The Mouse and the Model

The Mouse and the Model

A Poem by

This isn't necessarily yet another musically inspired piece, I am instead just...'using' the title of a song, called The Mouse and the Model, by the Dresden Dolls (again).



I feel small.

As small as a Mouse.

Scurrying around this house,

Hiding in the floorboards,

Camping on the countertops and

Out of sight.


I witness the people rush through

The house.

They live,

They exist,

But I don’t notice them.

The faceless humans mean nothing.


But one day,

I finally look up from my

Self-contained abode and see...




I see you.


In amongst the rest, I see you.

Radiating light even in the dark,

Flowers spring to life as you pass,

The wind ceases to blow as you stand there

And everything you touch shines and glints in an

Invisible light.


Saying you are beautiful is an understatement,

Watching silently as you go about your life,

Surrounded by non-existence,

You live within a bubble of perfection I cannot pierce.

We are the Mouse and the Model, you and I.

The beast and the beauty.


I find that I love you.

I find that my heart cannot beat without your exquisiteness in view,

I find that light cannot shine without you,

That this house cannot stand without you.

I’m never happy when you’re gone,

And yet I am ecstatic when you are here, when you notice me.


You take me in your hands, and I don’t squirm.

You look curiously at this Mouse, looking and yet unable to judge.

Soft hands feel like another self-contained home,

An abode I can exist within for my entire life.

I smell your beauty, taste it, revel on it, feel my life lifting

Because of how amazing you are.


Lips that have the texture of tulips place a kiss upon my little head,

My heart leaping somersaults and dancing for joy.

I learn your name, a beautiful name;


Forever, that name will be plastered upon my mind, my heart.

The realisation that you notice me, talk to me, is the glue that holds it there.




I see you.


And I love you.

© 2010

Author's Note

Don't care whatcha say. I like the poem, so...blah!

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Added on February 5, 2010
Last Updated on February 23, 2010
Tags: Mouse, Model, love, romance, Elizabeth


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