Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Elizabeth Reed

My parents told me I was leaving in three days. They told me since I only had three days I was ungrounded and could go out and say my goodbyes. The first day Fiona skipped school and hung out with me. We spent the entire day at the mall shopping and we saw like three movies, then I stayed up late to pack. The second day I spent at the skate park, skating with all the avid boarders who were there everyday. After school Fiona joined me and we skated until dark, then she pent the night at my house and we stayed up until 4:30 talking. I fell asleep and woke up to see she was already at school. I frowned, realizing it was the day I was leaving. It was 8:30 when I woke up, and when I walked down stares the house was empty, just like it was a normal day. I sighed and headed out the door after putting my shoes on. I had fallen asleep in my jeans the day before, so I didn't feel like changing.
Just like normal I skated to school and walked into the empty halls, putting my board in my cleaned out locker (I had cleaned the day I was expelled and no one had taken it over yet).
Slowly, taking in every inch of the halls as if I would never see them again, I walked to Mr. Maxwell's office. I stopped and stared at it. It was rare that I went to his door willingly. Taking a deep breath I knocked on the door and heard Mr. Maxwell call for me to come in. I slowly opened the door and peeked my head in. Mr. Maxwell looked up at me and paused with a shocked face. I stepped inside, closing the door behind me.

"Cody." he said, still looking surprised.

"Hi, Mr. Maxwell." I said in a gentle voice. "I'm sorry, I know I'm not supposed to be here. But, I'm leaving today, I'm going to Tenessee for a year, and I wanted to say goodbye to some people... If it's okay." Mr. Maxwell sighed then nodded.
"Very well." he said. Over the intercome he called for the people I asked for. "Attention students, this is Mr. Maxwell. Will the following students please report to the principles office? Fiona Penney, Hannah Farier, Fender McQuaid and Rachel Pizzario. That is all."
I thanked him like three times before everyone got there.
As they entered they each had equally shocked faces. I smiled at them.
"Hey, guys." I said. (Before I go any farther, let me tell you about Hannah. She lives across the street from me and Fio and has been a friend of mine for years. We're not terribly close because she sort of a goody-goody, and unfortunately for her, is Ms. Honeycutt's niece) "I'm leaving in like an hour so I thought I would say goodbye to all of you. I want to start with Hannah."
Hannah stepped forward, her perfect blonde hair falling over her shoulders. "Hannah," I started. "I know that we were never really close friends, but you were always a really good one." she smiled, starting to tear. "I know I'm not leaving forever, it's only almost a year, but it feels like forever to me. When I get back you and me are going to hang out much more." Hannah's eyes were watering and she started to cry a little

"Oh, Cody!" she cried, jumping on me in a hug. A little taken by it, I slowly hugged her back. "I know you're a good person, Cody, and I'll miss you..." I patted her back and she pulled away, rubbing her eyes. I took a deep breath and side stepped to Rachel.
"Rachel Pizzario." I said and she folded her arms. I could tell she was faking her contempt for me. It was in her eyes.

"Cody McQuaid." Rachel said back.
I smiled and she smiled back.
"I know you're not evil, Rachel." I said. "I don't know why you stay a Kyla Drone, but I know it's not real." I grabbed her shirt and yanked her into a hug. "I just hope you find that out soon. Hopefully you and I can hang out when I get back too." We slammed each others backs and pulled out of the hug.
"Yeah, whatever, McQuaid." she said jokingly with a smile.
Next I side stepped to Fender. He wanted to stay home that day so he could say goodbye to me, but I told him he needed to go to school and I would go to him.
I smiled at him and he smiled back. Making a rare move, he grabbed me and hugged me. He never hugged me and never made the first move for any niceness at all.

I squeezed him saying, "You be good, okay? Don't follow in my footsteps..."
Squeezing harder he replied in a firm voice, "I want nothing more than to be like you, Cody..." I closed my eyes.
Hearing him say that struck me. He never acted like he liked me. I know that siblings fight, but we rarely even spoke to each other withouth arguing. We held the hug for a few more seconds then let go.
"I love you so much." I said. He nodded.
"You too." he said. I grabbed his shirt, pulling him forward.
"Make your move on Fio, alright? She's not going to wait forever." I whispered in his ear. I pushed him gently away and he blushed, lowering his eyes.
One more side step and I was face-to-face with Fio. We both forced smiles. The two of us had been inseparable since we were 7. We've never been apart for more than four days since then, and even that was painful. I gave her the longest, tightest hug of all, telling her I was going to miss her like crazy and we'd talk all the time. Then I kept her in the hug and whispered, "Make your move on Fender, alright? He's not going to wait forever." And she pulled away, blushing, eyes lowered. Her and Fender glanced at each other.
I walked all of them back to the door of Ms. Honeycutt's room. I opened the door and looked around. Ms. Honeycutt stopped and glared at me.

"Aaah, Cody." she said with an evil smile. "Leaving so soon?" I shrugged.
"I am, but I'm definitely going to miss you." I replied. The class smiled and I looked at everyone. "Farewell, all!" I called out. "I shall miss you!" Everyone yelled their goodbyes and I laughed, closing the door again. I looked at my friends (and new friend and brother) and smiled. "I'll miss you guys most." I said.

"Don't forget about us." Fiona said. I laughed.
I hugged all of them again then took Fender and Fiona's hands, looking them in the eye I locked their hands together. Their faces couldn't have gotten redder as I walked away and left the school, grabbing my board and heading back home to see my parents waiting for me.

Goodbye Maxwell High and goodbye life.

© 2012 Elizabeth Reed

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Elizabeth Reed
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