Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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I went to my first class, biology, and screeched when I saw Pen. I had forgot, she had earth science last year. And yes, I was behind a year in science. I sat next to her so that our teacher would put me next to Pen on her seating chart.

“Oh my God, we’re going to see each other every day!” I whispered, excited. “I know! Not like we saw each other every day last year. It’s still awesome though, we get to see each other longer!”

“Yeah, that’s what I meant,” I whispered, then quieted as the teacher began to talk.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

After that class, I didn’t have any more classes with Pen, and none with Kane, unfortunately. When I got on the bus, I asked Pen, hopeful, if she had had any classes with Kane. She shook her head and laughed when I looked disappointed. “You like him,” she said.

“Well, yeah, he’s my type. He’s Goth and a loner. And probably nice, too.” She smiled.

When I got home, I went straight to my room to do homework. I went to sleep around six that night. I didn’t want to have to eat dinner with my parents. I went to bed hungry.

The next day I had Psychology, the class I was most excited about. But I became even more excited when I found Penelope and Kane in the class. I pretended my screech of excitement was for Penelope alone, but it was really because I got to see Kane again… and because I had another class with Pen.

I sat down next to Pen, and looked at Kane. Then my curiosity piqued.  Kane had a big black book with gold letters engraved on the front. The letters spelled out Book of Shadows. It was a journal, I saw, when he opened it. There was writing in it that I couldn’t see from here.

“Are you a witch?” I blurted. Then my face started burning with embarrassment. Why had I said that?

His head snapped up to look at me, and I whimpered. My face hurt with embarrassment. Then he looked embarrassed and shy. “Umm, yeah. I guess you could say that.”

Penelope was excited about the prospect of Kane being a witch. “That is so cool!” She exclaimed. “Can you teach me?” But by then the first bell had rung and the teacher quieted her.

But I was confused, and not a little disconcerted. I had always thought of myself as open minded, and I wasn’t a Christian, although the rest of my family was. I considered myself Agnostic. Believing in a divine presence, a creator, but it wasn’t necessarily the Christian god that I believed in. But I still didn’t like the thought of someone being a witch.

I might look it, but I’m not a Satanist. And witches did hexes and sold their soul to the devil. Everyone knew that. So why was Kane so open about being a witch? I had thought he was a nice guy, one few and far between, one in a thousand. But he couldn’t have been. He was a witch.

I went through all my morning classes without seeing Penelope or Kane again. But I knew I would see both of them at lunch, even though one of them I didn’t want to see. I sighed with disappointment.

When finally lunch came and I was sitting with Penelope and her friends, I saw Kane walk by. He was so sexy, but now I knew he was a devil worshipper. Even though I was sitting with a group of people that I knew, I felt more lonely than ever.

My next class was home ec, another class I was excited about. I had taken this class once before, in 8th grade. I was most excited about taking home the baby. But I was shocked, and a little excited, to see that Kane was in the class too.

“Hi,” he said, walking over to sit by me. I shifted nervously, but he sat down anyway. “Hi,” I said back, breathlessly.

He looked at me with a weird expression, “Are you ok?” he asked.

I shrugged. Should I tell him that I was uncomfortable with him being a witch? But then again, he was open about it. So he can’t blame me for being uncomfortable. “It’s’re a witch. But you looked so nice and kind when I met you.” I said.

He looked shocked, then made a little laughing sound. “Are you a Christian or something? Do you think I worship the devil?

Now it was my turn to be taken aback. “No, I’m not a Christian. I don’t believe in the Christian god, nor the devil. But, don’t you worship the devil?”

He looked at me, one eyebrow raised. “If you’re not a Christian, and you don't believe in the devil, why would you think I worship the devil? Because no, I don’t worship the devil.”

Now I was confused; doesn’t he know witches are bad? “But, it’s widely known that witches do hexes and worship the devil.” I said.

He shook his head, “That is called propaganda and misconception. That’s what people want you to believe. I never do hexes, even if someone hurts me. And I don’t worship the devil. I worship Hecate, the Greek Goddess of magick and crossroads. The triple Goddess, some people call her. She’s also a dark Goddess, and has a fourth, hidden face, but that’s a Wiccan mystery that you won’t find out until you join a coven. If you join a coven.”

“Wiccan?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s a religion that embraces magick and the old ways. It’s a Pagan religion. That’s why I call myself a witch.”

Now I felt better about this, since I had a reason to think he was good. Maybe I was the one who was confused. And I had been a little judgemental. Since it was his religion, I could understand it. I’m open minded about all religions. But apparently I didn’t know every religion. I wanted to understand his better.

“Hey, I’m sorry for being judgmental and closed-minded. Do you think you could teach me more about your religion, so I have a better understanding of it?”

“Sure, I understand. Wicca is not widely known, and it can be mistaken for different, evil things. So if you have a facebook, we can talk about it there, and at lunch.”

“Okay,” I agreed. We exchanged information, then tune our attention back to the teacher.

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I'm enjoying the progression of your characters. The introduction of witchness and wicca is very interesting and cool.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thank you!

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