Dark of Night

Dark of Night

A Chapter by Tristyn

Harry Potter fan fic one shot - 2006


The hallway was deserted, and I crept along the wall silently. I just had to check up on him. He couldn't be... could he? No, it must have just been a misunderstanding. He couldn't be. I wouldn't allow it. Even if I had to give up all my hopes and dreams for him, I would.


I heard light footsteps, and quickly shrank into the shadows. I could see no-one, but I could sense that there was someone there. I heard a gasp, then my name was whispered, and the veil thrown back. It was Harry, under his invisibility cloak. I stood up, and he gave a half-strangled moan as I took a step towards him. I looked at him with a wild look in my eyes, and for a moment I saw the same look reflected in his. I turned and fled, as if the devil himself was after me. I heard him call my name, but I didn't stop, and I was soon far from him.


I sat on the grass by the lake, crying, with my legs pulled up to my face. I felt as if my heart had been wrenched from my body, and thrown to the wind. How could he! I knew that he had been with her, but I didn't stop to think that maybe he would be better off with her.


I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn't hear the soft patter of feet until a hand brushed my cheek. I looked up, and she had a tear from my face on her finger, and as I watched she raised it to her face and licked it from her finger. I felt strange emotions within me, and an aching, pulling sensation, almost like a pain. Her face came towards mine, and I shivered as her lips brushed mine. She pulled away as I leaned forward, and as my breath quickened, she stood, as if to go.


I leapt up, and pulled her to me, crushing her body against mine, I could feel her body against mine, burning me, yet strangely comforting. I put my hand on the back of her head, and drew her face to mine. I brushed her lips with mine, struggling to hold back. Her hand came up, as if to push me away, but I took her wrist and kissed her fingers. She closed her eyes, and leant forward just slightly, pushing her body against me. Her lips parted and I kissed her softly. I made to pull away, but she held me, and pressed her lips firmly to mine. I could feel her shaking, but as I felt her lips part again, I gently probed my tongue into her warm, inviting mouth. I could feel myself slipping into sweet oblivion, when I felt another presence and pulled away.


I looked up from her to see Harry standing there with a hurt look in his eyes, and a deeper feeling that drew something out of me. It was a feeling I couldn’t describe, but it was at that moment I realized he had only gone with her to make me jealous. I had rejected him, so he turned to her. I had rejected her, so she turned to him, and they found solace in each others arms. I had chosen her, and now he felt like he had been rejected a second time. I pulled back and she stepped away from me. I looked at both of them standing there, and I turned away. I started walking away, aimlessly looking for something.


I knew they were talking, and I knew when he came after me. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I turned straight into the lake. I was up to my chest in water when he finally caught me, and when he swung me around to face him, I knew I would never survive without them both. I stared at him, just looking into his eyes, and all of a sudden he pulled me against him, and kissed me with a passion I had never experienced before. I flicked my tongue along his lip, and he opened his mouth. I thought I had felt everything, tasted everything I had ever wanted, but still I had yearned. This was it, what I had been waiting for, the exquisite pleasure of his mouth on mine, his teeth gently biting my questing tongue, and our hearts forever entwined.


He pulled away, and I realized that he was saying goodbye. He had made his choice, and I was not part of it. He had chosen her, and I was being released, if you will. He stepped back, and I realized I could bear my life no longer. My eyes conveyed my intention, and as one they lunged for me, Hermione coming up beside Harry. I was too quick, already too far out for them to reach. I saw them lean into each other, and saw the tears roll down their faces. They knew I was freeing them from the choice, while giving myself the easiest possible way out.


I sank beneath the icy water, the picture of them embracing forevermore in my heart, and then, I knew nothing but the cold, blackness of the water around me. I heard voices, and as if from far away, a pair of hands reached for me and grabbed my wrists. I felt myself pulled up, and into the warm, comforting light, I heard a voice speak my name, and I knew everything was right with the world. Then I knew no more, and I passed from existence.

© 2014 Tristyn

Author's Note

Un-edited and really really old - just going through my old work and thought I might as well post it.

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