The Three Most Desired Things

The Three Most Desired Things

A Story by Gretchen Clarke

Why must freedom be so hard to acheive?


             We call ourselves, "America the Free Country", but what is so free about America? The king's taxes were awful, yet our own taxes on the same items are not? Laws bind us to a strict behavior, so what is so free about that? We don't even technically vote for our own President, the Electoral College does. How does that make us free? Not to mention, us kids are not important except to our friends and families. The only kids that matter to our President are his own kids. The rest of us are just a burden to deal with. Arrogance is why America cannot be free. Greed and avarice are why.

              What about Peace? We claim to be a peaceful nation, yet we say that as we kill innocent people over in Iraq and other nations where we fight. We claim to want peace, yet we participate in so many wars, it certainly doesn't look like we want peace to me. Unless bombing, stabbing, and other forms of killing are now considered 'peaceful'. If those things enhance our peaceful nature, then America must be going insane.

               We were once known as the land where the streets were paved with gold. Truth is, they aren't, except for the wealthy people up at the White House and other rich places. They are ignoring the wars, ignoring the pain we caused, ignoring the cries for help. Their driveways are paved with gold. But here in the ordinary world of America, the streets are not golden yellow. They are red with people's blood. Blood from when people from Africa were considered slaves. Blood from cruel, drunk men who beat their wives. Blood from children who's abusive parents spill their blood everywhere.

And we call ourselves the higher nation.

                I wonder what it's like in the other countries. You know, the ones that aren't doing so well. Is it worse? What about starvation? Sure, some people care enough to send them food, but most are probably too busy with politics to care. It is no longer America the Free, but America the Torn. We are being torn apart by the politicians. Those who want Republicans are one side of America. Those who want Democrats are the other.

               Why must our country be split apart? Does no one remember the first comic, of a snake cut into thirteen pieces, with the names of the thirteen colonies under each piece of the snake? It is still true. If we don't get our act together, the snake that is America will die and be eaten by others, who are just waiting for America's demise.

And we think we're the perfect nation.

               I say we stop wondering what President to elect and start putting our nation together again, because, like Humpty Dumpty, we won't be able to be put together again if we fall off the wall of Family. We are all one large family, after all, and soon this family will be torn apart. What do families do? They stick together. What will we use to restick ourselves? The Stapler of Freedom or the Tape of Peace? There is no Superglue. Eventually, we will end up right back where we are now, in an endless cycle that could have been avoided if we had just stuck together. But we didn't. And now look at us.

And we call ourselves the example. Poor axample, if you ask me.

© 2012 Gretchen Clarke

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Very insightful. Thanks for this honest and brave piece of writing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Gretchen Clarke

10 Years Ago

I'm glad you liked it. Heh, I was never one to enjoy politics.

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Added on July 26, 2012
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