A Chapter by Tristyn

X-men fanfic. Written 2006.


Author’s Notes: ~*~ Blah blah blah ~*~ is flashback   | Blah blah blah | is thoughts, and (BLAH BLAH) is person who the section is focusing on.  Jean’s gone, but Scott’s over her, cos she almost killed him. She drained him and then left him on the beach. But now he can turn his eyes on and off, and he has greater accuracyThe professor is alive, but he won’t appear much in this story, b’cos he’s getting used to his new body. And all the other students are there. Oh yeah, and I’m also an aussie, so if I suddenly lapse into metric, that’s either cos I don’t realize I have, or cos I don’t know what the ‘American’ thingys are. :D




She was in the middle of their bedroom screaming at him to get out. He hadn’t noticed just how testy she was lately. After the cure, she’d seemed so happy, but when she realized her mutation was coming back, she started to get moody. Now, she’d touched him one night while they were making love.


|He wondered when he’d gotten so p***y-whipped. Making love? The Wolverine did not make love. But then, he hadn’t been the Wolverine for years now. He smiled sadly. His girl had seen to that.|


He still had no idea what she had seen when she had ‘read’ his thoughts and feelings, but whatever it was, it must have disturbed her immensely. When he said as much, she picked up the lamp from the bedside table and threw it with all her strength at his head. He dodged it, but then she was on him, and he retreated underneath a flurry of blows. She shoved him once more, hard, then slammed the door in his face and locked it.


He could hear her slamming around the room, banging the draws around and muttering curses at him. When the door opened, he opened his mouth to apologize, but before he had a chance to speak, he was hit in the face by his dark green duffel bag. She just looked at him, and almost whispered; “Leave now. I never want to see you again.” There was no emotion in her eyes, and she seemed to be in complete control of herself. She closed the door, while he stared at the door, unseeing, uncomprehending.


How could his Marie kick him out so unemotionally? He’d gone through such torment to get her, and now she was telling him to leave as if he meant nothing to her? He listened intently, but he could hear no sound from the other sound of the door. He walked downstairs, as if in a daze, barely seeing where he was going. He could vaguely hear people calling him, but he ignored the faint voices, continuing his trudge towards the door.


A tall form stepped in front of him, breaking his stupor, and forcing a growl from deep within his chest. He looked up into the red visor of the man he had once hated. Scott held out a small object, and Logan forced himself to focus on it. It was the keys to his motorbike. Scott’s face was unreadable, and Logan just stared stupidly at the keys until the import of the keys hit him. He looked closer at Scott, and slowly sighed. “Why?”


“You need to leave. Not for her, but for your own sanity. You have to run from this disorienting feeling that your world is crashing down around you. Only, if you know that we are still here for you, you have a hope of remembering this as your home. This is not a battleground, and we will be waiting when you get back.”


Logan’s eyes filled with water, and suddenly, he dropped his bag, threw his arms around Scott and squeezed him tight. All of a sudden, he seemed to realize what he was doing, and he pulled back, hoisting his bag, grabbing the keys from Scott’s still outstretched hand, and stalking to the door. At the door, he stopped, and turned back.


“Thank you all. You have been friends, and even more, you have been my family. I’m honoured to have been allowed into your lives, and I’m sorry that I have to leave you. Scott is right though, and I have to leave, because if I stay, I will ruin something so special that even angels dream of it. You have given me so much and asked so little in return. One day, I will return, if only to say a final good bye before I die. ‘Thank you’ can never fully express my gratitude, for words are nothing but the leaves floating on the surface of communication, but know that I am eternally grateful.”

With that, he turned on his heel and left.




As the door closed on his heels, the assembled mutants seemed to wake from a spell.  The familiar whining voice of the resident ‘terror-in-a-yellow-jacket’ broke through the remaining fuzziness, and there was a mad dash for the staircase. The only ones still standing there were Scott, Jean, and Ororo. As Jubilee came closer, singing ‘La La’, Jean and ‘Ro exchanged a glance, and beat a hasty retreat, leaving Scott standing alone in the foyer with the trailing wisp of a “Bye!” in his ears. Jubilee walked in alone, all ready to tease anyone still standing there " not that she expected to see anyone. She had been there for Logan’s speech, but she had hurried away as the door closed, and then she had come back, singing to cover her discomfort.


To her surprise, Scott was the only one still standing there. She was going to toast his a*s! Jubilee sneaked up behind him, cursing inside at every step of her squeaky heels. She tripped on the side of her heel though, making her curse and hop around on one foot. The girl looked up, about to make a joke and laugh off her clumsiness, when she realized he hadn’t even noticed.


She took off her heels, and walked over to face him. She looked him full in the face and literally rocked back as she saw the hurt and pain. She couldn’t tell why there was pain, but she knew that it must have had something to do with Logan leaving. She couldn’t see his eyes, but she knew that they were staring blankly into space.


For the second time that night, Scott felt arms go around him, as Jubilee hugged him. She sniffled into his chest, wishing he would go back to his normal self. Eventually, Jubilee sighed, as he just stood there, staring at the door, not moving a muscle. She had never thought that Logan leaving would make her feel worse than breaking up with her latest boy toy. And never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined the effect it had on Scott.


But on the plus side, she got to hug Scott Summers! He was the hottest teacher in the school, (besides Wolverine of course)! Who wouldn’t want to hug him? She could feel him start to move, and come back to life, and she knew she’d have to let go of him soon. She wasn’t expecting him to put his arms around her, and hug her back, but she didn’t want him to let go. 

© 2014 Tristyn

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