Chapter 13

Chapter 13

A Chapter by WitchyWiccan)0(

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“Azazel?” she murmured in confusion. She was visibly shaken and disoriented. “Yes, it’s me,” I said. I was still in shock after seeing her eye color, which was as black as coal. Her sin was lust.
I had been wondering which sin she would receive, since she wasn’t a demon because she had sinned. She hadn’t sinned, at least not that I knew about. So was it a coincidence that she was a demon of lust? Had she been having lustful thoughts about me?
            “W-w-where am I? W-w-what happened?” she looked around, shaking and trembling in exhaustion. She startled when she realized a group of demons were watching us, waiting for something to happen, as if we were on a reality tv show.
            I spun around and growled fiercely. “Get away from us, unless you want to be tortured by the lord of wrath!” Demons scrambled to get away. Being tortured by wrath was not the most fun experience in hell.
            I turned back to clariana. Her eyes were wide open in horror. She was sitting up straight now, and her perfect hair was like two black waterfalls cascading down her breasts, uninterrupted but by the points of her n*****s.
            It was either cold here to her, or she was…f**k. Why was I even entertaining that thought? Who would be horny after going through a traumatic event like that?
            I gulped and forced my eyes to her face, except my eyes weren’t cooperating. Instead my eyes traveled down, and stopped at the v that her upper thighs made. Her legs were resting on top of each other, and she was sitting on her hip, her body twisted around.
            Damn, she was perfect. Like a sex doll. I smiled; like my own personal sex doll.
            Then I shook the thoughts from my head, reminding myself that once I did make love to her, I would be gone.
            “Azazel?” Clariana asked. I blushed, finally glancing up. I was worried that she had caught me looking, and would be angry at me.
            But she just asked, “I’m in hell, aren’t I?”
            I sighed and cast my eyes down, then realized where they would land so I looked up again.
            She began trembling violently, so bad I thought she might have a seizure. “Calm down Clariana,” I said, grabbing her shoulders, trying to make her stop.
            “A-am I…am I a demon?” she squeaked. Something broke inside of me at the sound of her despair. I closed my eyes tight, trying to collect myself. When I opened my eyes, I said, “Clariana…”
            “Kill me!” she screamed. I jumped. I had never heard her so upset. I never imagined she would ever want to die, even when she became a demon. I knew she would hate it, loathe it even, but I just didn’t know how much.
            “Clariana, no! It’s ok, we’ll work this out. I held her as tears started to fall down her face. She couldn’t stay that sensitive too long, or she wouldn’t survive in hell. But I gave her that luxury to cry, even if it was just this once.
            “Kill me…please,” she sobbed into my shoulder.
            “Shh, it’s going to be ok. We’ll get through this together. You’ll be strong. It’s not so bad once you get used to it.”
            She cried even harder as she realized that this was final, no one could save her now. And it was all because of me.
            “I never wanted to be a demon. I want to be good. I want to be able to help people, not hurt people and take joy from it. I want to have healthy friendships, friends that will support me, not take from me because they are too selfish. I never wanted to be ugly. I just want �"“
            I made her stop talking by claiming her mouth hungrily with my own. I half moaned, half growled at the sensation of her plump, wet lips against mine as I pried her lips apart and dove my tongue into her. She whimpered. I knew she was scared, and surprised, and felt a lot of other things, but I didn’t have the care to worry about it at the moment. She would warm up to me in time.
            “Azazel,” she whispered breathlessly against my lips. My dick shot up to full alert in my pants. I made it so she couldn’t talk again.
            She put her hands to my chest and weakly pushed against me. I grabbed both her wrists in one hand and yanked them to the side. Her lips detached from mine and she slipped and fell to the ground.
            I breathed heavily as I stared down at her. I was still holding her wrists up in the air. Her eyes were wide with fear. Her breasts were fully visible as her hair swept aside. They were each a handful, with creamy skin and pointed, rosy pink n*****s.
            My dick hardened painfully, and I traveled my gaze down her torso and hips, finally resting on her p***y and legs. Her legs were bent so that her feet rested on the floor, and her knees were pressed together.
            I put the hand that wasn’t holding her wrists in between her knees, and pulled one leg to the side.
            “No,” she whimpered. Something clicked inside me at the sound of the word, the word I should have listened to. But my body wasn’t stopping. I put myself between her legs, and pressed every inch of my body with hers.
            She pressed her lips together, closed her eyes tight, and moaned. It was f*****g sexy.
            I grinded my pelvis into her wet opening. Her lips fell open and she moaned with an open mouth. I growled.
            I grabbed her hips roughly and pulled her back even tighter to me. Then I clamped my mouth on her breast.
            “Azazel!” She whined. A hand dropped to my head, but instead of pulling me away, she pushed me closer.
            My hands slipped down and grabbed her a*s. Oh s**t, it was perfectly plump and soft. My fingers dug in and pulled roughly.
            She squeaked and her thighs clamped my body tightly.
            “Azazel, I feel weird! I feel like I have to pee.
            I took my mouth away from her breast, nipping her n****e. She squeaked. Then I took my hands away from her a*s and put them to her knees, pushing her legs farther apart. She protested, but I ignored her.
            Then, before she could comprehend what was happening, I pushed my finger inside of her, hard and fast.
            She groaned and whimpered at the sudden intrusion, and then her p***y started tightening around my finger, tying to milk it for its seed which it didn’t have. Then her body bucked off of the ground, and my angel came.
            Clap. Clap. Clap. The quiet was suddenly disturped with the sharp sounds of someone clapping their hands.  I whirled around to see my father smirking down at us.
            “Nice display, although I do not allow consorting in the time-out chair. Get out. Now!”
            I scrambled to get up and stood in front of Clariana protectively. Then I looked down at Clarian in surprise. Surprise! Like I hadn’t known what I was doing! I could blame it on Clariana’s lustful nature forcing me to do that, but I would be lying. I had been in full control. My throat closed up in shame, and then self-hatred seeped into me. I’m sorry Clariana, I thought. It’s my fault.
            Looking back at Father and the smirk on his face, I knew it had all been part of his plan. His plan for chaos, confusion, and fear. It was all just a game to him. I could see what the Christians viewed him as now. He was beautiful on the outside, and hideous on the inside.
            “I hope you had your fun,” I said, squatting to gently pick up Clariana.
            “Oh no. I wasn’t the one digging my fingers into her like some crazed gold-digger. When’s the last time you had a succubus? You seem…desperate.” He glanced at me with disgust. “You were too excited, like you would suffocate if you didn’t f**k her brains out. You acted like a virgin; disappointing. I raised you better than that.”
            His idea of good parenting: madam succubae for my sex lessons, and being thrown into a dungeon for about a year if I even looked at my father wrong. I fed off of rats that century. I eventually learned to respect my parents, but sometimes they would throw me in the dungeon for fun.
That was before I turned 1800. Then I was given my own territory and here I am now, 2300 and still disappointing my father. I was proud of myself.
“You know what, you already won.  Just leave her alone.” I said through gritted teeth.
            “I don’t remember that being part of the deal,” Lucifer said.
            I blanched in fear. He wouldn’t! Why would he have any interest in an angel? Then I realized.  He would mess with her just to get back at me. I couldn’t leave! I had to protect her. But I couldn’t just ignore the time limit and hope it wouldn’t happen. Lucifer would stick to his word, that I knew for sure. She’d be dead in twenty-eight days if I didn’t.
I had to set up plans in motion for even after I was gone. She would need protection, and that would mean I would need to trust someone enough to put her life in their hands. I didn’t trust anyone enough. She would need a body guard, but also strength and self-defense skills.
“We’re leaving,” I said, and Lucifer watched calmly as we walked away.

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90 views in under an hour! Holy crap, thank you guys! Thank you to all those who view/review my stories!

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