Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by WitchyWiccan)0(

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I logged onto facebook, and noticed I had two messages; one from Penelope and one from Kane. I read the one from Penelope first.

      Silver mist: hey girl, so isn't it kewl that Kane is a witch?

      Phoenix fire: i guess so.

      It took her a minute to respond, then i saw the three dots.

      Silver mist: i'm getting him 2 teach me.

      Phoenix fire: Cool, actually me too.

      I check the message from Kane.

      Caolith: here is a website that you should check out to get started on wicca.

      The message had a link to a website called Paganism/ wicca I clicked it, and it took me to the basics of Paganism.

      I learned that wicca was a fairly new religion, but stemmed from paganism, one of the first religions. Wicca celebrated the seasons and nature itself. It taught respect to those around you. I was beginning to like this religion.

It did embrace spells and magick, spelled with a “k”. But not bad spells. Spells to heal and attract. But Wiccans didn’t even like doing love spells because certain love spells could take the free will away from a person.

I went back on facebook and messaged Kane again.

Phoenix Fire: Thank you, it’s a helpful website.

Caolith: You’re welcome. Message me or talk to me if you have any questions.

I logged off of facebook and went to sleep, having pleasant dreams of me, Kane, and Penelope all together in a circle. There was also another girl I could not put a name to. I also couldn’t quite see her clearly. There was a type of fog around her, blurring her features.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day in biology, me and Pen talked about Kane and Wicca. I told her how I had been nervous about it at first, and she admonished me. Then we talked about what we had learned about it.

“So apparently, witches, Wiccans, and Pagans are basically the same thing. And they are religions, which means they worship a divinity. I heard that Kane worshipped Hecate; that’s a Greek Goddess. Do all witches have to worship Hecate? I’m not sure if I’m close to her.”

Then I thought about what I had said. Am I thinking about joining the religion? But if Penelope noticed, she didn’t let on that she had.

“No. I heard that witches get to choose their own Pantheon and specific God and Goddess.” Pen said. That confused me.“I didn’t hear anything about a God. Kane didn’t say anything about his God.” I said.

“Well, Wiccans, I think, talk about the Goddess more than the God.” Penelope said.

I wonder why that is?” I asked. Though that would be cool for feminists and man haters, I thought.

“I don’t know. You can ask Kane at lunch. We’re sitting by him, all right?” She said.

A shiver went up my spine. “Sure,” I said, more that a little excited. Throughout the rest of the class, I put my work on hold to daydream about Kane. Other than not doing my work, I was obedient to the teacher by not talking. That was all our teacher cared about. Five minutes later the bell rang. That damn loud bell! Do they want us to lose our hearing?

At lunch, me, Penelope, and Kane sat together, alone, at our own table. It felt nice, as it was secluded. I picked up conversation after we had gotten our food.

“So, Kane, who is your God, and why do Wiccans put an emphasis on the Goddess more than the God?” I ask.

Kane looked up, shocked, then smiled excitedly like a child who had earned a cookie.

“Well, my God is either Pan or Erebus; I don’t know which yet. And there’s lots of different reasons for the Goddess part of your question. But the main one I stick with is that the Goddess is mother, God is father, but also son, and we Pagans are matriarchal mostly. But without Him, we would be lost. So He is needed.”

“Oh, I see. People probably join Wicca because they don’t like the patriarchy of the Christian religion. I don’t either. It’s not balanced at all. At least you talk about the polarity in the divine.” I said.

“Well, there’s polarity in nature, so how could there not be polarity in divine, even if you don’t worship nature? To create a human, you need sperm and an egg. Same thing.”

We all shrugged, even though in my head I was blushing about how he had said ‘sperm’ so easily without a sexual innuendo. Then the bell rang for class, and we stood up. I hadn’t realized it’d already been twenty-five minutes.

“Well, that was a good chat. See you later Chloe. Penelope.” He nodded at both of us, then left.

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hi. ashamnu

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You are very good at creating conversations between teenagers that seem very real.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Well, probably because I am only 18. :)

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