Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by WitchyWiccan)0(

Sexual abuse


“I don’t remember much about that day. I try not to think about it.” I told the therapist after she asked me to tell me about that day.

“Well, tell me all that you can remember.” she said, concern in her eyes.

I gulped in air and held it for 5 seconds, getting myself prepared to tell the story for the fifth time. “I was walking out of school for a reason still to this day I do not know. I was walking home that day, or I was going to run away. Either way, I regret it and blame myself, but I was about a couple of blocks away from the school when I was grabbed out of nowhere and pulled into a car. I think I was drugged, or chloroformed, or something, because the next thing I remember I was waking up in a parked car with a guy pulling my clothes off.”

“I heard in a muffled need to have sex with a real man. A Christian man who is good and holy. Except...he didn’t say sex. Then he said ‘then maybe you’ll think about your wicked ways. And after you like it, then you’ll turn from satan! You’ll get on your knees and beg forgiveness from God. Then...then I don’t remember. My mind must have blocked it out. But I know I was raped.”

“And when did this happen?” the therapist asked.

“A month ago from today, september 13.”

“Was he arrested?” she asked.

“Yes. The detective knew the whole story, but my parents didn’t, because they’re Christian and abusive, so I think they’d agree with him if I told them what he’d said. They already didn’t care. They didn’t even fake concern. They were shocked for three seconds. I had to call the cops on my own.”

“Well, that’s not good. If anything happens to you by their hand, I want you to tell me or the cops, and we will get you out of their. But CPS needs proof. Or since you’re 17 and don’t have any other family, you can be emancipated. Be safe, little one.”

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Hello, my name is Nyxia Night, I am a Pagan High Priestess of the Lunar Night Coven. I am 18 years old, and live in hampton, VA. I write Short Stories, Novels, and nonfiction about myself and Paganism.. more..

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