Moose and a Lion. So I’m hardly a coward,” the Hunter replied in anger.

“All from a distance were they were no danger to you. Right?”

“And that makes me a coward?”

“When a person’s country is attacked by another country many men, and a lot of women, will join the military to fight back,” the Grizzly reminded the Hunter as he lowered his arms. “Anyone who would fight for, and often die for, their belief in democracy are hardly cowards. Or any Civilian would risk their own life to save others are hardly cowards.”

The Grizzly watched as the Hunter lowered his rifle to the ground.

“Are all hunters cowards in your eyes?” the Hunter wondered aloud.

“Not really if you’re catching fish or shooting game you intend to, or need to, eat.” the Grizzly told him, then added, "Do you remember hearing about that women who shot and killed a Giraffe she posed in frony of after doing so>"

"Yeah, and I thought that was a pretty disgusting thing to do."

"Why? Because it's not really sport hunter unless danger to the hunter is involved, right? If you love nature and like the thrill when possible is involved you could take up mountain climbing or getting close enough to a dangerous animal to photograph it.”

“I suppose you’re maybe right. Maybe. Maybe I’ll just walk away and hope you don’t attack me. But this is just a dream I’m having. Right? The Hunter asked the Grizzly, while secretly praying.

“If it is it will be remembered long after you wake up.”


The Hunter woke up shortly after his dream when his Wife called to tell him his breakfast was ready.

“Honey, I don’t want to go hunting this weekend,” the Hunter told his Wife as they ate.

“But you were really looking forward to it.”

“I know, but I just don’t have the heart to do so now,” he explained, adding, “I’ll tell you why later. But for now, let’s take the kids and visit that national park you’ve always wanted to visit. And make sure everyone has their camera with them. And maybe next weekend we can all go fishing together. But only for fish we’ll eat.”

His wife looked at him and just smiled.

© 2021 Willys Watson

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Added on July 25, 2021
Last Updated on July 25, 2021
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