Chapter 1: The Pride

Chapter 1: The Pride

A Chapter by Milkshake

Silver wolf: Volume 1-Chapter 1

The warm Sun shined on my fur as I was sleeping through the morning. I opened my eyes ready for a new day. I trotted out of my den and looked around ready for the day. I looked around happy too see that Spring had arrived! While I was admiring the new plants I accidently into someone. I looked up too see one of the pride members. "Hello, Daktari!" I roared... "Hi Badru...." Daktari grumbled picking up the herbs he was carying. I happiy walked away too the lake so I could wash up. While walking there i heard some teenage lions snickering at me from behind...I sadly lowered my head as I approached the lake. I looked at my reflection and whispered. "Why am I so diffrent?" I said. I didn't have a mane...Instead of being yellow i was silver and white. Why do i have a fluffy tail? Why didn't I have a thin one with fluff at the end of it...Im so small and my claws are thin. Everytime I try too roar it turns into a howl. I don't yowl when someone steps on my tail..I yelp. I stopted thinking when I heard familiar pawsteps.I quickly washed up an turned to leave...But it was too late...Chacha was already here. I braced myself for the words he was about to say. "Hey there FREAK!" He screeched. I lowered my head. "Your so diffrent from the rest of us..Maybe you should run away..Then we would all have a better Life..." I was thinking something to say..Then i decided to stand up for myself. "Umm...At least im not...FAT like you are..." I quickly said. Chacha just stood there...Did I say to much? Did I win?!? Then before I knew it a giant paw whacked me! I flew in the lake, but quickly rose up. Chacha stood there laughing as hard as he could. "Your pathtic..." Then he walked away still laughing. "Ugh.." I groaned as i swam to shore.Then i heard a roar from the top of the peak. I quickly ran to the crowd of lions. How could I forget? Today was the day Eze, the king of the pride, was going to send 3 members of the Pride out to start their own Pride! Certaintly he woudn't pick me."Time for the choosing to begin" He roared. I was shaking with excitment. "My first pick is Chacha, A strong and brave Lion!" Chacha was smiling. He walked out to the end of the crowd, he stopped when the passed me. "You will never get chosen pip-squeak." Chacha teased walking to his den. Eze roared agian. "My second pick, is Elewa! A smart lion deserves to start a family." I know Elewa he was a good friend of mine. But he barley talks cause he's to shy. He walked pass me and smiled. Not an Evil Smile like Chaha, but a friendly smile. I smiled back as he left. Eze spoke agian. "My next pick is someone who is loyal to the pride, and always mistreated..." My eyes grew wide, I know the answear. He finshed..."Badru!"     

© 2012 Milkshake

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Author's Note

Hi! Some words might say 'Heard' instead of Pride, I just got done writing a horde story on a another website, just please ignore it

P.S The picture is suppose to be Badru and Chacha having their conversation by the lake

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Added on July 27, 2012
Last Updated on July 27, 2012
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