Against the world

Against the world

A Story by

Cain and Esmee are the only people that could see Angels and Demons, but what will happen when Cain have one choice to make? Save humanilty or watch it burn. What choice will he make? Whom will help?


"Against the World"


Prologue: Demons, Humans and Then Angels.

Cain Heartwell

His heavy footsteps sound radiated from the hard cold floor through out the slick spiderweb walls. He flinched to himself slightly, grabbing his black coat to his small body frame. He shiver, his breathing begin to speed up its pace. The torches on the walls that have huge gaps separated them began to lit up one by one with each step he took within the dark hall ways. The hat on his head covered his eyes, the eyes that clearly shown doubt of what he is about to do.


"So David or must I say, Cain Heartwell. You decided to come to me first. I have to thank you for not causing me trouble to track you down," an alien like voice traveled down the halls in an echo, no way else to identify it's owner. Cain stand silent, he kept on walking. His heart began to throbbed against his chest at this very moment, but he kept on going.


Cain Heartwell is a very well-known person at this period of time. He lived a normal human life. He have two mortal parents. He have one sister and two brothers. He went to school and graduated College with an English major at the age of 22. This is the life he made and the life he destroyed three years ago.

"Does it hurt, Cain? Do you want to die?"


He could see the exit of the building. He's almost there and just a little more and he will be free! The torches began to lit out behind him. His legs locked up for a moment almost tripping him flat on his face, but with his determination to walk he kept on going.


"Cain, I pity you, you know. A human yourself wouldn't last a minute against me or could escape my wrath. You know that didn't you? Your weak right now! I could knock you over with the push of my pinky."

The voice was too confident and clearly it spoke with higher authority about races, this wasn't a human that talked.


'what kind of s**t I got myself into?' Cain muttered to himself bitterly,

"Still walking?"


'Don't reply, don't reply back' Cain told himself stubbornly. He is a man with great patience but now with his patient scale is very low due to some idiot trash talking and then his body exhaustion.


"Your not going to talk aren't you?"


He could feel it in his bones. He's right next to the door..It's coming up, he could see the light from underneath the door crack.

"You found it."


Cain almost smirked to himself then he stop. First rule, never shown any kind of emotion while dealing with a demon or something of another world.

This could be a trick too, seeing that the demon just said that no human could ever escaped from his wrath.


His gloved hand held the cold knob of the door stiff. Is he ready for this? This might not be the door to his world. All he knew this could be the door to hell.

"This could be your chance home, you know."


Cain closed his eyes. He refused to be weak. He refused to be useless. He twisted the door knob softly and pull it back carefully.

All he have to do is be careful.


A gust of wind from the other side of the door blew hard against the door, pushing Cain back and completely off his balance. He landed on his back and this time he couldn't keep the pain off his face.


"Whats wrong? Your freedom is just out of that door."


Cain got himself up within a few 30 seconds. His back began to hurt and he walked slowly to the open room, like he's injured. He stuck his head out of the doorway and to his surprised he was way up in the air. He was one with the clouds. The moment if he take a step off the doorstep he will fall...This was his world alright, but he couldn't survive the drop.


"You want to go home so badly so here it is. What are you waiting for?" this time a small voice like a little girl said and Cain turned his back sharply, facing the unwanted visitor. Demons could easy shape shift to anyone, included this little girl.

The person before him was in a shape of a human little girl but they both knew its not true of it's appearance. The girl eyes is glowing bright red as the crimson blood this creature bathe with so many times. She worn normal type of clothes actually, the only difference is her eyes and the long nails on her figure tips.


She began to walked forward to Cain, and he hold his ground, but he couldn't get rid of the ping of terror and coldness than ran through his veins.

She then giggled insane like, "This isn't -"

"Your real appearance, I know." Cain hissed out to the little girl whom just shook her shoulders in a way that made Cain want to tear her to limp to limp now.

"Very good. Why are you waiting? You want to go back to your world right?" She tilted her head sideways and a little more she could twist her neck a full 360.

Cain didn't say anything, and then she snapped her figures


"I'll help you out." A huge gust of wind came forward blowing Cain backwards. Cain struggled to stay forward determined not to fly out of the said door and to his death. His feet began to slip backwards,


"You will pay you know, it may not be me but someone stronger will come in my place and get rid of you." Cain muttered, his lungs expanding and it was about to bust open any second.


The girl laughed once more-


"You humans are all talk and no bite. Say hi to God for me." She said with a wink and he slipped. He let out a terrorize scream as he actually flown out of the doorway and down towards the ground from a 400 feet drop.


Tears, blinding his vision. It's better this way, he doesn't want to see the ground before his brain splatter out of his skull, his bones crunched against his skin to his death.


The doorway high in the air fade away to the atoms of the pollution in the sky, with no evidence that it wasn't there in the first place.


Two light hands was on his back holding him up in the air the best they could and slow down his fall. His heartbeat-ed faster, and then a hush whisper made it's way in his mind and his brain.

"Relax your safe. "


Cain looked sideways at his savior and to his surprise his savior was a girl. She worn a white dress and red flip-flops. Her blond hair is wavy and on her back was a huge pair of white angel like wings. Her skin is pale, very pale like a ghost.

She is beautiful and this fact made his heart ping in ache.


Her wings flapped opened once and twice, the birds that was in the sky flew around them in circles before flying off. Her grip over his body is soft and yet hard, making sure he didn't fall to his doom.


She softly landed on her feet in a park it looks like. Her face shown a deep frown, and natural instincts in Cain kicked in that he wanted to make this woman smile or laugh.


"T-Thank yo-"


The moment when his feet touched the ground her person disappeared in the air of the light above. He stood there confuse, aware of two pair of eyes staring at his back for some time, that surely belong to a human. Not the angel that saved him.

He turned his head sideways at the motion of the bush ten feet away from him, he stretch out hissing at the pain of his mid back. His lungs seemed back to normal and the beat of his heart is back to the normal pace.


The bush stood still for a moment and Cain dismissed this as a part of his imagination, seeing he been to a demon lair, fallen down his world entry way and then was saved by a beautiful angel.

'Now where to?'


He looked down at his watch on his wist, it saying 11am. Its time for him to go home and take a nap.



© 2010

Author's Note

Please don't mind the grammar problems. THis is the prologue of the actually story, but seeing writerscafe wouldn't let me publish a book on here :/

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