Too Much Emotion For A Few Tiny Words {{21.4.2009}}

Too Much Emotion For A Few Tiny Words {{21.4.2009}}

A Poem by

how I love you is misused


The words that mean too little to most
And that mean too much to some
The words you say when you think you've found the one

They're never enough if they're true
They're way too much if they're not
They're the words that just happen to be said a lot.

Three little words, in size
And in meaning too it seems as of late
Some people might say it before the first date..

The words that can make a man

Break a man, or build them up again.

Too many feelings into 8 little letters
They can tear you apart
They can let you feel so much more,
And yet, break your own heart.

Abused by some
Misused by most
They're the words said coast to coast

Used for relationships that vary
Friends, family, crushes, celebrities, lovers
And yet we dont even usually mean it

Wen we say it to our mothers..



What do they really mean?
When should they really be said?
All of these questions no longer float unconciously through my head.

Too many days have gone by
Too many laughs, smiles, and tears
Why use these 3 words to state all of our hopes and fears?

That's what we really mean when we say them.
Hopes for the future to bring us closer
And fears that you'll lose interest, break the bond, and we'll talk no further

Who was the first you said it too?
Do you really think you meant it
Did they say it back, did they mean it to you?

If it was real love, it should still last in some form
So do you think about them, still talk to them from time to time
Or did they completely move on and leave you crying?

Too many hours
Too many thoughts
Sometimes I wish these words would just get lost

Too many actions are based on them
So many lies are said for them
Why do we watch our every move, every word, every thought after them

After we say those words..
Everything is different yet exactly the same
Some expect more, some are content,

Some may never forget your name

You can run away from the real thing
Whatever that may be too you
But the real thing will come back,

Bite you on the a*s,

And forgive you, hoping you forgive it too

So many broken hearts, wet eyes, numb friends
We'll all go through this, for some time and time again
But if you never do, is it really better or worse?

I guess we might know in the end

Some say it's better to have loved and lost
Than to never love at all
But it seems love brings pain with loss,
And "no love" doesnt bring pain at all

So many fights over one girl
So many teary nights over one guy
Wasted thought, wasted air, wasted time

Time you'll wish you still had
When you find the one that doesn't get you
But still tries, and that never makes them mad

So does the phrase have meaning to you?
Or are they just a few syllables?

A few words smashed together?
Will american society's veiw

On the ease of saying this stay this way forever?

© 2010

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Added on February 11, 2010
Last Updated on February 11, 2010
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